Soul mate searching. Why?

Reply Sun 14 Sep, 2014 08:08 pm
Dear Readers,
I've been trying to over come the incessant search for what some people may commonly refer to as the "one" your "soul mate" or "life partner" The last few years this inner quest to find that special some one has become more apparent and important to me although I realize it's not everything in life. Some times I've noticed this feeling becomes stronger when I am home bored and have nothing else going on and/or my social life is slacking. However, even when I am entertained and things in life are going well it only goes away for so long. Eventually the feeling surfaces again. I try to get out every now and than but I can't seem to commit to getting out every weekend partly because I'm so moody and make excused for it. One weekend I am fine the next weekend I'm not in the mood to go out or see any one. Not to mention I'm an introvert although I can easily socialize and flirt and I'm good looking (not to sound conceited) So does any one know why I feel this way? Is it more than one reason? Has any one else felt this way and over came this? If so, how so? Did you eventually find that special some one when you stopped searching?

25 yr old female
One Eyed Mind
Reply Sun 14 Sep, 2014 08:14 pm
Soul mates would be a concept that's misconceived by people. The desperation for seeking someone perfect is nothing more than mere shadow play - there's nobody perfect in this world. Anyone that appears like you and shares your same likes, beliefs and so on, are not your soul mate - they are simulating you, like a sponge - you can see this desperate trick by observing psychopaths and serial killers; they know how to touch you all over without hitting a single bad button.

Keep in mind that psycho-profiles can accurately psycho-analyze a serial killer.

Look for someone who disagrees with you, but does not disagree with the Universe's physics, rules, consequences and laws. It's not a matter of what you agree on - it's a matter of how you both respect the governing laws of nature and the consequences of your actions without fear, hatred, doubt and denial.

We are all architects; this world is our archive.
Reply Sun 14 Sep, 2014 08:58 pm
@One Eyed Mind,
very well said. Thank you ...so in other words look for a relationship or individual that provides mutual respect, understanding and love for one another? We build our own future/relationships??
One Eyed Mind
Reply Sun 14 Sep, 2014 09:06 pm

Love is not about commitment; love is about connection.

Think of how the sun treats the planets.

How planets treat the stars.

How stars treat the comets.

How comets treat the asteroids.

How asteroids treat the metaphysical realm.

How the metaphysical realm treats the physical realm.

How both can function in coexistence for Earth's creatures.

How the reality and the imaginary can coexist.

How love and hate can coexist.

How holism and nihilism can coexist.

How we can feel alive and feel death through coexistence.

How nature does not change, but cycles.

It's a mutual, relative, perceptual, cyclical, non-biased, non-personal, non-hateful, non-deceitful open book of magnificence.

You are most welcome. Oh, one more thing... The people of this world may not create new life. The technology we have may not create new life. But inside you, is an inner Universe that is living in the image of the outer Universe, do well with that, and you won't have to follow my motto for life: "Take life by the horns before it takes you up the ass.", for your brain can create new life.
Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2014 05:10 am
Don't look for a "soul mate" (an idiotic term if I ever heard one - not you, you didn't coin it. But it's dopey).

Look for friends and fun. Some of these friends might turn into romantic connections. Most of them won't. All of this is fine.

But there is no "one" person for anyone. Otherwise, how would people remarry after widowhood or divorce? Plus the search for "the one" puts enormous amounts of pressure on a person, and it puts pressure on their romantic connections.

Consider that you might have, I dunno, 1,000 areas of compatibility with people. Some are obvious (same religion, similar upbringing), some might be less obvious (a very specific political congruence on a few issues that aren't enough to say that someone must belong to a particular party, or whatever). Some of these congruences matter more than others. Someone who doesn't want kids might be a 100% dealbreaker. Someone who doesn't drive might be a 10% dealbreaker (e. g. you might tolerate it for a while or learn to overlook it although it might annoy you on occasion).

Pick your battles and decide what's important to you. Decide what you can live with. I know women who must have a guy who's taller than them. I find it shallow and stupid but that's their prerogative. If that's a requirement, and it's an absolute one, then that's that. If they will never be happy with a short man, then they shouldn't even consider dating them and be done with it. But if it's something like whether a person is from South Carolina or has freckles or can fix a car, those things can be gotten around, and the last one can be learned anyway.

Decide what's important. Go after that in life, and not just when searching for a romantic connection. If enough positive and important points are hit, then you've got a winner. Should you be with that person forever? Possibly; I dunno. But understand that there might be 3 people like that, or even 30,000. And the dating/relationship pool is even larger if you let some things go.

Make compromises. Rest assured, whoever you date and whoever you end up with is going to do so when it comes to you.
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Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2014 06:12 pm
@One Eyed Mind,
Very well said!! By any chance, are you a spiritual teacher?
One Eyed Mind
Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2014 06:32 pm
I'm just a man that fell in mad love with the Universe, its Darkness and the water-like Shadows we play with throughout the interplay of Stars and Objects. When I look up at the sky, I always remind myself of this principle I write within, "if a light can shine through so much darkness, with its creator of light no longer existing, for it is long until it reaches this planet, then there's only one reason why this ignorance remains under a global impression that all is hopeless and changeless - we are afraid to kill our old habits and let our light shine after our death; we are afraid to leave our people behind for greatness, as one sperm leaves other sperm behind to create life; as the star dies before others that live." I've been taught by my "Shadow Archetype" and my "Inner Voice", which are both subconscious elements of my mind. So I can be very cryptic and mysterious much like the subconscious and the Universe, as well as surprisingly beautiful.

If you ever want to reflect on life - I can be your mirror.

I am not "spiritual"; I am "Universal".
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Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2014 06:33 pm
It doesn't exist...try finding real love. I'm sure it exists. I can't tell you you'll be
satisfied. But-someone's to get a paycheck they don't deserve.
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