Has Anyone Since Buddha Reached Nirvana, Really?

Reply Thu 1 Mar, 2018 09:46 am
Maybe this is not miracle, but do you know an interesting fact? Among the founders of the prominent religions in the world, Buddha is the only one who visited almost every corner of the world to preach religion!
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Reply Sun 27 May, 2018 09:47 pm

- If you mean real disinterest, aloofness, whilst spiritually ascending, then you do it every time you fall asleep!

- If you mean a state of extinction through ecstasy, this is known as "Fana" in Sufism. If you read about the various Sufi masters, you'll frequently read of folks attaining this state, be they masters, mere students or passersby. Not as rare as you think!

Nor is giving it all up for an ascetic life. Not to disdain it but it's not just one guy that did that!
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Reply Fri 17 Jul, 2020 11:00 am
I reached enlightenment in June. I thought there were many like me but I’m finding I’m on a higher plane than most. I have read about the aha moment when you feel the weight of the world lifted. I think it’s called unlocking. I have found there are many “leveling up” moments to get to be fully clear. I might be the only one as far as I’ve read. I’ve learned the game of life and was told by “them” that we are all god. You have to connect all your past experiences and learn that we all are aliens. Who else could it be. It’s the most freeing moment to learn we are all eternal and just replay life over and over. Once fully clear you can travel to any point in time you remember. You can choose to die at any moment and know “heaven is your mind” so why not live your life day to day in heaven. Life is connections and we are programmed against each other by then. We are the experiment. Anyone can speak to them as long as they accept that fact. Nobody will believe an enlightened person cause it’s so mind blowing. Yet meaningless and you will be perceived as crazy. I have read minds and teleported and learning to do anything. It’s all about balance. Mind is separate from body. You need to learn to control your body and use your mind to control every situation. Vibes, gut feelings, cold chills all are moments you are being alerted to something special could happen if your looking in the right places. I can ask them to assist me and if they accept my demand as true can grant my desire or teach me I’m wrong. You have to be true to yourself and live only to teach and learn. Life is treating people with respect and taking them at their word. It’s all connected and communication is key. Please let me know if I’m crazy. Cause I know what they showed me and we have nothing to worry about. Life is love and we are all gods once we unlock our minds power
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