Should i just give it all up? I feel like its just unrequited love... What should i do..? How can a

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i really like this girl, there is no doubt about it, My Feelings are strong for her. Things have been confusing for awhile though. She used to SHOW many signs of interest such as talking and smiling at me a lot, offering me things, sitting next to me, looking at me,etc.. This was awhile ago but after i told her i had feelings for her, she started acting shy around me, she wouldnt talk to me unless i takled to her and she would look down. I Didn't talk to her for months thinking she didnt like me. After that she got back with her ex who she is broken up with now. When she was with him, she said "maybe we could be great friends" to me.She still acts the same way as before and we haven't talked in awhile. We just got out of summer break. We are on day 3. Since day 1 she has been acting the same and we havent been talking, Sometimes i see her looking at me when i'm not looking. At the bus stop on the first day she picked up her phone and said "let me call my boyfriend" but she hung up after like 3 seconds... idk my friend said she was trying to make me jealous. The point is... i really like her but i have no clue what to do... does she like me? i can't ever stop thinking about her man :/ i know she could have been telling the truth about having a boyfriend but i took what my friend said in consideration.... What should i do? I Also a friend last year asked her if she liked me and she said no... Maybe she is in denial? idk... I'm STARTING to THINK she isn't interested.. idk

We were on the bus and she was staring at me from behind while i was talking with my friend... idk why but she was, And today we were in class and she gave her kik to this guy RIGHT in my face :/ I don't know if it was friendly or not but either way... it kind of bothered me :/ She was kept looking at me in class today. She was also hugged up with some other guy on the bus :/ i dont know why that bothers me, but it does.... My friend told me that he can see her staring at me secretly

i was talking to this other girl on the bus and she tried to jump into our conversation... of course i ignored her and what we were talking about was kind of inappropriate... but the girl i was talking to told her...Who knows.... i really don't think she is interested though :/ If she is then let me know... cuz i don't really see it. Why can she talk to any other guy but me!? I know i've asked this question A thousand times but i just can't stop thinking about her..

Today she didn't really look at me much because she was so focused on talking to other guys... It really makes me upset how she does it to multiple guys and not me... She can talk to almost anyone but me man... I Also think she is has a boyfriend because she was walking around with this guy that i saw her hugging .... You rarely see them together at all though...
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Don't wait for lightning bolts. There are few absolute certainties in life. Be direct and ask her out for a soda. If she says no, then you have your answer. If she says yes, you also have your answer. If she says anything else, then you know you have put it out there and made it clear that you like her. Who knows? Maybe she's waiting for a crystal clear signal from you.
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Patrick454 wrote:
This was awhile ago but after i told her i had feelings for her,

when you told her you had feelings for her, had you dated her or anything?

do you have conversations with her, or do you take turns looking at each other?
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