Fri 20 Jan, 2023 12:52 am
We need to separate electromagnetic fields from neutral matter.

The introduction of electromagnetic fields to neutral matter produces 2 off opposite forces in nature which do not cancel.

They balance.
Wed 25 Jan, 2023 09:24 am
The big mistake that some individuals and most modern day scientist and philosophers make is assuming that +=- and -=+ in nature. They assume this as their starting point to achieve what they see in their world as a cancelling out. A nullification. They then make up their own science and philosophy following this false assumption.

Well in nature the above formula does not work and nature provides definitive proof of this.

Electromagnets have 2 opposite forces N and S (+ and -)

If you take 2 electromagnets and put one on each side of the dualistic fence then the only way to balance these forces is if you have a + and - balancing with a + and -.

You cannot balance a + with a - and a - with a + because these interactions only provide an attraction and we know there are 2 further interactions - and - and + and +

So natures formula is,

Alternating + and - = Alternating + and -.

Nature achieves this balanced formula through SPIN.

The end result of all these electromagnetic force interactions in nature is a VIBRATORY balance. All matter is made up of electromagnets which SPIN at all levels of the cosmos, macro and micro.

The science and philosophy of modern day theories doesn't work at the psychological level.

I have concluded therefore that scientist and philosophers have disappeared down a rabbit hole and are lost within a delusional, illusionary world of their own making that in no way explains the reality we live in.
Sat 28 Jan, 2023 02:35 am
In nature, dualism is associated with + and - elements.It is clearly only 2 parts.

We know that matter is not made up of just 2 parts.

We know that matter is made up of 3 parts.There is also a neutral part to matter.

The 3rd part.

Nature has definitely confirmed with the magnetic force interactions NN;NS;SN;SS that the electromagnetic forces in nature don’t cancel,they balance giving a formula of:

alternating +/- = alternating +/-

So this just leaves the neutral part of matter.

The neutral part of matter sits in the midst of the 2 balanced electromagnetic forces of nature and is independent of them.

Fri 3 Feb, 2023 01:13 am
All matter is balanced electromagnetically.

The introduction of spin within the electromagnetic fields that saturate the cosmos at all levels, macro and micro, creates electromagnets, all of which interact to create the electromagnetic push/pull balance observed throughout the cosmos.

There are two forces of nature that are equal and opposite.They should not be confused with good or bad, philosophically.

These forces are what they are and you cannot cancel these forces of nature out.

Nature has confirmed this.

You require alternating NS forces to balance with alternating NS forces to achieve the electromagnetic balance we see in nature.

Things that don’t spin are attracted to things that do spin.

Tue 7 Feb, 2023 02:10 am
I would suggest that as all things in the cosmos are balanced electromagnetically because you cannot cancel out the 4 off electromagnetic force interactions NN,NS,SN,SS then it is still possible to have an opinion one way or the other once the 2 dualistic philosophers reach their stalemate.

Logically, one can’t have an opinion one way or the other if one has been cancelled out or switched off beyond this point.

The Atheist philosopher (0/0) and Theist philosopher (1/1) still have their opinion one way or the other AFTER this balanced philosophical stalemate however.

Tue 7 Feb, 2023 08:02 am
How can you have an opinion on whether you exist or not if you have already been persuaded that you don’t actually exist to have that opinion?

Fri 10 Feb, 2023 01:44 am
Everything in the cosmos vibrates including our experience of consciousness.

Vibration is related to sinusoidal waveforms.

Metaphorically, sinusoidal waveforms are snake like.

Alternating +/- electromagnetic forces = Alternating +/- electromagnetic forces in nature and provides a vibratory balance.It is impossible to cancel out these forces of nature.

So, sinusoidal wave form A (+/-) = sinusoidal waveform B (+/-)

or metaphorically,

Snake A (+/-) = Snake B (+/-)

I am of the opinion that there is a non spinning vibrating hole (metaphorical snake) in the cosmos which swallows up all the equal but opposite rotating holes (metaphorical snakes)

Exodus 7, 8-12 of the Christian scriptures maybe referring to this.

Intriguing at the very least.

Mon 13 Feb, 2023 09:57 am
One things for sure,the atheist can no longer claim that +=- and -=+ in nature because nature disagrees and therefore we now know that their philosophy is incorrect.

The 2 electromagnetic forces in nature don’t cancel out.They balance and natures true formula is,


Alternating + and - forces on both sides of the fence or in other words between ALL spinning objects within the cosmos at the both the macro and micro levels is the only way you can balance these forces.i.e. obtain a VIBRATORY balance which is exactly what is observed.

All things spin within electromagnetic fields in the cosmos at both the macro and micro levels.EVERYTHING!!

No wonder modern day science is slowly giving up on ever finding a united science.

Key cr*p in,you get cr*p out as they say.
Mon 13 Feb, 2023 10:10 am
With regard to the above, there is clearly a third part to our nature which is neutral and is able to balance these forces.

Therefore, a trinity type nature is a distinct possibility in my opinion.
Mon 13 Feb, 2023 01:00 pm
I would suggest that the problem with modern day science is that it’s philosophy states that + =- and -=+ in nature because the electromagnetic forces in nature cancel.

