Store Line Etiquette

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One day I was in line at a store(Target) to return something with my basket of a few items. A lady was in front of me. They had this elastic band to show where the line was so you would have to literally go underneath it to get out the line. They had outside the line further away towards the window and door area some recycle bins. The lady that was in front of me had other people that were being checked out at the returns area ahead of her. This lady was SOOOOO VERY IMPATIENT she decided to actually get out the line to put something in the recycle bin. So what I did since she actually DID TRULY get out the line, I went in front of my basket and WOW she THREW A HISSY FIT literally trying to get in front of me as if she just didn't get out the line. She was "I was only gone for a few seconds." I told her "You could easily wait to do this AFTER or have done it BEFORE you got in line." "You leave a line, you lose your spot." I also told her" I **********NEVER*********************** leave lines and expect to *******************EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER*********** get the spot I ****HAD***(PAST TENSE) back. When I have forgotten something either I check out what I do have and go back to get what I forgot, then go in to like the 10 items or less line or self check out OR I decide to next time get it. I don't act like I am supposed to get back in the spot for ANY REASON. I don't care WHAT reason she had. There were times I saw like a dime on the ground and decided not to leave the line because I knew if I left the line, I would lose my spot and it wasn't worth 10 cents to leave the line for. I even made an example to her that if I forgot my money in car at Burger King, would I just be able to come back as if I never left and especially if someone else that wasn't in line made it before she came back that's another thing. She went ballistic crazy acting as if I did something horrible when she is the person that decided to be TOO IMPATIENT to WAIT until AFTER she was done with her return. So she would have had to take 5 seconds or so after she returned her items to put the items in the recycle bin, WOW, I don't get WHY her time was MORE PRECIOUS than ANYONE ELSE'S IN THIS UNIVERSE that she thought she could just magically come back without even ASKING if it was OK with me? I do mind since my time is important to me just as hers is. I don't ***EVER*** do this to another person in the world and that's why I feel so strongly as to why I did it. My time is important too and I would have loved to save seconds doing something else like reading a magazine for a few minutes instead of staring into space or something until the next person in line. I don't do that though. I don't care if it's 5 seconds you are gone, you left the line so you lose the spot you had. That's how lines work.

If you think about when they have black friday how people are with lines. You don't leave and expect to get back in unless you have someone you are with holding the spot for you.

This lady was so loud I was afraid she was going to get us both banned, so I just told the lady to be quite about it and "stop this." Then, get this, she again this time asking the cashiers since there were people behind her now, "Can I go put these other bags I have in the recycle bin and be able to come back in line?" I couldn't believe this lady? She was bitching and complaining the entire time. I would do this again in a heartbeat, because I don't go outside the line once or twice and expect to just come back in line as if I NEVER LEFT. That has NEVER been how lines work. You don't leave. The store's shopping cart doesn't hold the spot you had if you had a shopping cart(she did). On black friday, I don't see people leaving shopping carts the night before and just coming back to reclaim the spot, I see them camping out to make sure they have their spot. So if I was in the wrong, NO ONE would camp outside in the cold if that was the case. Also, the cashiers of the return's line would have corrected me and they didn't say a word, because this lady was making a SCENE in the store LOUD like a LUNATIC as if someone just stole something from her or hurt her physically when NONE of that occurred.

WHY do you think they have the elastic line barriers? To show "THIS IS THE LINE and OUTSIDE OF THIS IS NOT THE LINE." That's why they have it.

I just cannot believe how IMPATIENT this lady was?? Why was it such a big deal to save 5 seconds(maybe 7 seconds if you count her 2nd trip out the line later on) that she could have just done that AFTER she finished her return? I don't quite get why should the person behind her have to give a care about her time when she sure didn't care about my time or the people that ended up being behind her? She was so SELFISH herself. We ended up having the 2 cashiers free at the same time so we got our turns at the same time anyway so then when I was in line still since my situation I got a manager involved for my price matches, she called me a "bitch" as she left. That was sooooo IMMATURE of her and IDIOTIC. Especially when our turns ended up being at the same time since both cashiers finished at the same time so we both got to go up at the same time.

