Build me the bestestest sammich in the known universe (and perhaps beyond)

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OK. Toasted whole wheat with miracle whip, thinly sliced onion, black pepper, provolone cheese, hard salami, horseradish mustard. I don't know if this is a sammich, a samwich or just a sandwich, but it's pretty friggin' good!
My ex wife's grandfather was Sicilian and to him anything between two slices of bread was a sammich! Thanks for the inspiration.
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It all sounds good. Just ditch the effin cheese.
Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2020 07:13 pm
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Real Music
Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2020 10:17 pm
1. Sometimes plain and simple can be quite delicious.

2. One of my favorites is using leftover turkey breast meat from my Thanksgiving holiday meal after it's been sitting in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Keep it simple. Keep the meat cold. Do not warm it up. It taste better when it's cold.

3. Use some type of rolls for your bread. Add iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce. Put some mayonnaise on it.

4. Leftover turkey breast is quite delicious on sandwiches. Although I don't like tomatoes, some people might also add tomatoes.

5. As I stated above, plain and simple can be quite delicious.
Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2020 08:03 am
@Real Music,
Yeah that is good - but I also like with the Thanksgiving theme - the Thanksgiving sammich.

You need a really good hardy roll and you basically make a thanksgiving sammich - (it must be thanksgiving leftovers nothing else will do so this is a very short term type sammich) -

open the roll up -

heat up (all leftovers) turkey, stuffing, and gravy and top on the bottom half of the roll - cover with the top - you might need a fork and knife with this depending on how much gravy you prefer.

Options - add in heated mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce - basically anything you like from your leftover thanksgiving dinner.

I am thinking next year - to top with either smashed sweet potatoes or squash.
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Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2020 08:11 am
This thread is also reminding me of one of the most unique but yummy sammiches - I don't work near there any more but in downtown area of Boston there is a place called Chacarero. They only make one sort of sammich - there are variations on it but it is the Chacarero.

It is a traditional Chilean sammich that consists of a bread-roll hybrid flatbread piled high with grilled meat, tomato, muenster cheese, avocado spread, hot sauce, and steamed green beans.

It varies on the type of meat (chicken or steak or combo of the two), you can get it barbecue or original, large or small (believe me the small is plenty big) - I ask for extra hots - just be careful of who is preparing the sammich because once I asked for extra hots and the guy gave me this evil smile and it was VERY HOT! You can of course request not to have any particular item on it - be it is great the way it was meant to be.

Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2020 10:14 am
If that counts so does a Balti.

It's a type of curry that originated in Pakistan which is served with naan bread instead of rice. There's a Balti triangle in Birmingham where most restaurants allow you to bring your own alcohol. Being Muslim they don't sell it themselves.

A good naan bread is wonderful, a bad one not so much.
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2020 10:21 am
Goddamit Tsar it depends on your mood fitness and microbiome any given day...Can we data mine you 24/7 to get that right?

Alright nevermind, here is a piece of advice, get that FRESH and crispy bread right first! (Yes, bread from a Bakery)
Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2020 08:13 pm
@Fil Albuquerque,
OK listen up

1. 2 slices fresh texas size whole wheat toast(better yet make the toast as close to being rady to accept the makins.

2. 3 greek anchovi fillets (the kind of anhovies ome in a 5 gall pail) not overly salty but fishy

3. 2 pieces sweet panchetta

4. 2slic provolone thicker cut

5. 3 nice slices sammich salami

6. very thin slic very big white spanish onion

7. olive oil on the bread as it coes outta the toaster

8. start building

9. top off with a handful mesclun cutups. get lotsa the peppery ones (or else get you a big bowlful of water cress and salt it and at it alongside

we called it Da minje Brut, in Nawlins, Stuff em in you Busche anjoy.
Little dry wine coulnt hurt none. Po boys was a sammich ruined by tourists
Reply Mon 16 Mar, 2020 11:31 am
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