Toddler dragged under water at Disney by alligator

Finn dAbuzz
Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2016 01:14 pm

Try to ignore the thumbs up you get from responding to Finn in a negative way and address the God damned substance.
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Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2016 02:05 pm
@cicerone imposter,
cicerone imposter wrote:

These are the kinds of situation that makes one wonder how their management survives.

It survives because it's giving the people what they want. Magical oblivion.

If this poor kid hadn't been killed, we all would have been fat, dumb and happy with the status quo of knowing "they must be taking care of everything."

Wake up call.

Has no one else yet looked up the number of deaths that have happened at the Disney Empire? Not all are due to Disney of course. There's been heart attacks on rides (see the little signs that warn you not to ride if you have a heart condition?) Suicides, deadly fights between visitors, etc. However obviously Disney is a business like any other, and **** happens.

I said this before. Disney didn't have beware of alligators signs because too many people don't want to have their fun time spoiled by having even an inkling that there were real life dangers around.

If they had the signs, they probably would have been sued by now by people saying their kids experienced mental trauma requiring therapy because they were having dreams about alligators. Or that they were having PTSD themselves because they had to be viglilent watching their kids, knowing there were alligators, snakes and poisonous spiders around.

Now of course the signs will go up, because they beat the odds one too many times, and now the risk is too great not to have them.

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