Do Trains ever "run into" Road Traffic at Grade Crossings?

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my dads (post WWII) career was as the trainmaster for a railroad . He often had to initiate investigations and "board hearings" for the safety issues on such crashes (Which were all called "Big-Hole" events)
I recall that several times the conductor and the engineer of the train were responsible and, in one case, an engineer ignored crossing signals and just barreled through (They used to be paid by a Byzantine formula that included the miles and time involved in their trips)
That engineer (nd the conductor since the conductor is the"rail boss") actually were charged with manslaughter.
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No. I am not confused.

You were wrong about the headlines being written incorrectly.

You were wrong that trains are never at fault.

You're trying to find a way to make this about you being right about something so now you're trying to focus on railroad warning systems. Not good enough. Not all accidents involving trains and cars/trucks/motorcycles are a result of problems with warning systems.

try googling : trains/operator error, train conductor/manslaughter, train/accident/lawyer
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