11/9 of all days?

Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2016 09:06 pm
All this occurred less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 (11/9 of all days), an event that heralded the demise of the Cold War, the unprecedented struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union that had defined much of international relations for the four decades following the end of the Second World War.

What does the " (11/9 of all days)" mean here?
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2016 09:14 pm
I believe they were making a passing reference to "9/11".
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2016 09:26 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
So why is the author using 11/9?
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2016 10:24 pm
because some countries, like England and much of Europe, write the date before the month. Others, like the US write the month first. You just have to get used to it. If the author talks about "September 11" instead of "11 Septermber" you would kind of expect him or her to write "9/11", but he/she does not seem to be big on cinsistency.
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2016 10:32 pm
I see. But previously he mentioned November 9, the date when Berlin Wall fell down. I just don't understand why he mentioned "9/11"(September 11).
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Reply Mon 10 Oct, 2016 01:11 am
The issue being discussed is 'events which have defined the course of international relations'. The author is pointing out the coincidence of the the date Sept 11th. for two such events, both of which concerned the demolition of a symbolic structure; the Berlin Wall - Communism, the Twin Towers - Capitalism.
Reply Mon 10 Oct, 2016 05:28 am
But the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, not September 11.
Reply Mon 10 Oct, 2016 05:30 am
The author is just pointing out that they are inverted for no apparent reason. It's just confusing writing.
Reply Mon 10 Oct, 2016 05:33 am
Many thanks!
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Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2016 09:58 am
It's a little late to point this out, but the numbers are not inverted because of the difference between European and American styles of writing the date. Both dates are given in the American style, which is the day of the month first, then the number of the month. The Berlin Wall came down on November 9, (11/9), and it is a historical event of much importance.
The World Trade Center attack was September 11, (9/11), and it also is a historical even of much importance. And that phrase "9/11" became adopted as the label for that event.

It's just a remarkable coincidence that two very important historical dates, well within the memory of most people alive today, happened to occur with a date of such similarity.

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