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I'll change the subject to one that interests me re this thread. It's not actually a problem that I know of, except this fellow probably has naysayers of consequence, but I'd like the thread to keep going even if I diverge re problematic situations. And I'd be interested in fbaezer's and others' opinions.

There is a writer who had a piece posted in today's Guardian, that I clicked on and was rather transported. Not my usual take on some article, but the article is his essay about overcoming grief through staying in Mexico City where his wife died and he was still in mourning and coming to grips with it.

The author is an american who has spent a great deal of time in Guatemala and in Mexico, Francisco Goldman. Not until I read about him in wiki did I connect him to a strong article I read in the New Yorker, when I don't remember, about Guatemala, a place I went to as a tourist with girl pals in the early seventies, bereft of any idea of what was going on there. I did learn more later on.

He had developed his New Yorker piece into a book, and I'm interested in that.

Here's the piece in The Guardian:


Here's wiki on him:

The New Yorker article:
there are a plethora of articles - I give up on nabbing the long one I read, presumably before or just prior to book publication, as I need to cook dinner:

Here's the book:
The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?
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I was kidding using the word plethora.
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Two comments about the piece.
1. Glorieta Insurgentes is a cinch, anyone who can drive makes it through it. Now Glorieta del Riviera, that's a toughie.
2. It's sad to learne that the new generations call the huge lawn in front of FilosofĂ­a y Letras, "the Airport", because they get high. In my times it was called "Eros".
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<smiling, ruefully>
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