Relativity of morality

Reply Fri 19 Jun, 2015 10:14 am
If in the future the dominant culture doesn't have freedom as a principle value, will you change your mind and decide that freedom isn't so important after all?

I wouldn't. Would you?
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Reply Tue 28 Jun, 2016 12:03 pm
Transcendence dictates that kindness is error, because kindness is dependent on unkindness; outside of transcendence, thinking this idea feels wrong to me.

The problem with morality is that it requires difference, which in turn requires violence and prejudice. Therefore to me the solution is simply to negate the root cause of morality (nations and greed etc).
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Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2016 02:06 pm
Those are not postulates they are enthymemes.
Morality is relative is a postulate. TO deduce the conclusion that anyone can believe anything you need to supply a premise. But actually what you WANT TO DO is to postulate that anyone can believe anything directly.

In short, these are a mess as the basis for discussion.

Further you say things that contradict what you seem to be aiming at.
One is also able to tell oneself lies too. Right? And the immorality of many lies is in the fact that you weren't able to tell the truth even if you wanted to -- BECAUSE you were to lazy to get to the truth in the first place.
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