If the Men's Rights Movement (MRM) is "Misogynistic", why would any woman support it?

Fri 13 Feb, 2015 12:13 am
I don't tag your threads, I do think you're a dope but I think it's possible for you to grow out of your current mindset. I don't think you have your legs yet, and that's why you behave so badly anonymously. Maybe that will help you, especially when you are ten years older and younger guys start calling you grandpa. You will forget how inexperienced you were and start complaining about the younger boys.

I'm flattered you think I'm such a threat to your budding manhood, but only in a warped way. I've raised boys, and I find it amusing that some young men think they can insult older women by calling them old. I'm happy to be thought of as an 174 women by a wet behind the ears dope, but it's time for you to start behaving like a grownup. Or as a grown man. But if you are not ready, that's fine. Younger generations of young men are taking longer to realize they have to be responsible in order to move on. I can't fix the world, realize any efforts of mine would be wasted trying to help you, so I don't.

I'm satisfied that my sons and nephews are decent men, I don't wish you failure, but I'm not your mommy or Aunt or Daddy. If you have anyone like that left, I hope you get guidance from them. But in all honesty, I'm more concerned about my younger male relatives than you, that's something you need to address and figure out for yourself. Good luck.

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Fri 13 Feb, 2015 02:08 pm
Why would any woman support it? So we get more videos like this one. This guy has an awesome caboose. Very Happy

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