If the conflict with Iran is not solved ,then what?

Reply Tue 18 Jun, 2013 06:29 pm
If resolving the Iranian conflict were an easy matter ,it would've been done by now. It would be a done deal.

The reason why it hasn't is primarily because the war planners can't make it happen. Iran is way too powerful and soon will be a greater threat to any nation or a coalition of peace loving nations, that are trying to either attack it ,or destroy its nuclear labs or change its government.

All you have is a lot of heated rhetoric and Benyamin Natanyahu going all over the world throwing matches ,hoping that something burns.

I think the peacemongers understand what's involved.

For example ;what if the usa were locked in a life or death struggle for survival with let's say with RED CHINA.

Would we allow Canada or Mexico to sell oil to China? Of course not . What if Canada and Mexico declared neutrality and stated they would sell oil to BOTH china and the usa ,would we allow it?... NOT!!

Why does anyone think that Iran would allow the oil industry in the middle east to continue supplying oil to the world's markets which would eventually be made available to its enemies??
The Saudi sunnis ,kuwaitis and all the oil rich emirates ,sheikdoms ,and gulf states know the score. Iran will not allow them to drill or pump oil . all oil related operations will cease.
If you think that gas at the pump will reach 5 $ per gal. think again . if the stuff starts look for 10 $ per. with rationing [odd,even days are back again]
But Israel will still receive its annual stipend of 6-8 billion for its security and the usa will still have Israel's back.
All the while the average guy will not have the ability to drive to the local grocery store.
I want to take the opportunity to warn all the scuzzballs in the emirates and sheikdoms to watch their lying mouths and stop bad mouthing the shia religion and the Iranian nation, or soon they will wake up and find that iranian soldiers will have cut their throats from ear to ear.
I know a lot of saudis and kuwaitis visit this websit and monitor this forum closely. so a word to the wise should be sufficient.
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Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 08:38 am
@count markovalley,
You're not Tony Bliar's right hand man, are you?

He is "Special Peace Envoy" to the Middle East, and I know he was looking for someone with diplomatic talents such as you.

If you're not, would you like me to put a word in for you?
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count markovalley
Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2013 06:35 pm
War with Iran; another war of choice ,. choose wisely. Do you want your body returned in a vinyl zippered bag or would paper do just as well. Choose between paper or plastic. Thank you rush limbaugh for getting us into another patriotic war . I'm sure you'll make another fortune selling rotting t shirts to the idiots in your audience.
Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 02:27 am
@count markovalley,
Tell me Mr O'Malley, and be honest.....do you have some sort of bad feeling towards Mr Limbaugh?
It's just that some of your posts seem to carry subliminal messages as such.
Do you even know you're doing it?

Is it me? Has anyone else noticed this slight negative vibe?
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Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 02:36 am
I think he's got the hots for Lush Lamebrain, but he's piqued because Lush never answers his pleading e-mails . . .
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count markovalley
Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 04:02 pm
Despite what heroes are led to believe ,memory of the dead does not always endure.
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