I don't quite get why she was so mad about it and why her precious 5 seconds savings had to be done while she was in line only to get out the line to do that and why she didn't just do it BEFORE she got in line or AFTER? I don't quite get this? It's like WOW lady, you are that impatient I thought to myself? I don't get out of lines no matter what as I said before, I just don't. I don't expect the shopping cart or even my jacket to hold the spot that I was in to get something. I have NEVER ONCE done this and I am 39yrs old. I have been around LOTS of lines and NEVER ONCE left a line and expected the spot I ************************HAD******************************************** back as if I never left. I NEVER have done this before. I always if I had to leave the line, either go back in the same line back of the line or go to another line. I don't do this kind of a thing. I also don't get the RUSHINESS of this lady? If she didn't have time, she should not have recycled first of all since by law you don't have to do this, secondly, if you don't have time to return something, go next time you go to the store, thirdly, as I said why not do it after you get out the line or before you get in line? WHY leave a line and then expect to get back in just because the basket that is OWNED BY THE STORE is going to hold the spot you had and WHY they have the elastic band to show where the line is if you can truly leave the line?

This was the most ridiculous thing and she acted like I was wrong. I wasn't wrong. As I said before, if I was wrong then EVERYONE could do this and leave the basket they have the items in they want and not be there in line. I don't care if it was a few seconds. I don't do it, I expect others to do the same to respect my time that I take time away from my life to do things afterwards or before I get in line, she should too.

Also, my time is VERY IMPORTANT to me JUST AS HERS IS and if I can get a spot in line faster, WHY NOT? She didn't care about my time or the other people that came after her either. If she did, she would have either waited until she finished her return or done it beforehand or if she wanted to do it then, she should have gotten out the line with the cart and went into the back of the line. That's how MORALLY it SHOULD HAVE BEEN and she didn't do that.

Another story was at Walmart. I was waiting in a VERY LONG line like probably 15-20 minutes. As I was paying with my credit card so the machine had to do it's thing so it took some moments to process, this lady came up to get an item that apparently she had forgotten. I couldn't believe my eyes. The cashier actually was ended up ringing her up and the customer didn't even say anything. If that would have been me next, I sure the HELL WOULD have said "That's cutting, she needs to go to another checkout line, we have been waiting for like 20 minutes and all the people behind us." I don't understand why the cashier did that? If I were the cashier, I would have told the lady she needed to either get in the back of the line or go into another line(perhaps either self checkout or 10 items or less line). It's the principle of it. It's sure not fair and this lady was NOT in line when I nor the person behind me was in line. It's like this lady was gone for probably 25 minutes or so and just appeared. I have ALWAYS lived on MORALS AND PRINCIPLES to do the MORALLY RIGHT THING. I didn't get involved since it wasn't my turn that was altered since I had to get home myself, but would have been furious and if the cashier would have done this, I would have made a complaint to a manager about it for sure. I am not sure if they would have cared, but it IS TRULY the wrong moral thing to do. Cutting is cutting and you can't just leave, then get back in line. I don't care if it's one item, that's time taking away from someone else's life. We all have things to do. Our time is precious, especially if you are at Walmart you wait your life away in line at Walmart when you go at busy times like after work at night time like it was probably 6p.m. or later. It was VERY BUSY as I said how long we were waiting in line. I felt bad for this guy. I almost was going to invite him in front of me since he had less but I had a lot of things to do at home and it was late as it was, plus I had been waiting in line a long time already. I am sure glad I didn't though, because then that would have maybe happened to me if I would have done that. I felt bad for the guy, because we had waited a VERY LONG TIME and then finally when he was going to get his turn, the cashier decides to let this lady cut. I don't understand the mean world? WHY would a cashier do this? The cashier should have told the lady that she had to go into another line or get behind the line as I said. I know that's what I would have done for SURE without ANY DOUBTS in my mind what-so-ever. That's just the right thing to do. I don't care if she was in line before, she wasn't anymore and that was the entire point. This was even worse in a way than the other situation, because this lady was gone for maybe a half an hour who knows and then pops back in as if she didn't leave like WTH?? Everyone's seconds is important to them and I sure would NOT have let the crap happen if that would have been me. I would have put my foot down and said something like "OH NO YOU DON'T, I'm NEXT and so is the other people behind us that have been waiting." I would have scanned at least one item myself just to make sure she couldn't have done that crap. It's just not fair. We all have **** to do. I would have told the cashier that"It's cutting and we have been waiting like 20 minutes here, have some sympathy and make her go into another shorter line." If I would have been the customer, I wouldn't have even *********FATHOMED************ the cashier checking out the item. I would have immediately went to a shorter line like 10 items or less or checked out in jewelry(usually has not many people or something like that). I wouldn't have even THOUGHT to do that and if the cashier would have suggested it, I would have turned her down, because it's CUTTING, because it TRULY IS HONESTLY CUTTING!

