Has Anyone Since Buddha Reached Nirvana, Really?

Reply Thu 1 Mar, 2018 09:46 am
Maybe this is not miracle, but do you know an interesting fact? Among the founders of the prominent religions in the world, Buddha is the only one who visited almost every corner of the world to preach religion!
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Reply Sun 27 May, 2018 09:47 pm

- If you mean real disinterest, aloofness, whilst spiritually ascending, then you do it every time you fall asleep!

- If you mean a state of extinction through ecstasy, this is known as "Fana" in Sufism. If you read about the various Sufi masters, you'll frequently read of folks attaining this state, be they masters, mere students or passersby. Not as rare as you think!

Nor is giving it all up for an ascetic life. Not to disdain it but it's not just one guy that did that!
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