Is Your TV Spying On You?

Reply Wed 27 Nov, 2013 07:42 am
Is your TV spying on YOU? It sounds like science fiction but many new TVs can watch you - telling advertisers your favourite shows or even filming you on the sofa. And there's no off switch!

You are sitting in bed in your pyjamas, drinking a cup of cocoa. A loved one lies next to you, watching late-night television. Pillow talk is exchanged. An alarm clock is set. Eventually the lights are turned out.
Earlier, you sat on the living-room sofa eating supper, before loading the dishwasher and heading upstairs.
You have, in other words, just enjoyed a perfectly normal night, in a perfectly normal home. The curtains are drawn, the central heating turned up. It’s cosy, relaxing and, above all, completely private. Or so you thought.
The truth turns out to be quite the opposite. For on the other side of the world, people you didn’t know existed are keeping a beady eye on your every move.

These characters can see what clothes you have been wearing and what food you’ve eaten. They heard every word you said, and logged every TV show you watched. Some are criminals, others work for major corporations. And now they know your most intimate secrets.
It may sound like a plot summary for a futuristic science-fiction movie. But real-life versions of this Orwellian scenario are being played out every day in towns and cities across the globe — and in most cases the victims have no idea.
At fault is a common electronic device invented nearly a century ago and found in almost every modern household: the domestic television set.
Put simply, our TVs have started spying on us.

Last week, there was a high-profile case in point. An IT consultant called Jason Huntley, who lives in a village near Hull, uncovered evidence that a flat-screen television, which had been sitting in his living room since the summer, was secretly invading his family’s privacy.
He began investigating the £400 LG device after noticing that its home screen appeared to be showing him ‘targeted’ adverts — for cars, and Knorr stock cubes — based on programmes he’d just been watching.
Huntley decided to monitor information that the so-called smart TV — which connects to the internet — was sending and receiving. He did this by using his laptop effectively as a bridge between his television and the internet receiver, so the laptop was able to show all the data being sucked out of his set.
He soon discovered that details of not just every show he watched but every button he pressed on his remote control were being sent back to LG’s corporate headquarters in South Korea.

Full article here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2513592/Is-TV-spying-YOU.html
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Reply Wed 27 Nov, 2013 08:50 am
I wonder if this is also true of the LG microwave oven I just bought. With a shiny mirror like face on the door and several previously unknown buttons (the last microwave expired after some 25 years). The thing which most stood out in their instruction manual was that the 'unit should never be unplugged or left unattended while in use'. Still not sure how it would be in use if it had been unplugged; that though is, for another corpuscle laden creature to figure out.

Not too sure why they'd want to spy on me, if their existitrapoly is that boring I kind of feel bad for them, tempura tempted to put on a show.

I became suspicious when the screen started popping up messages telling me to press A, B, C or D on the remote to vote or get a product shipped to my home. How'd they get my address?

Will be approaching the kitchen in disguise hereon in. (and maybe placing a blanket over the television)
Reply Wed 27 Nov, 2013 10:42 am
I agree, a disguise heron should do the trick.

They're very good at fooling fish, so if you are microwaving cod at the time, everything should be fine.
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