Another time, I had a situation where a man had a big box at Walmart in the garden center area in front of me and another man that was checking out in front of him, so I was third in line in other words. The man in front of me with the big box said to the cashier he'd be right back to get a shopping cart. He was gone for around a minute or so since he had to go all the WAYYYY to the other entrance to get a shopping cart since we were in the garden center. I moved up, because he left the line. He comes back eventually and says to me something like this "Ma'am I was there before you." I told him "You left the line, you leave a line you lose the spot you had." I couldn't believe that the jerk in front of me was on his side which by the time then was paying. I don't understand why they think BOXES that are the property of WALMART HOLD their spots?

If you think about it, on Black Friday for example, if "THINGS" held your spot, NO ONE WOULD GO THROUGH THE HUGE TROUBLE OF CAMPING OUT DAYS ON END FOR THE SALES. They'd just leave, for example, a back pack or suit case or even a shopping cart or what have you with their name on it and return the next morning instantly have the first spot in line. He'd come back that morning time the store opens(like if it's 4a.m., they'd come back at 3:55a.m. to reclaim their spot). But in real life as we ALL KNOW, real life DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!! I am right, they were wrong.

WHY do people think that it's "THEIR SPOT" when they aren't in line anymore? WHY are people like this?

I have had people leave to get bread or something that they forgot as if the groceries in their cart and cart are holding their spot. There's NO SUCH THING as this. YOU have to be PHYSICALLY THERE or SOMEONE has to be physically there to hold the spot you had. Notice I said HAD, so if there is someone there, then that's a person that is in the spot that is yours, but if no one is there, WHY do people think they can just jump back in line as if they never left the line? I have NEVER heard of this?

The man also probably wouldn't have said anything if another customer was there that wasn't, it was only because I was there he said something I would think. If he would have, if I would have came afterwards, I would say "No you weren't in line, the box that WALMART OWNS is there, that's it. I mean he had to go all the way out to the front of the store to get the cart and then go all the way back to the garden center, which is a GOOD minute to a minute and a half probably walk at least. I cannot imagine thinking I'd get the spot I had back. I wouldn't have DREAMED of telling the person something. I mean if I left the line, I would have NEVER thought I could magically get back in because I was too IRRESPONSIBLE to get a shopping cart *************BEFORE************ I decided to get in line. That's so IRRESPONSIBLE! If he needed a shopping cart, he should not have gotten in line to begin with. That box wasn't even his even and then acting so like he owned it. The cashier saw this all and didn't say a word. You know why? Because I am right. The cashier couldn't defend the man. I couldn't believe the guy in front of me as he was paying was AGREEING with this jerk. It's like SO WHAT if he was there, he left a LONG TIME that if it was during a busy time, 3-4 people could have been there in that amount of time. Seriously, this was ignorant of both the customers. The cashier didn't say anything, because I was next, because I truly was. That time, I actually did have time, because that was a time in 2012 that I had been laid off. The thing was, I wanted to have MORALS and DO THE "RIGHT THING", because the man will do this again since I go to this Walmart to me or another person again if I would ever see him and I don't want him to do this to others. He needs to have morals in his life. TRULY, if I would have been that man, I would NOT have even thought ONCE that I should have the spot reclaimed back to me. I would have left the line and he didn't ask me, he just left the box and told the cashier he was getting a shopping cart. As I said, this was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the hell back in the garden center, so it did take him a good minute or so to get back. When I saw he wasn't coming back after a few moments, I moved up. That's when he said something to me that he was there. The GALL of people to be that SELFISH that a BOX holds the spot you had*(PAST TENSE)*, the box you don't even own yet(not that it matters, but it makes it even more stupid to act like something you don't own holds a spot in line), then leaves a line for a good minute to a minute and a half as if no one else can come in the line during that time which is crazy, then only cares about his time as if he is the only person on this earth. I don't understand this selfish world we live in? WHY don't people have MORALS? I grew up with morals. As I said, if I were the man doing that same thing, I would have first off gotten my basket BEFORE I got in line instead of doing that crap, but if I would have not gotten the basket before I got in line, I would have not thought I could just reclaim the spot I had. NEVER in my WILDEST DREAMS would have I thought that, especially how LONG he left, that was even longer than the lady at Target. The thing is, leaving a line for ANY REASON is unacceptable except for something like if your child is walking away, I will accept something reasonable like that and you come back within 3 seconds and that is only because that's children, but even so, I still feel the parent should have their kid under control possibly in the basket with the seat strap or something. In my eyes, that's the only reason you should even think of leaving a line. If you forget bread or milk or want a coke from the aisle further away, if you have to leave the line to get it, then you shouldn't get the spot you had back since you decided to either not get what you needed before or not do what I do which is as I said check out what I do have and then go into another line to check out that one item. I NEVER alter someone else's time for my own time. I am not selfish like that. I am VERY CONSIDERATE and think of other people that think of MY FEELINGS and MY TIME by NOT doing these things. They are only caring about themselves, so why can't I do the same?

