Europeans: Who Are the Sexiest? Rudest? Funniest?

Reply Thu 22 Jul, 2004 03:18 pm
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Reply Thu 22 Jul, 2004 03:45 pm
European heaven:
The police are British
The mechanics are German
The railroaders are Swiss
The cooks are French
The lovers are Italian

European hell:
The police are German
The mechanics are French
The railroaders are Italian
The cooks are English
The lovers are Swiss

or so i've heard it told
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Reply Thu 22 Jul, 2004 03:51 pm
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Thu 22 Jul, 2004 03:58 pm
littlek wrote:

Be careful, my dear!


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Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2004 11:21 am
Germania RuleZZZ. YOu gotta feel bad for the italians(or maybe not) everyone else is graded on being productive members of a society but the italians are just thrown into the love category. Its understandable when you look at there lack of accomplishment over the last 1,500 years or so. (especialy WWI,WWII the germans were always bailing them out. Greece, North AFrica, etc new ROman empire my ass, Romans were being ruled by the german barbarous hordes of efficient mechanic like people.
Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2004 07:11 pm
There was that Renaissance thingy they started...
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Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2004 07:14 pm
Someday, the Irish will get off their dead asses, and conquer the world . . .

. . . be afraid, be very afraid . . .

. . . of course, that won't happen until hell freezes over, so pray for global warming . . . .
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Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2005 05:55 pm
patiodog- I loved that little poem about "European Heaven" + "European Hell", this seems most definitely TRUE! I've been to Italy (many people there are not afraid to show affection in public, hence your line "the Italians are lovers") and France (where there are plenty of "good cooks") I know this is very true because my dad is a wonderful cook and he's a Frenchy :wink: As for the "European Hell" part my mother is part English, part Norwegian (I don't think England and Norway are renowned for their cuisine like the French and Italians are) and admitted herself that she never learned how to cook until my father taught her Razz
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Reply Wed 9 Mar, 2005 06:22 pm
I'd like to comment on one more thing. I agree with the list of "Sexiest Europeans, Rudest Europeans, Friendliest Europeans, etc", it was really interesting reading the whole article. As for the sexiest Europeans, I believe Italians and Spaniards should be tied for 1st place! (They're such hotties and they should be REALLY ranked above young adult French guys -although I'm part-French myself I believe they're overrated in terms of their looks because I find a majority of them quite UNattractive in this way; I was born in France, have visited there numerous times since I moved to the States 15 yrs. ago and don't see what all the big deal is about French guys; besides they personal hygiene is not so great) I find the Italians and Spaniards much sexier not only because of their great Meditteranean looks, but they seem warmer toward the Americans and I believe they are more vivacious too! Smile
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Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2005 04:03 pm
Italy is Art,culture and 6Th powerfull country...
My name is Stefano and I'm Italian.
For me Italy is not only best food, best look boys and girl,best fashion best cars(Ferrari and Maserati) best design the 6th powerfull industrial country in the wordl..
Italians are:
Cristoforo Colombo (who discoverd America)
Amerigo Vespucci (Who called America in this way)
Caboto brothers( who discovrd North America)
Leonardo Da Vinci (the best genius in history of the wordl)
Marconi ( 1900...radio)
Meucci ( half 1800..phone)
Volta (electricy energy)
Fermi ( half 1900 nuclear energy)
Galileo Galilei (discovered new Phisical way)
Marco Polo(the first European that went in China)
Old Roman Impire and Latin language
Other 100.000 important artists, Popes, saints,scientiscist(nobel prices in all aspects of culture) etc..(from et cetera..It's latin..)
For Unesco we have 50% value of worldwide art (100,000 churches, fountains,piazzas...)
And now what do you think about Italians) I think that we are very important in history of man ... Razz
Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2005 08:20 pm
Stefano, you need not be elaborately promotional regarding Italy to some of us here, we're italy enthusiasts already.
Hmmm, I thought Italy was fifth... but it has been a while since I heard data on that.

I love italy beyond measure for reasons having nothing at all to do with industrial output.

And... Welcome to a2k! Please check out the forums here - we are a diverse group who love to talk...
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Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2005 06:12 am
I believe Italy's got the sexiest poeple on Earth!! Spain is not far behind~I guess you could say I love the typical Mediterranean look. :wink: Not to mention I love their culture and vivacious lifestyle.
Viva Italia Cool Smile
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Reply Fri 9 Sep, 2005 02:30 pm
Norway has the sexiest girls tough! Wink just so u keep that in mind!
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Reply Fri 9 Sep, 2005 02:37 pm
I find that Bulgarians and Romanians are the hands down winners in all categories. (This is only because I have eliminated the Belgians and Polish from running in this race...clearly they would be tied for the top spot no matter how you tossed things around.)
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Reply Sat 10 Sep, 2005 06:36 pm
Re: Norway!
LuXoR wrote:
Norway has the sexiest girls tough! Wink just so u keep that in mind!

I still believe Italy's got the sexiest people in general though! Very Happy
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Dutched Pinay
Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2005 02:22 pm
I clicked on the result link and there's no summary of the research. Where is it?
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Reply Sun 13 Nov, 2005 07:57 am
what about serbian girls...really the most beautifull girls on the world..
all balkan people have specific beauty..
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Reply Tue 12 Oct, 2010 01:21 pm
You feel bad for Italians? why is that? they are arguably more cultured than Germans and have contributed far more to society than Germany, all the mediterranean nations did you can thank Greece & Italy for the entire western culture in Europe. Italy had two great movements in its nation The Roman Empire & then the Renaissance, after the fall of the Roman empire there was an intellectual drought all throughout Europe, Italians brought that culture back into light with the Renaissance and gave way to great people such as Shakespeare and the like....What has Germany done on the same level? absolutely nothing. Its funny how you diss Greece for their current state of economy, just know without Greece you'd still be living in huts because thats what your people were doing when Greece was creating advanced machines that could predict eclipses, they were the cradle of western civilization everything from Democracy, Astromony, Drama, Comedy, Tragedy you name it, it was invented by them

Anyway i agree with everyone else, it gets no sexier than Spaniards & Italians, every year they do a poll Italy & Spain always come out on top as the sexiest for a reason.
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Pamela Rosa
Reply Wed 13 Oct, 2010 03:59 am
Italian Anthropology Blog:
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