Do These Dates Have Any Significance? [Christianity] [Religion/Spirit]

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Infinity Importance

[I apologize if this is unorganized, and if it is in the wrong section. I just registered for this website].

The Day of the Rapture is December 9 or 21 2019 Edit: Probably no rapture

Jesus's Second coming will be 2 and a half years after The Rapture (Edit) (or after that date, but it conflicts with the tribulation date). I've read that G-d doesn't live in our time

go south

I called Jehovah (pronouncing his name with the "J". I've heard you can pronounce G-d's true name this way. Decided to pronounce his name this way (by choice, if that's ok).


He might've/probably told me these days (I'm could've heard him
whisper to me, but I could be wrong), (probably) since I've decided to become more spiritual and repent my sins (recently). I'm trying to do this out if righteousness but I can't say that I'm not concerned. I've recently started reading the bible (King James Version) (despite viewing a lot of quotes from the same thing, I know its not the same thing), and I've heard someone say its technically mentioned in the bible that Jesus said we should "pack a bug-out bag", I know if we have G-d we shouldn't be worried.

Be "out" by

January 1 2017

(Get out [possibly way] before)

(Defending ourselves (through light and truth at the very least ) )

(these days may be constantly changes, another date for the rapture could be December 15,13, or 26th 2019) Edit: Possibly no rapture (but the statement could be applied for the other dates)

Edit 10

There may not be a rapture

A probable date for the tribulation could be March 23, 2016

[This changes a lot]

[ Be "o" before March 23, 2016 ]

There's a good chance you know what country I'm referring to but I'd rather not mention it.

I feel as if I need to know if these dates have any significance please help. My sincerest appreciation from whoever gives me a decent-good answer. However, anyone that serves as an antagonist (towards "positivity") will be ignored. Thanks again.

Note - I may have "woken up", to the nation/world-wide events three years ago but I became blinded by my personal life (despite caring about righteous ideas and wanting to do the right thing (never said that I didn't but I know too much confidence is negative as well) and couldn't see a way out (possibly) until I throughly thought about faith. [My situation then and now is simple and/or complicated but not exactly "simple" to get out of the "right" way]

Either way I'm for peace, and I want to take action somehow, despite my situation.
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