5 people in all the over 14 years I have been married have and gone to stores, have asked to cut. All 5 of them were turned down. Get this, one lady asked to cut to buy cigarettes when I have **** to do at home and she wants her cancer sticks. Seriously. If you are in a hurry go to a GAS STATION to get cigarettes not WALMART, because Walmart you WILL PAY WITH YOUR TIME ALWAYS! Getting the best deal will not get you the best time frame. Even at Walgreens will give you a better time frame than Walmart. This lady was mean because I turned her down. It's like if I could do this I would. Then, NO ONE would have to wait their turn in line. HOW is that morally right or fair? This lady was SOOOOO SELFISH, just like the other people I have mentioned.

WHY are people so SELFISH in this world? This is ONE HUGE REASON why I will NEVER donate ONE penny to anyone. People are SOOOOO FREAKIN MEAN. They block you to get a parking space to you have to wait, they block you in traffic so you can't go, etc. People are SOOOO MEAN and HATEFUL in this world. They are FREAKIN SELFISH A$$HOLES!

As I said before, if these people were right, then WHY do people camp out on Black Friday rather than leaving a physical object to hold their spot, huh? Obviously, I am 100% correct on this and they aren't since that simply proves it.

So basically, what is the public's opinion and why do you people leave the line, then expect to get the spot back you *HAD*? I don't understand?

What would you think if you were in any of these situations? Like the situation with the cashier letting the lady cut, would you have been OK with that after waiting 15-20 minutes already? Would you like for someone to ask to cut and think you can't do it too, wouldn't it be nice? It would be nice if we could all be first, and never wait, wouldn't it? There have been times during the years where I VOLUNTARILY invited he person that had one item that they could get in front of me, but I don't do it anymore since now-a-days I see how people have been so SELFISH to me personally It's one thing when you invite the person, it's quite another when they are asking to cut. Those people had some nerve and gall as if they are ABOVE others in the universe as if their **** don't stink or something. I don't get it?

