anti-Semitism in Russia, please help!

Reply Thu 6 Apr, 2017 07:47 pm
Shalom to everybody! I am a Russian Jew and a citizen of Russia and Israel. Perhaps what I'm going to tell this forum would seem somewhat too boring and perhaps some people here would start laughing ... I can do nothing with that as -- yes! -- I am going to tell you about anti-Semitism in Russia and you should believe me it's not funny at all! The principal matter of my story is that for the first time since the end of the WWII a European court forbade a Jew to complain about anti-Semitism, and it was a Russian court. This is just a reference to the court’s decision:


Yes, it’s actually all in Russian, but I can briefly describe the content: in the accordance with the Nizhny Novgorod Arbitration court's ruling, I’m obliged to delete a number of web posts concerning the really monstrous anti-Semitic mistreatment (including, at the very end, an unlawful firing and even beating me by the security personnel!) my former Russian employer (the Association of Electronic Trade Platforms[Image: arrow-10x10.png], or the AETP) had been subjecting me to for 5 years, t.i. during all the time I worked for the employer.

I've found this forum via merely surfing the Net while trying to find any international sites devoted to combating anti-Semitism as unfortunately it appeared as a phenomenon not only historical or/and theoretical to myself, but cruelly ruining my very life and, accordingly, the life of my family I'm obliged to support as a husband and the father of a little childe. I was born in Russia and am a citizen of Israel for more than 20 years already, had been living there for a number of years and later returned to Russia. I practice Orthodox Judaism – actually it’s a traditional religion among Russian Jews, -- and regularly visit the local Synagogue. All my grandparents were also Orthodox Jews with origins from the Pale of Settlement whose native language was Yiddish that is nearly extinct in Russia for a number of reasons. That’s why, actually, since my childhood I do have a sincere interest in the Yiddish culture that is, unfortunately, also virtually non-existing any more in Russia. And I think the modern Russian anti-Semitism (in all levels) is strongly rooted in the very fact of the absence of the Jewish people in Russia as a national entity. Yet before the WWII, the Yiddish people of Russia existed as a strong national phenomenon highly recognized and respected internationally. For the moment being, however, we see no Jewish structure within Russia able to protect a single Jew and his family from any manifest anti-Semitic actions which should be clearly qualified, according to the Western standards, as real anti-Semitism: a proof of this claim may be easily found via studying my court case. In a court hearing, a Jew declared that all his rights were bestially violated by the employer, he was unlawfully fired and even beaten by the security personnel who threatened to kill him (and even threatened his family!!!) in case if he doesn’t resign voluntarily, he pleaded to summon witnesses – but the judge rejected all his lawful pleadings, no witnesses are to be summoned and no documents he presented to the court are to be taken into consideration or merely considered! Moreover, in one of the hearings the judge even said (as it can be clearly heard in the audio-recording of the hearings) that one of the possible ways to fulfill the employer’s lawsuit claim to delete those web-posts could be “to sit beside and force”, i. e. either to kidnap me (apparently, by the employer’s security personnel) or to forcibly break into my home for torturing me or so in order to force me to delete the web posts telling the world about the employer’s anti-Semitism!!! I simply can’t recall a historical analogy to compare with: even the world-infamous People’s Court of the Nazy Germany didn’t deny at least the formal rights of defendants for summoning witnesses and presenting documents in their own defense! Does it mean the basic principles of jurisprudence are not applied any more to a simple Jew (who doesn’t have a $ billion to hire first-class lawyers) in the Russian courts and no person in the whole world will say a single word about this unheard outrage? That’s why, actually, I applied to this Jewish forum for finding voices of support and advices regarding what steps I am to take for to protect my very life and the very life of my family from those anti-Semitic gangsters -- and I would be thankful for replies.
Can anyone in this forum advise me what I’m supposed to do in such a situation of an alternative reality where Hitler supposedly won ?
Can anyone sign a petition to the President and the State Duma (the Parliament) of Russia to intervene in the case and provide the fulfillment of Russia’s Constitution that strictly forbids any kind of discrimination and guarantees each citizen all the rights for a just and indiscriminating court investigation?
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Reply Fri 7 Apr, 2017 03:33 am
@Greg Cohen,
Lawyers don't cost a billion dollars. Get a grip.

Far as I can tell, you're being asked to remove critical social media posts, not sent to Siberia. Yes, it stinks. But even here in America, employees are often put into the position where they are not allowed to openly criticize their employers on social media.

As for the beatings, etc, while I'm sorry about that (I am - and I know how harsh I am sounding here), you also worked there for five years. After the first one, why the hell did you stick around?

You left Russian before. You might want to leave again.
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Reply Wed 8 Mar, 2023 12:28 pm
@Greg Cohen,
The more you talk about something the more of a problem you create.

Anti-Semitism could be just about anything in context. It is like classroom discussion.

!!When you do attempt to combat that idea your creating a problem of freedom of speech and freedom of expression!!. It is like how Hillary
Rodham ( Clinton ) attacked freedom-of-expression during her 2004 election. Is the reason why people prefer Bernie-Sanders. She played the "over-protective parent card" and wanted to push for more censoring ( This was before you-tube policies and would be able to watch an R-rated film with no censorship. Like take "A boy and his dog" they cut out the frumpy sex-worker, and possibly the any notice of the characters showing any sorta skin ( which is next to none ). However the original movie is censored in comparison to the book.

Russia ( or anywhere else ) wants to move forward and be like Japan ( or how it was back in the 1970's ). AKA it is a lame recording so why bother care. Why censor peoples opinions and ideas. It is not helping the world and is limiting everyone.

We could even go into purim.

Player 1: Me great
Player 2: Player 1 no greater then god.
Player 1: Player 2 you be cheeky smarty-but. Me kill all you religion peeps.
Chorus : We RP pretend to be something we are not....like a bag of potatoes.
Player 3: Me wife of King of all. Great Player 1 wants to kill me kind.
Player 4: Me King of all. Me make Player 1 not so great anymore.
Player 1: Oh noes


People are tired.
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