Lájos Kossúth poem - but in HUNGARIAN!

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Thanks,Noddy24! :-)
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Oh, how did i miss this? sure, i would love to read translations - doesn't have to be the whole thing. would you care to post it here? i think some people would be interested - those that have heard of kossuth, anyway. don't worry, we won't judge your english, i'm a slovak myself and nobody here laughes at my mistakes...;-)
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Reply Sat 6 Nov, 2004 05:15 am
OK!So,the translation will miss the artistic value I'm afraid.
Homesickness From the memories of Lajos Kossuth

I've gone far away from my beautyful country
Not a joyful day I see since then
In my soul sorrow does live
Since I've left my country.

Apart from my homeland
Nothing can give me comfort
My bleeding heart does't want anything else sweet
Just to see each other again.

I wish to be there
where I saw the sun for the first time
Where I could forget all my bad and sorrow
I lived within your borders my beautyful country.

Where we did not know about the so many and
Huge suffering we would meet in future
I lived only for the moment
For so many happy jears.

All these were taken away
I'm wandering homelessly
Fallen apart far from the nation
That I'm flaming for so deeply

Only the hope's been living in me yet
That my feverish prayer coming from my heart
will be heard in mercyful Heavens
And I'll se you again my sweet homeland.

So is the poem.There is a last part as well,about future and hope,but the last 3lines are illegible.Hope I could help.
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Reply Sat 6 Nov, 2004 02:39 pm
oh my1! you surely helped tremendously! I wish he got a teeny bit more specific in the poem, but I can still use a part of it in my dissertation. My friend's father has some of Kossúth's belongings that were given to him by Kossúth's niece - this poem was a part of that. As far as I know it wasn't reproduced anywhere else. I'm glad that at least you saw it!
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Reply Sun 7 Nov, 2004 03:32 am
Yes,I would say there is nothing special in the poem.Kossuth must have been disappointed or a little tipsy when he wrote the poem.But anyway,it could have been horrible being forced to leave your home,knowing that you'll never return.And this feeling was familiar to the immigrants in the 20th century as well I believe.Hope I can see kossuth's little statue in Washington Capitol next year.
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Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2004 12:21 pm

I see you have your translation already. My friend was out of town longer than I thought. Here is what she wrote:

A Honvágy - Kossuth Lajos irataiból

Szép hazámtól messze távol
nem derül egy vig nap sem reám
lelkemben a bánat honol
mióta onnan távozám.

Nem nyújt nekem túl a hazán
éppen semmi vigasztalást
vérzö szivem mást nem kiván
csak az édes viszontlátást.

Oda vágyom, hol a napot
legelöször megpillantám
hol feledve bút és gondot
határid laktam szép hazám.

Hol nem sejtve a jövönek
annyi és oly nagy szenvedésit
élvezém csak a jelennek
annak boldog elveit.

Most megfosztva mindezektöl
hazátlanul barangolok
távol erre a nemzettöl
mely iránt oly hön lángolok.

Csak a remény él bennem még
hogy szivbeli forró imám
meghallgatja a kegyes Èg
s újra látlak kedves hazám.

Hol legszebb reménnyel jövö iránt
ápolt keblem reményeket
éljen honom te neked
édes honom csak te neked.

Homesickness - by Lajos Kossuth

Far from my homeland
no single day brings me joy
my heart is full of sadness
since I am away from home.

Out of my homeland
there is no comfort
my bleeding heart is only longing
for reunion.

I long to be where I was born,
when I lived in my homeland free of sadness and free of worries.

When I did not know about the future's sorrows, and lived my daily life in happiness.

Now everything is taken away
and I am homeless,
far from the nation
that I love so much.

My only hope is
that my prayers will be heard in Heaven
and I can see my home again.

Full of hope for a beautiful future
I only live for you my homeland,
for you my sweetest homeland.
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