Art History in schools, important or not?

Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 08:28 pm
I just read an article that sings to me, but others here may disagree on the matter of teaching children/teens about art, given all the difficulties of keeping education going these days.

Give it a read if you are even mildly interested, eh? The article is from a British newspaper, The Guardian; it's apparently being cut from their schools and people are reacting..


My first art class was in kindergarten in the half semester I was enrolled. Finger painting was fun! And that was about it for the next fifteen or so years.

My parents did buy me a coloring book when we lived a short time in northern Virgina, from a drugstore in Fairfax. Very odd that I remember that so specifically as I was five. I also had crayons at some point, and that might have been when.
I do have a faint memory of being taught to cut out some stuff on colored paper, perhaps in third grade.

My small high school did have an art teacher, but I was all busily into biology, chemistry, latin to kill you (4 years), and so on. (Sorry I didn't break that up with French..).

Two things brought me to art - I liked posters that were sold in Campbell's Bookstore in west LA. And my first lover, thank you, Michael, who introduced me to a lot of art I'd never heard of. I've since been co-owner of two galleries, 25 years apart, experiences that I savor, what'ere any difficulties.

So, what? I tripped into enjoying art without special classes, but nevertheless, I agree with the people in the article.

And you?

Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 09:39 pm
Art history and art in general are important for young people, as is music and the others arts. They bring about a more rounded education, view and understanding of the world. It's a reason why field trips to museums are important, even though in many places there are no nearby museums for such one-day excursions.

Unfortunately for most, these items are being pared back or completely cut in many districts. When budget cuts are involved, these are easy to remove since the focus tends towards math, English, history and science.

Two related articles show that here in the States, this is not a new phenomenon. It has however increased greatly since 2008. According to the article from US News & World Report, there has been an 80% cut in school funding.



We as a nation cannot afford to refuse our young people, our future, their right to have access to art, music and the other arts. No nation can. If this is continued to be allowed, a very hollow future will be the result.
Reply Tue 18 Oct, 2016 12:59 am
Life is not just mathematics, chemestry and sience.
Just like sports are important for the body we need something for our mind (just or even more important) We need history, art, litterature and music education to develope our minds.
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Reply Tue 18 Oct, 2016 01:11 pm
I was gonna respond, "Sure it is Oss," but then noted who wrote the OP, concluding you'd like a response a bit more complex
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Reply Wed 19 Oct, 2016 06:49 am

I used to use "tags" to bookmark but I can't do that anymore....
Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2016 04:11 am
I think that it's good for the students to learn about art history because it is not necessary to learn only math and physics.
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Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2016 07:42 am
I think early education should be very broad. You never know which spark will start a fire. My oldest was an elementary school whiz bang in math and science, did it effortlessly. In his music class, everyone had to learn a song on the recorder and the winners in each elementary school would be invited to a performance of the state symphony orchestra. He went after it with a passion and earned one of those spots. When he saw the orchestra, he fell in love with the violins. Today, he is a concert violinist. Without that early school exposure, his engineer parents would have funneled him into the family profession (and I'll admit I had a few discussions about how engineers can play music on the side). The reality is that he would have never enjoyed doing what I do. That early exposure to music showed him something that I never would have.
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Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2016 11:51 am
can't do that anymore....
Me nuther Boom but it's 'cause don't 'member how
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Reply Sun 20 Nov, 2016 11:08 pm
Yes it is good to inform your kids about art history. So that they also take some interest towards it.
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