Speed of light revisited yet still again

Reply Sat 7 Mar, 2015 01:44 pm
@DNA Thumbs drive,
that perhaps quantum information is doing so. Thus if true, Einstein was wrong.
Interesting DNA that you should so assert, as even Albert was a bit equivocal about the existence of a stationary ref

My crazy theory, which I call relative relativity, besides explaining intuitively the relativistic changes in the moving object, also resolves the twin paradox and maybe even the action-at-a-distance difficulty called quantum weirdness

Probably you'd been following some of my threads on the subject so I won't detail it here but if you have any specific inquiries please don't hesitate to ask

Maybe in a new OP
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Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2015 10:32 pm
roger wrote:

I appreciate Ros' and your explanations, but don't think I'll ever be quite ready for them.

Glad it's not just me.
I did like Ros' reference to not thinking about c as a velocity. I now understand why I don't understand.
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