Why is the world so SELFISH and does ANYONE see my point of view as to that these things are SOOO IMMORAL of what these people have done to me? It's SOOO MEAN AND SELFISH, it's UNREAL! HOW more selfish can you get out of these people? Especially the 5 people that asked to cut it's like HUH? I don't get it? WE ALL HAVE **** TO DO! My time is important on this earth every second and yours is too, but if you decide to go to a busy store like Walmart, you will pay with your time. If you don't like waiting that much, don't go to these places. No one makes people go to these places. The cigarette lady was really ridiculous. I mean so cancer sticks are more important than my purchases? I have a life too and I was hungry to fix dinner, go shower, etc. for my work day the next day. Cigarettes aren't a necessity in life. If she would have been first, then it would have been fair for her to go first, but she wasn't, I made it to the line first. I just can't believe someone has the GALL to think their seconds of time are MORE IMPORTANT than OTHER PEOPLE'S IN THE WORLD to ask to cut. I don't ask to cut, NEVER, EVER*****************EVER****************** have done this. That's just RUDE, RUDE, RUDE as all hell. I can't imagine doing this to another human being, I really can't. I have things to do too. Even if I am not busy, if I invite the person that's one thing, but it's quite another if you ask me. If you ask, you are going to get denied. For all I know, your purchase had a pricing error or credit card issue or check issue or WIC issue, now I am standing for another 5-10 minutes waiting for a CSM to come to fix the issue or a person that writes a check or a person that waits to get every penny out of their purse for change. Even if it's a 40 second- a minute transaction, that was ********MY MINUTE OF MY LIFE and SHE ISN'T A QUEEN TO GET TO BYPASS THE LINE JUST AS I NEVER DO********. I don't bypass the line, I don't expect anyone else to be able to do so either. It's a 2-way street. I wait my turn as that's how morally it's supposed to go. The only time I haven't is back when I said I used to invite people in front of me and sometimes people would do the same for me if I had one item. Now I just simply decline the offer if people offer for me to get in front of them since I don't do that anymore. I just wait my turn. I am just so SICK of the SELFISH people of the world. WHY if you are people that do this crap, WHY do you do it? WHY do you think you are a queen or king above everyone else that you don't have to wait, but we do? Also, my first story, why would this lady think her 5 seconds that she wanted to save it SOOOOO MUCH to put something she didn't even have to do and not just do it after she finished? I don't quite understand that lady? I mean what was the big deal if she had waited until after she finished her return to put her recycling stuff in the bin? WOW HOW HORRIBLE she had to take 5 more seconds of her life so she wouldn't leave the line. Maybe, just maybe, she learned from it not to do that so she wouldn't have to get mad. I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT, because if I would have something to do like that I would have either done it before or after the line, NOT while in line leave the line. That just doesn't make ANY SENSE. I don't understand if people don't have time to do the recycling to take 5 extra seconds, WHY DO IT THEN? I mean I don't get it? WHY do people think they can get out of the line(as I said, that elastic line barrier is there for a REAL REASON) and then expect go come back in the same spot in line when they left. Of course after she did it the 2nd time, she of course reclaimed the spot by cutting(as I said she tried to cut once, but didn't succeed with me). She acted like I was cutting. She was cutting. She left the line. NO spot is there for that person once they leave the line and the cart is the cart of the store ownership. Even if let's say she would have been stupid to leave something she owned like her purse there, that still doesn't keep the spot for you, you have to be ********PHYSICALLY THERE OR SOMEONE HOLDS THE SPOT FOR YOU**********. I care about my time and I have **** to do too, so I was NOT going to wait longer if I didn't have to just as she wanted to save her precious 5 seconds, so did I. I have EVERY RIGHT to my extra seconds or minutes as she does. EVERYONE ARE ***EQUALS*** in this world when it comes to time.

WHY people are so mean and selfish in the world like this that they think we have to bow down to them when they leave the line or don't get there first? As if they are more important? NO, they aren't. Everyone has things to do and it's rude to ask to cut, it's rude to be the cashier that let a lady cut, it's rude to cut like the customer that came back over 20 minutes later to claim her item, it was rude to try to get back in line after leaving, especially over a minute worth or even when there is a elastic barrier showing you that the line is there and nowhere else. I really don't get her reaction at the end because we both got our turn at the same time with 2 different return's cashiers? I didn't call her anything, because I am not going to get thrown out for her temper tantrum. She was acting like a spoiled brat that didn't get her way. She shouldn't have told me one thing. She should have known that she left the line and deserved to now be in the back of me. That's how it's supposed to work. I never tried to save my 5 seconds as I said to do ANYTHING. When I have, I don't expect the spot I had back and NEVER WOULD FATHOM such a ********RIDICULOUS********* thing.

So public, what is your opinion? WHY would you disagree with me when they are the ones being selfish? Also, is this YOU?? Do you expect the world to wait for you?
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How do you feel about this?
Reply Sat 24 Dec, 2016 09:02 pm
Frustrated, upset, angry, hurt feelings, etc.
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I think you need a breather. Line etiquette is pretty trivial, but if I was in your situation I would have told the lady to **** herself and not paid her anymore thought. Like I would not have used any brain power or lost any sleep, just "go **** yourself" and nothing more about it. You should try to relax. It's not really a big deal.

