Marriage with Ukrainian girl

Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 12:22 am
I am American guy lived in Ukraine for 4 years, Moscow for 1 year. I met and married a beautiful Ukrainian woman. Their man is #1, the most important thing in the world to them and they care for you in that way. I must get up at 5 am. My wife gets up at 4:30, cooks me breakfast, makes me a lunch (no store bought food could be as good as what she makes) then comes and gently wakes me with kisses and "good words". ..
They always look great! For one thing, there is a high percentage of beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine, it is incredible. But also they NEVER go out of the house unless they look beautiful and they always look beautiful for their man. My wife wants me to say how I like her hair, her clothes, her make-up. She wants to look good for me and it makes her feel good. Don't even think you can go through life without complimenting your woman and telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is many times a day. And ONLY your wife is "beautiful" this is a very powerful word and means "most beautiful of all".
They generally don't want to work outsode the house, even thought they are usually highly educated (my wife has a masters degree and speaks four languages) and they are NOT lazy. Their DREAM in life is to have a husband, children and cozy home to care for, even if it is a tiny 2 room "flat". They are not demanding. My wife has 8 pairs of shoes and thinks it is "excessive" she has asked if now I will "run away" because she has "so many" shoes. Smile) She grew up with a family of four in a flat the size of our living room now. You think she is happy? She thinks our small (by American standards) house is about all she can care for properly.
They ENJOY, crave, to look like and feel like women. They are very feminine. ALL of her night wear is attractive or sexy. We never spend a night apart. They want their man to look good, it is a reflection on them if you don't. She cares for my clothes, irons my jeans (!!!!) and checks me out before we go somewhere. If I don't look good, she doesn't look good.
Sexually, ah yes, you knew I would get to that. In general, they never refuse their man, EVER. It is the MAN's resposibility to be, well, responsible. I would never initiate ( I never "ask") sex when she is feeling ill. She would not refuse me, I promise, but she would think I am abusive and not considering her. As I said, this is NOT a one way street. They receive TRUE pleasure from giving pleasure to their man. She gives herself to me completely and expects to be pleased the same way.
They NEVER argue. They expect their man to consider their opinion and listen to them. BUT it is the man's job to make the decisions. If I do NOT make decisions and DO the things I need to, she will have no use for me. I MUST do what a man should do. It is my job to relieve her of responsibilities, not boss her around. If you think for one second a man can boss around a Ukrainian woman...wow, have you got another thing coming! She EXPECTS to have everything she "needs" and things she "wants" if it is possible. She expects me to do anything I CAN do for her and the family and not complain, just like she does.
I think a Urkainian woman would rather cut off her arms and legs than cheat on a good man. They just WILL NOT! They won't do it. As fantastically beautiful as she is, as outgoing and friendly as she is, I am absolutely secure. Not only would she not cheat, she won't even do anything to make me suspicious. Oh...she demands the same from me….
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So, aside from this being a testimonial about the charms of the lovely ladies of Central Europe, is there anything else you'd like to share?
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Tes yeux noirs
Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 11:50 am
For an "American man" his English is suspiciously bad.


A cautionary tale from the London Daily Mail:

Farmer sells family estate...to pay off father's Ukrainian former wife

A farmer will see his dreams for the future disappear today as he breaks up the family estate to pay off his late father's Ukrainian ex-wife.

Christopher Morgan, 34, inherited the 250-acre farm, which has been in his family for three generations, when his father Keith died two years ago.

Four months earlier 58-year-old Mr Morgan senior had divorced his second wife, Lidiya Shulga, but although the marriage had lasted just six years, she made a successful claim for a share of the estate.

After losing an appeal, Christopher Morgan was forced to pay his former stepmother £115,000 on top of a legal bill of £30,000.


Today his 50 pedigree longhorn cattle, his tractor and other farming equipment, will go up for sale to help pay for the dispute.

In a swipe at Mrs Shulga, 54, the notice for the auction is titled: 'Late father's ex-wife from the Ukraine forces dispersal sale.'

Yesterday Mr Morgan described how the family business has been ripped apart by the East European who married his father, pictured below, two months after she arrived in the UK.


A court hearing was told that after they married, Mrs Shulga 'moved out of the marital bedroom later that year and did not return'.

Since his father's death Mr Morgan-says he has discovered that Mrs Shulga joined an internet dating agency in 2007 while she was still living with her husband at the farm.

Yesterday Mr Morgan said: 'She was a high maintenance woman and my dad struggled to keep up with her demands. She persuaded him to take out loans to buy a tractor for her son in Ukraine and a flat and a car for her daughter out there.

'She made no contribution to the farm but wasn't shy in making financial demands for herself.'

Mr Morgan's will said his son was to be the sole beneficiary. But under British law a divorcee may claim on a dead person's estate within a year, and this is what Mrs Shulga did.

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@Tes yeux noirs,
I read that book a few years ago. Depressingly familiar story as a couple of my parents senior friends had done the same thing.
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 12:37 pm
I think a Urkainian woman would rather cut off her arms and legs than cheat on a good man. They just WILL NOT

Right keep thinking that buddy.

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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 12:40 pm
Think he is in the market of selling these women? Maybe why we get all those emails asking if we want to meet beautiful ukrainan women. Every get those emails - I do and I am a woman -- makes me consider buying a mail order bride.
Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 12:53 pm
Better off with a tractor.
Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 01:05 pm
At least with a tractor you have a reverse gear, right? (So you can back out.)
Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 02:41 pm
Yeah, and they hold their resale value better than a wife, even a Ukrainian wife.
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