Dressing dogs

Reply Sun 22 Sep, 2019 02:58 am

Anyone have any experience of this? I think it's so cute sometimes i.e poodles, pugs or bulldogs. One time I saw a cute puppy pug with a pokemon dress, or a poodle with shoes or sunglasses and bulldog with sunglasses or trying to ride a skateboard.

But how does it affect the dog psychologically? And is there a mainstream trend in this subject (dog psychology)?

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Reply Sat 14 Dec, 2019 05:03 am

Anyone know this, I really don't wanna be DISSAPOINTING?! Is it acceptable to dress dogs or even legal? Anyone experienced thoughts like this - is it cute or is it awfully morally wrong?!

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Reply Sat 25 Jul, 2020 02:37 pm
Whilst I realise that this is an old post from 2019 .... Still worth a post.

It may come as a deep shock to some people but dogs are sentient beings, not toys, not an 'attachment' that one picks up and puts down .... Dogs care, they love their human and only have their human ... So one must provide properly for them.

Just because various fools put clothing on dogs, it is not acceptable. Which human would like to be fitted out with a 200 ltr (44 gallon) drum to walk about in? Exactly ... no one because it would be unnatural and wholly uncomfortable. The dog has no idea what is happening, it doesn't know a coat is a coat, or even that it's human is bereft of IQ.

It is best to view a dog as a 2yr old human child, that does not wear clothes ... A dog needs companionship, exercise and love ... Put the damned smart phone down and love the dog, stroke and interact with your dog, look after it's needs 24/7/365.

If you cannot do that and cannot truly afford the cost of looking after a dog; such as food, health insurance and your time ... Then do not have one in your life.

Our Jack Russel terrier is now 10 yrs old and she is our 3rd child ... Not treated as a child, treated as a dog .... Yet loved and cared for as a child. Small dog, cheap to keep?

No; indeed she has a poor digestive system. The only thing she can eat is fresh Salmon and either potato or Couscous or Pasta .... Her monthly health insurance cost is €60 (£55 UK, $70 US) .... So €720 a year and that will rise significantly every year ... Because she is already pretty old for a dog but will probably live another 6-8 years ... We have never claimed on the insurance and the last veterinarian bill, just last month was c.€200 ..... Plus she has yearly shots that is about €100, plus her anti flea & fluke repellent which is another €100 a year .... and on it goes.

* Do not put anything more than a collar on your dog
* Do not put your dogs name on the collar, just contact details for you.
* Do not undertake having a dog ion your life if you do not have the time or the money ...
* Dogs should never be left more than 4 hrs

In truth we need less dogs and far less bad quality people housing dogs .... Because presently puppies are falling into the hands of people who are totally inept at having a dog in their life.

Yes, there are dog psychologists and many of them are very good.

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