New sign at Walmart

Thu 15 Oct, 2015 09:48 am

For the people who voted for Bork Obunga twice.....
Thu 15 Oct, 2015 08:18 pm
looks like walmart is suffering the brick and mortar blues.theyre planning to shut down 150 low performing stores , holding on any future store development (except for several neighborhood small centers). Also, theyre buying back 20 billion bucks worth of stock.

Its affecting all the big discount centers. Walmart, is, at least going to try to FEATURE their e-business by using their Brick and mortar places as "fullfillment centers" for their web business.

I think that may help, because they are so far ahead of Amazon on fullfillment center locations that they may be able to regain some lost profitabil.ity.
Im gonna wait till December rush then buy some stock as an experiment in playing the "underperforming" game.

nothin big time
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Walter Hinteler
Thu 15 Oct, 2015 10:37 pm
The sign displayed in the above photograph plays on that frustration with express lane jumpers, providing a graphic and sarcastic illustration of a simple method (i.e., counting on one's fingers) for determining how many items may be appropriately taken through the line. Alas, however, it's not a real sign displayed at a Walmart (or any other location) — it's the third-place finisher in an April 2010 Cracked.com contest challenging readers to create "Instructional Diagrams for People Who Suck at Everyday Life."
Thu 15 Oct, 2015 11:04 pm
@Walter Hinteler,
Walt, I kind of wish you had kept that to yourself.
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Thu 15 Oct, 2015 11:50 pm
@Walter Hinteler,
Looks like Ogunga got suckered by his own post, which makes him a conservitard.
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