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religious is; when one babbles to much of this or that direction, spiritual means to be on a path of virtue (clearance) or enlightenment (cultivation).

all spiritual teachings r bound to either benefitting the whole or not. in this spirituallity should be categoriesed hence r they no myths but found cracks or steppingstones in the foundation of the universe when not beyond; even life and everything we do is spiritual, some more others less, it is a way of life perscribed to fulfill ones own destiny hence curricilum for the seeker.
It is he or she, and yes wester and easter spirituality differ in the sense of which there scriptual text is perscribed in; will find when he or she looks if they are aware of things; thereby also metaphysical

it is like understanding the water in the ocean, like grabbing it with our own hands and looking at it as seen in scifi movies. or its the other side mechanical seen how a clock works; that into one.

you should read the first few verses of the tao de ching, and ponder over it; titles as such as religious or spiritual, is just names for us to grasp, or to trap people in our mindset and to a true mystic hold no ground. many worldly people do that hence the food chain, he is a that and she is a this; all this is nonsense in the first place; experience the person and be grateful of there way of being, even if it isnt; that would mean it strikes a nerve with us, something spiritual that we havnt figured out or been liberated from, ie a mindset
true spirituality is neither black nor white, and so no one can claim, or disclaim such position of a title; some things r best left unsaid (even tho said left undone)...

bla bla, sry was bored and didnt know better
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Reply Fri 13 Nov, 2015 12:10 pm
I guess I'd call myself a Christian, though that may be somewhat hypocritical since I can't say that I'm the perfect Christian. But none the less, I was baptized as a Christian, I believe in God, and I accept Jesus as my savior.

Funny thing is, I only came to realize these things almost 20 years after I was baptized. And I don't really come from a religious family. In fact, religion was banned where I grew up.

BUT, philosophical reason and a mild interest in science lead me to realize that God is real. And Jesus is the pattern of life that one should follow if one wants to live a good life.

In the Buddhist teachings, there's something referred to as the middle way.. which is apparently the path one should take if one wants to live a good life.

So there seem to be similarities between different teachings.

I guess I would also call myself a believer.
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