Now I can honestly say I'm a line cutter and I have no shame about it, but nobody ever catches me because I use ninja tactics and stealth to move closer to the register at the store. My store has lines in the back where people wait to get to the register. What I do, I just sneak in from the side and go straight to the register. Those idiots don't even notice, lol.

Just saying, take your mind off it. And next time that happens, just say "go **** yourself" and nothing more.
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@Skeleton ,
Well at least you agree with me about the lady. I am mad about you being a line cutter though. That's just morally wrong. You might want to think about how when you cut, you could get beat up for it, because I honestly think that lady at Target if she would have had the guts would have pulled me to ground to get first, of course, she was in front of the returns people and cameras, so she knew she couldn't do that, but she went pretty far to try to move me out from in front of my basket, like she was trying to push me out from in front of my basket. It was crazy.

She was just batshit crazy to make such a HUGE DEAL about her recycle bags that she could have just dumped into the container right after finishing her return(maybe 4-5 seconds worth). I mean I truly DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY she made such a HUGE DEAL out of it? She acted as if she had to wait 20 minutes more now that they had a line, when they didn't have anyone in the back of her or me the 1st time she did this. She was crazy. She kept complaining to me that she had like one person do this to her before. It's like I was thinking "WHY do you do this **** lady if you don't want to get pissed?" Seriously, it's crazy.

I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but it did and it always will. The target thing happened this year. The other stuff happened some years ago.

I am not a cutter, so I am against your cutting. Thanks for agreeing with me though. She was not a nice person. If I would have been her and did that, I wouldn't have said anything to the lady. I would have known that I had to get in the back of the line, that's just common sense. To her it wasn't, she only saw "ME ME ME" mentality in her mind was just herself.
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Springs1 wrote:

I am mad about you being a line cutter though. That's just morally wrong. You might want to think about how when you cut, you could get beat up for it, . . . .

Don't worry about old Skeleton. He just thinks they don't see him because of his ninja skills. Actually, he has to turn sideways to get through most doors, and stands about 6'20". Most people just pretend not to notice.
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I'm actually kinda short despite my genes. Everyone except my mom is taller than me lol
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As I mentioned, I don't lose sleep over it. I'm not guilty about it, it's just what I do to get checked out quicker. Those back lines can be long
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@Skeleton ,
Aw man! This is where legends come from and you just went and blew it.
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Ah, sorry dude. I didn't catch on lol. I'm bad at taking hints.
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I don't mind if someone leaves a line for something like the woman did, and get back in her place.

If I see someone just has a couple of items, and I have more, I'll tell them to go in front of me.

I've had to get out of line, and I'll turn to the person behind me and say "Would you mind if I go over there for a second?"

I've never had anyone say no.

I don't think line etiquette is trivial. I think it's an opportunity to be interact with each other in a positive way.

To the OP. You said this happened to you the other week. All this time you've been stewing about it.

Think how it could have been if you'd let the lady back in line, or let someone with less items in front of you, etc.

You would have received appreciation from the other, maybe ended up having a nice conversation, and all around felt pretty good.

Instead you left the store all f*cked up emotionally and mentally, and you're still upset.

I was getting checked out at the grocery store today. I was chatting with the cashier. Some young man came over to bag. She looked at him, then me and asked "Do you think I'm cool?" I could sense something was up, so I said "Oh yeah, very. I was just thinking about that."

She said "Yeah, well, he (nodding towards him) said I'm not cool Enough to know the secret handshake." So I asked him "Well, do you think I'm cool?"

"Oh yeah!" he replied, You're buying tuna fish. That's cool"

"Well then, show ME the secret handshake", and he did.

Then I showed her.

We all got a good laugh, didn't hold up the line, or cause everyone around us to have to listen to yelling and cursing.

If you believe everyone's life has a purpose Springs1, maybe yours is to serve as a warning to others.

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They used to tell me my best quality was being used as a bad example for the kids. I was kind of proud of that at the moment. Now, I'm not so sure.
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"I don't mind if someone leaves a line for something like the woman did, and get back in her place. "

So you don't care about your own time? Also, why would you not care? I mean you could do what you need to do sooner if you cared. Also, you don't see leaving the line as selfish if she wants to get back where she was?

"If I see someone just has a couple of items, and I have more, I'll tell them to go in front of me."

