Are Veggie Dogs and Burgers Evil Doppelgangers of the Real Thing?

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I might try that, if you can provide a recipe.
Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2020 09:25 pm
It's easy Edgar
Get a can of cooked black beans and squish them with a fork
add garlic and onion powder, 3 tablespoon tomato paste, some cooked vegetables cut up - I used peas I mashed and parsley. Add salt & pepper, form patties and bake in an oven between 4 and 6 min. at 350F. That's it! You can use a frying pan too!
Reply Wed 19 Feb, 2020 09:04 pm
oralloy wrote:
coluber2001 wrote:
Yeah, I heard of impossible Burger, but I just can't find what it's made from. I don't know if it's soy or seitan or what? And your link didn't help either.
It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people.
Soylent Green is people!!!!

Life imitates art.


Someone really goofed when they named that company. Shocked

Umm..... https://soylent.com/blogs/news/is-soylent-truly-green
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Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2022 09:33 pm
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Reply Sun 14 Aug, 2022 01:10 pm
My source of concentrated protein is seitan. You can make the texture like fried ground beef or or shreddable and fibrous. There are many other techniques that resemble meat.

The cost is minimal, about $.50 per serving. Half the price is the added mushrooms.

You can buy chicken drumsticks for $.50 a piece, so if you can limit yourself to one drumstick, it's the same price.
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