do you have breakfast?

Reply Tue 1 Apr, 2014 07:24 pm
farmerman wrote:


Scrapple is pig brains, pig nuts and pig guts, chopped up and formed into a loaf, which is then sliced and fried in lard until the house begins to smell funny
Except for the corn meal, that's pretty much it. It MUST be served with molasses, nothing else will do. And it MUST crispbe.

I prefer it with Grade B maple syrup. But yeah, has to be super crispy. It's nice every decade or so Smile
Reply Wed 2 Apr, 2014 05:29 am
Now ,while I dearly love maple syrup.(French toast, waffles,ice cream, donuts),on SCrapple, the flavor of a blackstrap molasses like Brer Rabbit is a Pa Dutch staple.Molasses is not too sweet and accompanies and tops off the scrapple slice just perfectly.

People who eat scrapple with KETCHUP are usually avoided in restaurants and wheneverthe occasional cave-person puts ketchup on their scrapple you can hear a sudden silence in the restaurant followed by waves of groans from the customers whove just had ther scrapply bliss shattered by very poor taste.
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