I used to do that, but after having 5 people ask to cut, I quit. I am just tired of people being so selfish to ask to cut. I don't ask to cut, so I expect others to do the same.(show respect is what it's all about).

"I've had to get out of line, and I'll turn to the person behind me and say "Would you mind if I go over there for a second?" I've never had anyone say no."

See that's where you are wrong to do even ask such a thing. I don't do what you do. That's why it doesn't bother you what the lady did since you do the same ****. My situations though, the people NEVER ONCE asked if it was OK WITH ME. Even if they would have, I would have said no.

Why can't the lady have just waited until she finished her return to put the recycle bags in the recycling bin? How is that SUCH A HORRIBLE THING?

Also, why did you have to get out of line? Did you forget something? If so, WHY should you even ask such a thing to someone to hold your spot that is a stranger? I sure the hell NEVER do that ****. I get out the line and go BEHIND THE LINE when I get back if I actually get out the line or I decide to go into a different line if one line is shorter than the one I was at. Once, I actually was lucky when I left the line, I got back in the same spot that nobody had got there, but that was like once ever that happened. Most of the time, you don't get that lucky. I don't "BOTHER" people by making them *INCONVENIENCE THEIR LIVES FOR ME** as you do to them. That's how we differ. I am a MUCH NICER human being than you are to involve your issues with theirs. Your issues of forgetting an item is NOT the stranger's problem and you shouldn't make it their problem. If you leave the line, that's your problem, not theirs.

You shouldn't ask them to hold the spot for you. That's just selfish. You are only thinking of yourself there on that one.

"I've never had anyone say no."

That's through your experiences. Well if people are stupid, they can be stupid enough not to say no, but I would tell you "NO." I would. I don't do this type of selfish behavior, I expect the person in front of me to do the same by giving me the SAME EXACT RESPECT I WOULD GIVE THEM IF I DID THAT.

"I think it's an opportunity to be interact with each other in a positive way."

I 100% disagree. I don't go to stores to chit chat. I go to get my **** and go home or wherever I go next to another store or whatever. I am not there to chit chat with people. I get my **** done. I don't go to make friends. You must have lots of time on your hands. Do you have a job?

"You said this happened to you the other week."

No, I said this happened THIS YEAR(a number of months ago like maybe I would guess around August or so).

"All this time you've been stewing about it."

Of course, it hurts my feelings. I don't think about it all the time or anything, but it will always bug me the rest of my life that someone was so mean, selfish, and cruel over not wanting to take 5 seconds after she did her return to put stuff in the recycling bin that she didn't "have to" do.

"Think how it could have been if you'd let the lady back in line, or let someone with less items in front of you, etc."

As I said before, I did the "You can get in front of me" stuff for years. The thing is, that's ME inviting the person and MY CHOICE if I wanted to wait longer. Sometimes I am not in the mood to wait longer that I am busy or have been waiting for 5-10 minutes in line already. Also, as I said before, that one item can be a long wait if you have a price check or price matching or check writing or WIC issues or credit card problems, etc.

As far as letting the lady back in, WHY should I have when I don't leave the line and expect to get back in? It's not fair. If I don't do that, why should anyone else get to? It's only fair. She was mean first by leaving the line in the first place. Why should I be nice to someone that is mean to me? That's not nice. Being nice is a 2-way street and that means being nice would have meant waiting to put those items in the recycling bin after she did her return. No one would have been mad then and her precious 5 seconds wouldn't have really mattered, really she's ridiculous. Her turn would have taken a lot longer than her 5 seconds to put those items in the bin I promise you that. That's why I didn't let her back in. I mean I don't do that, she shouldn't be able to either, no one should. They have the elastic band there for a REAL REASON. It's not for someone's health, it's to mark where the line is and where it's not. She was mean first to leave the line. It was SELFISH to leave the line. She was only thinking of HERSELF, so HOW WAS IT SO HORRIBLE FOR ME TO DO THE SAME **** AS SHE DID TO ME, HUH?

"You would have received appreciation from the other, maybe ended up having a nice conversation, and all around felt pretty good."

HOW? I don't go to stores to chit chat. I go to stores to buy my **** and leave. I don't go to meet people. I am not a talker. I have always been on the shy kind of side when it comes to meeting people. I am quite. I don't just start chatting with people. I don't think it's fun. I would rather pay attention to when they say whose next so I don't waste anyone else's time because I am chit chatting instead of doing what I should be doing which is paying attention.

