How many wives can one have?

Tue 8 Mar, 2016 04:25 pm
According to the spirit of Ama, only one. Why? Because God is one. Not every woman who say yes ('matutop') will become a wife. What is the difference between a Miss Universe and a seller in the marketplace? They are all the same.
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Tue 8 Mar, 2016 04:28 pm
Umm, not all men will become husbands either. Who is Ama?
Tue 8 Mar, 2016 04:31 pm
How many can you afford, Bubba? More to the point, how many women will put up with your bullsh*t?
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Tue 15 Mar, 2016 07:43 am
its not the wives that are the problem, imagine all those mother in laws!
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Tue 15 Mar, 2016 08:16 am
Who is Ama?

"Ama" is the Filipino word for "father". When capitalized, that is, "Ama", it refers to "God the Father". Most, if not all, of His listeners believe that He is the spirit of Jesus Christ. Ama is a spirit, a holy spirit, THE holy Spirit, if you will believe it. We (plural) cannot see Him or touch Him, but we can hear Him and talk to Him. We record on audio tape our conversations with Him which we call Sessions.
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