Haven't worn my retainers in a year?

Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 12:45 pm
I had my braces taken off 2.5 years ago. I have permanent retainers on the back of some of my bottom and top teeth.They also gave me a plastic removable retainer and told me to wear it at night. Last year I was a college freshman and I wore my retainer every once in a while. When I left school in May, I forgot my retainer in my dorm and didn't realize until I was home. I asked my RA if she could mail it to me and she never replied. I never told anyone I forgot it and I kind of eventually forgot about it.
It's almost a year later, and I haven't worn my retainer since. I've looked at my teeth and they don't look like they've changed, so if they have I can't tell. I'm sure they have some though because when I used to wear my retainer after not wearing it for a while it would hurt some. So, I figure there are 2 options I have:
1.Get replacement retainers from my orthodontist. The problem is I don't know how much it costs, and I'm afraid the orthodontist + my parents will be mad I didn't do something sooner. Ideally they could send me a new one from my old molds, and then I can wear that (even if it hurts) and my teeth will move back. I don't know if I'd HAVE to go in to get new molds though?
2.I could order new retainers myself online. There's a website where you can get a kit mailed to you, you take the molds, mail them in, and you get new retainers. It's $95 for full mouth. This won't move my teeth back, but at least it will keep them where they are right now. What should I do?
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Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 01:22 pm
Don't do anything that might damage your teeth without first talking to a real dentist. I absolutely would not use the online kit. And I would not wear the old one if it hurts.

Second, if you are in the US (or I suspect any modern Western country) this is between you and the dentist. If you are over 18 your dentist can not tell your parents anything about your treatment. It is illegal for him to discuss your medical history with anyone (including your parents) without your consent. You are an adult (I am assuming you are over 18) and you are responsible for your own health care. Your dentist now works for you. If he or she is yelling at you, you have the right to just leave and get a new dentist-- although most dentists are professionals and won't do that.

If I were you, I would go and talk to your dentist. Tell the truth about what happened (it isn't that uncommon for people to lose retainers at college or to go a year without wearing one). It isn't the dentists job to be upset with you and it is unlikely he will yell at you. The dentist's only job is to recommend a treatment and to explain the various options to you.

Ask the dentist what your options are. Choose one of the options. It is possible you will get a new retainer. It is also possible that at this point it isn't worth doing anything since if your teeth haven't moved by this point, they aren't going to. But ask the dentist for her advice.

You don't need to say anything to your parents.
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Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 01:41 pm
It is also possible that at this point it isn't worth doing anything since if your teeth haven't moved by this point, they aren't going to.

Dentists (especially in the USA, it seems) love to charge for things people don't really need. You went a year. Try going another one. Then another one after that.
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Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 09:52 pm
I agree with contacting your orthodonist. You could have issues ..after all the money and time with braces you should want to care for your teeth. I know of two individuals who needed to get braces a second time because of improper care after having braces removed

Don't you have follow up visits every 6 months? My teen does at no extra cost.
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