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True story! We didn’t have time to cook yesterday so I decided to swing by the best Mexican restaurant in Laguna to pick up dinner. Little did I know the Lesbian’s had taken over this restaurant on Saturday nights!

So there I was sitting on the patio waiting on our dinners surrounded by mean looking women. A third of them had the whole Ellen Degeneres look going on, the other third looked like KD Lang and the older ones thought they were Lily Tomlin look-alikes.

A couple of them were smoking cigars right there on the patio and I’m allergic to smoke so I started to sneeze. I didn’t complain about the cigar smoking because I was afraid they would come down on me like a herd of cattle!

Now that was one awkward situation. Razz

Tell me about one of yours!
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Odd ball Rolling Eyes Laughing
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I have to got through my restaurant episodes memory book to find just the right story..
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I was a sailor in San Francisco. My two buddies and I were hitting on a girl, who led us into a bar. After a few minutes we realized it was a gay bar. My two friends immediately left, but I still had designs on the girl. I still recall, her name was Ann. She let me know I was too young for her. She got up and left. I started to do the same, when I noted a police car through the window. Two cops were in there, staring in. We are talking 1964 here. I didn't know what to do. I nursed my drink a long time and finally they left. I had been observing the patrons having a good time, with lots of joking and dancing. A good crowd, in my view. But I got out in a hurry, grateful the cops did not find some issue to get me in trouble with the Navy.
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Hah, I found one. Back sometime later with details.
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Yeh. That serious boyfriend of mine who turned out to be gay (took me forever to figure it out, he was such a good lover), joined the Navy about '70. We're still friends.. although both getting up there in years. In retrospect I was handy to have around at the time, navy-wise. ; )
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When I was much much younger I was hit on by a lesbian at the Octoberfest - of all places. I told her that I was committed to my boyfriend, but she insisted that I should try it at least once. My friends told her to cool it, yet she was so persistent that I had no choice but leave. She just wouldn't take NO for an answer. Nothing like that ever happened to me again.....thank goodness!
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I worked with an odd woman. Never mind sexuality, I mean odd. She's the one who used to let the air out of parking offenders' (students parking in staff spaces) tires, ramping up with repeat offenses per license plate. I don't think she ever got to all four tires, as whichever parker got aired would give up as time went by.

I've a visual and aural memory of the big boss of our labs hollering at her down the long hallway.

The problem was, she was a smart/good tech, very observant. Was often helpful (helped me learn chess). Sometimes funny. Sometimes her quick judgements made sense.
Talked about skiing until you wished surcease with duck tape (I do mean duck).
Mean (made fun of a guy I hired who happened to be super obese, an old army guy who was quick and able and no dodo.)

Anyway, this was back when I was (in retrospect) merely touching on growing up. She started to tell me about not telling differences in the dark. I have my own odd persona, and I can be grumpy.

No way I'd go skiing with her. (Did with another female lab pal, no problemo except when we got stuck with a flat in the Mohave and that was an automotive thing. Old white porshe, two women, middle of the night, people stopped to help, that's another story. Big trucks sailed on.)

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This story will be a little late, re what I should have said first, and relatively boring. Not much sex. Of course I'll tell it anyway.

I don't remember the year, guessing '67. My female friends, met through work by me but via school for others, sometimes called ourselves SAG, as we'd been called that - smart ass group - by some guys in Mexico. That was on this trip -

I went to be with them but also I was excited to get to go to Mexico. I was afraid of Mexico from my mother, it's dirty (she'd never been there) and not afraid of it from my friends. G. set up the trip, as El Cordobes was coming to the bullring.

I can't remember where we stayed. Probably right near one of the friend's relative's home..

The thing is, this family was very welcoming, and "showed us the town". Which was a restaurant. We were all given male escorts, as women alone were (apparently) not looked at well. My escort was a 13 year old son of the family. At that point, my spanish was zilch. Still is, but improved.
I remember the name of the restaurant, Nicte Ha.

I remember this because I couldn't see, it was so dark (friends of mine are familiar with this, my dark adaptation is very slow. By the time we leave a place I can see fine.)

Anyway, I sat down and missed the chair.
No, I'd not touched booze.
Apologies all over.
I didn't know then about my RP and wouldn't for another twenty years.
I can't envision the face of the young guy but I can sort of remember the room.

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