These forces don’t cancel.They balance.These + and - forces are not an illusion.

Neutrals aren’t an illusion in philosophy or science either.

NEUTRALS are SEPARATE from + and - forces and have SEPARATED but BALANCED + and - forces within them.

The whole of the cosmos is made up of vibrating NEUTRALS interacting with each other.

I would suggest a vibrating neutral is a representation of Aaron’s rod (snake).

Wed 15 Feb, 2023 03:32 am
TRUE science and philosophy adopts +/+…+/-…-/+….-/- interaction combinations and this has been definitively confirmed by nature with the 4 off possible electromagnetic force interactions. The brain operates utilizing these 4 off interaction combinations.

Nature doesn’t just adopt +/-….-/+ logic or +=- ….-=+ logic and + DOESN’T = - and - DOESN’T = + in nature anyway because electromagnetic forces don’t cancel out.

THEY BALANCE, but only if you balance a + and - force with a + and - force.


Modern day science and philosophy claims falsely that these forces do cancel out and this is the reason why modern day science and philosophy DOESN’T relate to the psychological in any way shape or form.

The brain is an electromagnetic machine which utilizes the 4 off magnetic force interactions -/-…-/+…+/-….+/+ to function .i.e. It utilizes these interactions to produce binary logic 0/0….0/1….1/0…..1/1

It doesn’t utilize gravity to produce this logic. You know that mythical force that modern day science invented after its philosophical guess that +=- and -=+ in nature and these electromagnetic forces cancel out.

No they don’t cancel out. THEY BALANCE!!

I adopt real science to understand the psychological not fake science.
Everything spins and vibrates in the cosmos at all levels, macro and micro, which is evidence enough that electromagnetic principles are at play throughout the cosmos.

The electromagnetic fields which saturate the cosmos at all levels, macro and micro, are required for spin and spin happens when matter interacts with these electromagnetic fields and + and - forces are produced as a result.

Matter does not dictate to the electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic fields dictate to matter.

So the electromagnetic fields clearly remain when matter enters and exits all the HOLES in the cosmos.

Matter doesn’t enter and exit from a single hole as modern day science falsely claims. We observe this in the cosmos.

It is blatantly obvious.

Surely that point alone is enough to give up on modern day science and philosophy.

After matter has disappeared into all the spinning holes in the cosmos there won’t be any matter left to fall into modern day sciences single hole any way….

Modern day science and philosophy needs a reality check. So do many individuals it would seem.

The two equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature are just that, Equal but Opposite. You cannot define good and bad to them.

These 2 forces exist in nature and INTERACT and it is IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL THEM OUT as modern day science and philosophy FALSELY claims.

It is blatantly obvious that modern day science and philosophy is an INVENTION of man and does not explain what is going on in the cosmos at all and this includes at the psychological level.

This is why modern day scientific theories like its flagship single big bang theory have FAILED and what a failure that is going to turn out to be. Just wait and see.

It has failed because it doesn't reflect REALITY and OBSERVATIONS are definitively CONFIRMING this.

A scientist has philosophy. The scientist then adopts that philosophy to his or her thinking. That thinking produces theories which reflect that philosophy. The scientist will always look for theories that fit with their philosophy even if it means ignoring the blatantly obvious and inventing new science and forces from massaged mathematical formulas.

Wed 15 Feb, 2023 04:15 am
What we have at the moment is PAST and FUTURE possibility HALF logic science which is based upon a false half philosophy framework whereby nature is concerned and therefore absolutely does not reflect reality.

We don't yet have PRESENT (OR IN THE MOMENT SCIENCE) which does reflect what is ACTUALLY happening in the cosmos and is representative of reality and is based upon FULL possibility logic philosophy.

Wed 15 Feb, 2023 05:27 am
It would appear that one can only try to avoid reality for so long.

However, eventually, reality WILL catch up with us.

Thu 16 Feb, 2023 11:22 am
I would suggest that modern day science and philosophy is unable to explain the role NEUTRAL plays in the cosmos.

I would suggest that it only considers the + and - aspects of the cosmos in its science and philosophical deliberations, hence dualism.

However NEUTRAL is a reality in nature.It exists.

Why does it exist?

Modern day science’s philosophical claim is that the NEUTRAL doesn’t exist.

It does exist.It’s a reality.

I would suggest that it exists because it has BALANCED + and - forces within its makeup which offer up the 4 off electromagnetic force interactions (-/-…-/+…+/-…+/+) resulting in a vibrating neutral whether it be spinning or not spinning.

I would suggest that these interactions offer up the required software logic (0,0…0,1…1,0…1,1) required for the operation of the automated brain and the functioning body.

These 2 electromagnetic forces of nature do not cancel out as modern day science falsely claims because these equal but opposite forces of nature are required to produce software logic.

Thu 16 Feb, 2023 01:04 pm
My science and philosophy are totally sound.

Try bringing yourself into the moment and stay there.

You won’t be able to stay there I assure you.

Forces will default you back into the out of the moment state until you put the effort back in to bring yourself back into the moment again.

This proves the forces of nature that are at play at the psychological level.

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