How do you fatten up a cat?

Reply Tue 24 Aug, 2004 07:56 pm
Montana wrote:
I don't understand why you want your cat to be large. Kittens 4 months old are all small as they are very active.

I have a 4 month old kitten as well and she is thin, but eats quite a bit. I never buy what's on sale because that stuff just isn't good for them.

I feed my kitten IAMS kitten food. It's a bit more expensive than the cheap unhealthy brands, but it goes a long way. I feed her the dry food


IAMS isn't "good quality" food. Something like Natural Choice/Nutro is quality food. It's all human grade meats, no byproducts or fillers. IAMS is just another food with ground up bits and pieces of who knows what.
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Reply Tue 24 Aug, 2004 09:24 pm
I've looked for Natural Choice, but I can't find anywhere in my area that sells it. Iams is much better than most of the stuff out there and much easier to find, which is why I recommended it.
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Reply Tue 24 Aug, 2004 10:39 pm
I just did a search on line to find out if Natural Choice/Nutro was available in my area and even though I'll have to drive about 40 miles to get it, I have to drive that far for the Iams anyway. I found the locations on the products site and I think I'm going to switch. Nothing is too good for my girl and you have different flavors to pick from, unlike the Iams. Here's the site where you can learn about the products and find the locations near you that sell it.

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Reply Wed 25 Aug, 2004 01:40 am
Oh yeah! Nutro! We have that, too. (I keep forgetting the name and have to see a picture of the logo... getting old, I guess...)

Nisse and Mysan like that and it has bigger pieces. That's good for Mysan. She just swallows smaller morsels without chewing and then throws up, of course.

40 miles, Montana? Wow! How about ordering online? I do that quite frequently.
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Reply Wed 25 Aug, 2004 11:59 am
I wish I could find a site to order it online. I'll have to look around. I have to travel that 40 miles every now and then to grab other stuff not available in my area, so I just stock up with a few big bags of dry and a bunch of cans.
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