Tesla driver using autopilot killed in crash

Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 07:30 am
My understanding is that current Teslas primarily use cameras for collision avoidance and radar only for short range stuff, parking, etc.

This will probably change now.
Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 08:58 am
the tesla S uses a combination of radar, cameras, nd proximity rellays. Radar cant locate the source very accurately and cameras cant tell how close you are. A proximity relay starts the "panic cycle" since it uses HF sound and light
Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 09:11 am
Which system are you saying was responsible for detecting approaching objects like the semi when at hiway speeds? A combination yes, so did the radar fail? HF sound is usually short range.

Of course Tesla's user guidelines makes the driver's eyeball the primary system.
Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 09:37 am
A combination of AI and Human "I" will always be the safest combination, as long as the AI contributes and doesn't supersede.
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 12:27 pm
I have no idea which or whether any system failed. All I said was that the TEsla S uses an integrated combination of the three systems. A boat uses radar , sonic sounding, and GPS, and still depends on a pilots skill at navigating by sight and sound (USe of lighthouses and view, water color and currents). What do you use in a plane in IFR? even when a bigass one is totally flying by wire, the pilot is there to make the final decisions.

As far as the S, Nobody is left with a belief that they can go into the "back seat" and watch a flick. Thats just wrong-headed
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mark noble
Reply Wed 6 Jul, 2016 05:08 pm
If a yeti flung itself off a cliff onto a moving vehicle ((Autopilot or not) there would, potentially, be a serious road-traffic-accident.

Question is - Wherein lies fault?
Proximity of cliff to road?
Autopilot inefficiency in dealing with mad yetis?
Driver error?

Accidents happen.
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