Also, HOW the hell could I feel good about spending MORE TIME getting my grocery sales when I couldn't wait for it be over with? That's just stupid of ANYONE to say that they love stores like that. I mean I HATE my grocery store trips, DESPISE them. WHY do you think a lot of people say they don't shop at Walmart? It's because of the long lines and big store that it takes a LONG TIME to check out. You aren't just in and out of the store(maybe if it's the Walmart Neighborhood Market during 6a.m. maybe, but not after work, even at the smaller Walmarts like that, there's still long lines like at ours, they don't have separate western union lines, so they make the returns line with those people and sometimes I have been in the returns line for like 10-20 minutes returning something after work. It wouldn't work going before work, because I go on my way home from work to save gas money. It wouldn't make sense to bring home cold food to go and come back or keep it at work, because they wouldn't even have the room for that at my work. So I have to go either after work during the week or on the weekend, which the weekend I save for fun stuff, but I avoid the weekends since most of the time it's really busy on the weekends unless you go really early, but then who wants to go at 7a.m. on a Saturday morning either, seriously?

"Instead you left the store all f*cked up emotionally and mentally, and you're still upset."

I still would have been upset that I could have been out the store sooner if I wouldn't have left the lady in front of me if I would have done that. I also said I am not interested in having personal conversation with strangers. I am interested in getting in and out of the damn store like most people. If I could, I wish it would be like Mary Poppins and you could just snap your fingers it's done, that's how much I DESPISE the grocery stores. I was going to get some price matches that Walmart didn't want to and I got them as I said from a manager. It was worth it to go and I am glad I didn't let her in front of me. She was selfish. I am not going to be nice to a selfish person. It would have made me MORE MAD about it if I would have given in to her honestly that I would have REGRETTED IT, because I know that she was very selfish over saving her 5 seconds of time that she could have easily done before she got in line even.

So NO, I don't agree with you at all on that. I would have been mad at myself for letting her ride all over me instead of standing up for what I believe in. Letting someone be selfish and get away with it when you don't have to is hard for me to do.

"We all got a good laugh, didn't hold up the line, or cause everyone around us to have to listen to yelling and cursing."

The thing is, I don't go into stores to make friendly conversation. I am not there to do that. I want to get in and out as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. You don't get that I do a lot of price matching and coupon stuff, so for me, I spend time looking it up before I go to the store, in line, then sometimes have had to argue with cashiers and managers over taking the price matches(some do, some don't), etc. Sometimes going to another cashier helps and I get it. So I end up sometimes waiting in 2 or 3 lines to get my sales. I also return items if it's cheaper the next week like let's say I just bought an item for $5, now it's on sale for $4, but I didn't open or use it yet at all. On my regular shopping trip that I am going anyways(so it's not a special trip), I will wait in the returns line for my dollar and whatever difference in tax. Sometimes I have waited 10-20 minutes even and sometimes the prices are sometimes 10 cents difference not a dollar. So my point is, I HATE being there and I don't want to be there chit chatting like you do. I want to do this chore and leave. The quicker I can get out the better. So I don't agree with you about wanting this chit chat crap. I don't want it. I want to do what I need to do and leave. I am not interested in making a 5 minute friendship at a store. Seriously, I am not interested.

Reply Sun 25 Dec, 2016 12:36 am
You do sound like you could go for a day at the spa. Just chill out.

Honestly, I don't like ppl cutting me in line either, because I do care about my time. Seriously if someone tried to pull me out of my spot I'd call for security. If that didn't work I'd probably push them or punch them if I had to. I mean it is self defense, that's not illegal.
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Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 02:27 pm
Having read though your situation here and your restaurant grievances from eleven years back, I sense you are not happy about quite a few things.

Just breath deep, learn to accept things which just aren't all that dreadful, learn to be happy with what you have and keep yourself aware that there are millions of folks who would love being in such a financially solvent state to be able to afford such luxuries which you take for granted or to have the physical ability to go to a market or restaurant, which, I sense you also take for granted.

Learn to love your life and view the happenings around you as elements of the universe which can be used positively or as cause to give yourself misery. Your choice.
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Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 02:34 pm
And speaking of time wasting...
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