Ameteur rap battles

Reply Mon 29 Oct, 2018 03:42 pm
Anybody wanna battle? I'll start:
Hello stranger my name is Joe
Want a battle with me? Oh no
Do you want me to do it slow?
Or should I go with my usual flow?

Is anything wrong?
Dont wanna respond?
Cant rap about me?
Praise me in a song
Win against me you wont
Wanna try? Please dont

Do it and you'll understand
Why people say I am god sent
Dont try to defend
You reached a dead end

Sucker you think you're hot?
Telling you the truth would you mind?
The only bars you've got
Are the ones you're behind

So stop this exotic escapade
Bitch you've been played
Say a prayer to god
And be afraid
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Reply Thu 1 Nov, 2018 12:14 pm
Another one:
I come at you with a poison arrow
Jumping around like Jack Sparrow
Hit you in the ball sack
To make sure you know I'm back

Life was easy for you when I wasn't here
Partying all day and drinking beer
Having all the bitches you could ever want
I'm now your nightmare, like a ghost I haunt

But that life is now dead and buried
I sorted my **** and got married
Only one problem left to go
That's you Joe my ex-hoe

Now you'll wish you could eat your words
I took them, turned them around, now they are swords
And they are in my hand ready to be used
Like your life is ready to be loosed

I was almost dead for a while
In the history I now make another file
About a battle between the weak and the strong
Thought you won? You was wrong
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