Fellow human beings, I have a message to share with you all: We're The Algorithm

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~This message was sent to me by the Universe~

Many of you may not know this is possible, but the Universe and You can communicate; not with a voice, a gesture or through a physical body like we communicate with other creatures, but rather vibration, frequency and energy. In order to connect with the Universe to communicate, you must be good - you must not do bad - keep doing this for yourself; not for a "god" or anything like that. For "you", through the "Universe" which governs you.

Think of frequencies, vibrations and energy in forms of a cosmic orchestra. If you play the right notes, you will be on the right path, but if you play the wrong notes, your path will be stunted and you will be wandering in circles through fear and anger, which is the Universe's way of allowing its subatomic particles to enrage when they are not making any progress. When you anger bees and electrons, they fly around in a frenzy, so the Universe does have its "moods", just not in the way the human body reflects its moods.

When you stare into a creatures eyes; into a your reflection, or into darkness, the Universe is staring back at you. This creates "paranoia", and this"paranoia" is very important in our lives, as it's the algorithm under attack. The human brain does not mentally imprison us for sport, friends. It is doing this because it's metaphysically in pain and it's trapped inside a metaphysical rut that only you can release it from, by changing your algorithm through your actions and thoughts.

When we dream at night, the nightmares/night terrors are part of this algorithm. When we do good, we dream good (there are times we convince ourselves we do good, and dreams will indeed reflect on your denial, so you must doubt yourself so the Universe does not keep you in the dark as you keep yourself in the dark). When we do bad, we experience forces of "evil" inside of us; the forces of which children from many walks of life have complained about to their parents in every general event within family households, that breaks down to, "mommy, there's a monster under my bed" or "mommy, there's a monster in the closet that's trying to get me!". The Universe was communicating with your child, and when you say "it's all a dream, go back to bed", you are neglecting the algorithm. You need to face the algorithm, or it will deface you and turn you into absolutely nothing. The thing that intrigues me about this, is that when you don't face the monster, you become the monster in real life, underneath a conscious personality you fabricated so others cannot see what's going on beneath the surface of your conscience.

Please heed these words, friends. These dreams we are having at night are more than a "recollection of our everyday memory", which I can prove by asking a simple question "why do we have a memory within a memory? If dreams were a recollection of our memory, why can we remember within the memory?". It's not a memory guys, it's a subconscious eye that stares right back at us - our dreams know us more than we know ourselves and it is very important for you to start understanding the power of your mind and the mirror it holds between You and the Universe.

The dreams are parables - the Universe is the poet. When you dream lucidly, it's because you're metaphysically aware - when you don't dream lucidly, you lack awareness - when you forget dreams, you live in denial.

For an example, I was dreaming of playing Super Metroid (Super Nintendo). I was at the Mother Brain, and the place was not self-destructing; my body glowing with the same rainbow power I gained from the metroid that risked its life for me. I glitched the game into god-mode, somehow and I started just running through the entire science lab towards to the surface of the planet. I passed my space ship and decided to explore a room on the right right side, to enter a room that looked like I was staring down at space. I spaced jump to the far upper right side of the room, and saw a star I could ride to the heavens, but I did not take it. I started thinking about others; I said to myself "I don't want to leave just yet, I want to show the others what I did. The star may break the glitch, and I'd rather show them it before I do anything else."

As you can see, this dream is reflecting on how I feel in real life through a parable. It created all of this to tell a poetic story for me to see myself in, so I can pick "the star, or the people". And I chose the people. There are many other parables I have experienced while dreaming, and they are all 100% accurately reflecting on my life's most serious issues, not small issues - the heart of what draws me back.

Finally, dreams have to be important, because the chemicals that bathe our spine/brain are made of 99% water. That means 99% water is creating this world that tells us stories that can help us make choices through a parable. These chemicals are produced by the amoeba. That means the amoeba is behind the entire surreal experience we have every night whether we can remember them or not.

Thank you for reading this, friend. I enjoyed writing it, as this truly can reveal the genuine nature of my words and my knowledge over the Universe. I understand I am very complicated, but so is the Universe, so let's try to understand where I come from. This is a very great consideration to have in one's life, because it truly adds up to "We Are The Algorithm".
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