Sun 19 Jul, 2015 06:00 pm
The Theory of Gravitational pull is Factually false.

The observed effects associated with the theory of gravity are obviously true.

We know that the Theory of Gravity is false because: The nearest star system to Earth is a Binary star system, in which three stars share a central point of revolution - all three stars revolved about each other. They are not gravitating to each other; Mercury's orbit does not demonstrate angular momentum - it is repeating itself in a predictable manner year after year and does not gravitate to the sun.

Thus factually, since they claim that the Theory of Gravitational pull is accurate, although it is not, and teach it in school, we can determine that THIS science - which was used to "land" us on the moon - proves the moon landing is 100% conspiracy.

The true cause for the observed effects of "Gravity" are easily determined. However. If the government continue to teach such a false theory as Gravitational Pull, then we Know that the Government also did not land on the moon.

Excellent. and thank you.

Sun 19 Jul, 2015 06:10 pm
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Sun 19 Jul, 2015 06:35 pm
Actually, what you are calling "the theory of gravity" is true, and it was proven true by a New England farmer nearly 250 years ago.

You see, Isaac Newton imagined a cannon ball shot horizontally to the Earth. You see if you shoot it, it will fall to the ground as it is going forward. The faster you shoot it, the farther it will go before it hits the ground. However, since the Earth is a ball, if you shoot it fast enough, the Earth will bend away from the cannon ball... and it will keep being pulled toward the center of the Earth so that if with enough speed, the ball will travel all the way around the Earth to the cannon.

However Newton never tried this with an actual cannon. This was first tried by a farmer in Concord Massachusetts who had more cows than cannonballs, so he rigged up a cow cannon to shoot his cattle at a very fast rate. Sure enough, he was able to launch his cows fast enough to the East that after some time had passed they would come back from the West to land at his feet.

Does anyone know what this amazing feat is called.... ?
Sun 19 Jul, 2015 07:59 pm
Since no one else seems to be saying it... I will.

That fateful farmer's feat of physics is now common referred to as "The herd shot 'round the world".
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Sun 19 Jul, 2015 08:12 pm
wtf. Noooo. the observations were true, they theory they were applied to is 100% false.
think that over a lil bit, you preprogrammed git. You're gossiping.
The existence of a Binary Star system disproves the Theory of Gradational Pull.
The Theory of Gravity is False.

Satellites do not support the theory of gravity.
Sun 19 Jul, 2015 08:16 pm
I am curious as to what you think the "Theory of Gravitational Pull" actually is... but I am also a little afraid to ask.

(I personally believe in the theory of intelligent falling, when you drop something, His noodly appendage pulls it to the ground.)

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