God of Justice (Serbian Anthym)

Reply Thu 26 Sep, 2013 10:53 pm
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Reply Fri 27 Sep, 2013 06:10 am
Hey, this little girl has so beautiful voice, and is she too is so beautiful.
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Reply Tue 29 Oct, 2013 07:18 am
Another good version of this:

I'd guess most libtards would have forgotten about this by now, but this was the innocent Orthodox Christian nation which SlicKKK KKKlintler bombed for 80 days and nights to take that Juanita Boaddrick rape allegation off the front pages of US newspapers.

Most people wouldn't have imagined that the dems could have come up with a worse president than that any time soon afterwards...
Reply Tue 29 Oct, 2013 08:43 am
gungasnake wrote:
this was the innocent Orthodox Christian nation

You use that word "innocent." I do not think it means what you think it means.
Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 07:09 am
You use that word "innocent." I do not think it means what you think it means.

Old post:

The prize of Klinton's dog-wagging episodes was dog-wag III
(to take the Broaddrick story off the front pages) , in which a totally
innocent slavic orthodox Christian nation was bombed into the stone age for
the benefit of white trash, narco-terrorists, and barbarians. I mention
the fact that Serbia is a slavic orthodox Christian nation because
Russia is also a slavic orthodox Christian nation, i.e. because this
third dog-wagging episode involved the risk of a thermonuclear war.

Any serious research into this one will reveal that the Western public
was fed an unadulterated diet of BS from the NATO propaganda organ,
the Clinton spin machine, and a shiftless Western establishment media
which simply included the propaganda on its pages and called it news
rather than doing any real reporting.  Moreover, the entire picture of
the situation in the Balkans which the West has seen in its media over
the last decade is rendered hugely suspect since it arises from the
same kinds of sources.

Any sort of a thorough research will turn up the reality that the
whole problem in Kosovo was always the Albanian Kosovars and not the
Serbs.  The present problems seemingly began with Miloshevich
rescinding the autonomy of the region in 1989.  The truth is that he
had no options, and that all other ethnic groups in Kosovo were being
brutalized by the Albanian Kosovars:


Further readings and articles from the 80's tell much the same story:


What about before that?   The truth is that, despite the endless
villification and demonization which they come in for from the Clinton
spin machine and the NATO propaganda arm, the Serbs are the closest
thing there is to normal, rational, decent people in the balkans.
They fought with the allies in WW-II and in fact held Hitler for seven
months and sent him into Russia in the dead of winter rather than on
schedule, but for which the whole world might be sporting swastikas
now. They in fact saved 500 allied airmen who were shot down on raids
over Ploesti and other targets in the region:


Needless to say, any allied airman who was ever shot down over one of
the states surrounding Serbia was killed.  The states surrounding
Serbia all sided with Hitler, e.g.:


The Serbs paid a horrific price for all of this.  Hundreds of
thousands of them were murdered, many in Nazi-style death camps set up
in the surrounding states.

Nonetheless, history does not count for much amongst gangsters.
Clinton and his NWO pals had numerous reasons for wishing to dismantle
Yugoslavia, not the least of which was the 5 - 20 trillion in mineral
wealth of the Trepca mines.  Check out:


for background materials on that sort of topic.

The "Racak massacre" which Clinton and Albright used as a pretext for
the NATO action turns out to be more propaganda BS:


and the Rambouillet ultimatum, particularly Appendix B, section 8,
which the Serbs refused to sign, turns out to look like something
which King George might have written.  No nation on Earth  would ever
sign off on such a thing:


It turns out that the entire case against Serbia was never anything
but a bunch of bullshit.  There was never any "ethnic cleansing"
going on:


and there was never anything remotely like genocide going on:


nothing but a bunch of fabricated bullshit and a bunch of poor sorry
people (Serbs) having to defend themselves against an armed
insurrection supported and supplied by outside powers.

The laws of war have changed substantially since the end of WW-II.
The kinds of things we were doing to the Japanese and Germans, legal
then, would be war crimes now.  In the Kosovo operation, American
forces knew that they had a tough and dangerous adversary to deal with
and they knew that they also were doing this for an utterly base and
ignoble cause which they could not possibly ask any NATO pilot to die
for, and that dog-wagging was again involved.  They therefore limited
all operations to 15,000 feet or higher.  When they discovered that
they could not harm the Serbian military from that height, they
embarked upon an entire series of war crimes, such as bombing out
bridges in the middle of little towns like Varvarin in the middle of
the day when, guaranteed, nothing was going to be on them other than
people like Sanja Milenkovic running errands.  It thus comes as no
surprise that even Amnesty International is accusing NATO of war
crimes now.  Aside from that, they began to bomb out the entire
civilian infrastructure of Serbia, including factories, water plants,
electrical grids, and basically everything the civilian population of
Serbia needs to stay alive.  That's all criminal activity.

Walter Rockler, a surviving American prosecutor from the Nuremberg
trubunal, claims that NATO is every bit as guilty of war crimes as the
nazis were:


Other major kinds of indictments of Clinton, Albright, Blair, Cohen,
Clark, and the other clintonistas and NATO leaders involved in this
debacle are not difficult to find on the internet.
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Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 10:27 am
I was right.
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Reply Sat 25 Jul, 2015 03:23 pm

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Reply Sat 25 Jul, 2015 06:43 pm
What the hell is an anthym? That's not a word in English.
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Reply Sat 25 Jul, 2015 06:44 pm
I am more convinced than ever that Gunga Dim is the former SWolf, of early A2K days.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Sat 25 Jul, 2015 07:42 pm
And I agree.
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