Ameteur rap battles

Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2013 08:54 pm
Random rap I did

I just walked into my house, clicked on the mouse,
Saw your verse, and I burst first outta the dorm
I can't bear the norm, good morn, but your normal as a newborn doin true-porn
No frickin clue who shady is, so don't stand up
Talkin like like a 7 month old baby, shut the ****
I don't care about your standing rank
You watch the front, but I will flank
You falter suprised, goodbye, here comes muh 20 ton tank!
110 millimeter shell, to the skull, don't thank
Cause the worst come first, the crap in last
In this case I'm in the middle, i see you in "first" class
Kiss my ass, terrorist attack, half the plane in the drink,
**** the other half, no "bomb"bast
The whole cast, and crew? Who knew, the all took bullets, before the c4 blew!
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Reply Sat 9 Feb, 2013 12:24 am
Yo sucks I'm back, with my raps,
Tracked talkin smack, so badass,
Unlike eminem, I'll never collapse!
You can play revelry, I'm playin TAPS
Till the end of the day, lyrics exact, never contract...

But if I lose contact, I'll loose facts,
Such as, me losing war without seeing combat

We won't be, among the retreat,
Rather die the be accepting defeat,
You're beat, you bored me,
Don't treat me, this is the end of my feat, see?
How much must it take to cloud deceit, please...
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Reply Sun 10 Feb, 2013 03:52 pm

Sorry, thunder goes down
He seemed to wanna drive himself, into the ground
Newfound, watch him pound
This host till he boasts
About how he was forced to explode
Goes to heaven as a ghost
In his hand, the holy grail
He give the toast
And they watch, this kid fail
Before reading his post
Slow as a snail,
He's slowa than most
He wants to be on tour,
Coast to coast

But he can't stand up,
The band rants up
He swims up for air,
But vertigo

It hurts the flow
To be unable to breathe,
Believe him, he's seen
How people go from laughing
To twelve shades of green

They feel pain
So insane, no tame
No tape, and no brain
No shape, and no form
He finally steps up his game
A new person, reborn
Tied to the place, he was first stationed
But ready to go out and tackle the whole nation
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Reply Wed 27 Feb, 2013 11:01 pm
Yo prof. Heads up, reverse poetry isn't "your style." It's been used by poets for about... 100-500 years, maybe? What if I said, "rapping is MY style which means you guys are stealing it." I don't believe that, but you'd might say that "a lot of people rap, so it's not." A lot of people do reverse poetry too. Like me. That's one of my new styles.

Bring it, cousin. You're better, but I want to see you do something other than gossip and post a rap every three pages. This is called "neverending rap battle for a reason! And that goes for everyone!

You push, and there's pulling going on!
You're squished by the engulfing rolling sun!
You mush (mush! Mush!) but there ain't no time to run
Everyone, they're all done! Save the puns for when they come...
Return zombies all unfed, concerned for your head, you burn the undead
But civilizations! Lay to waste!
What once were big living nations, are lost in the race

These analogies will give you allergies, for the things you want to take back
You just need all of these sincere apologies, open doors locked by cracks
You gotta die hard, dyin in sleep is for retards
goin to keep the cars, and drive away in a heap it's smart
Dyin will cut you like cheese cheddar, Please! (budeep, budeeeeeeee) dead heart

Some time in the future 2020, big roc 28 years of age is sellin records,
money stacked like double deckers, and hopin that his sex works
Spectre, 8 years younger, is learning to drive, his career has arrived,
and he's survived a harsh life, on the inside, where his soul has cried
He has had his first album rejected, his whole life corrected,
by a break up, (he never meant ****!), forget it,
he's wanting to be, an OG and go free, know and believe
But no scene has givin him the green on his album
So what he does is crazy, and hell if it works
But his life ain't being run, by publisher jerks, and nonono clerks
He flies to big apple by himself, prints his album out on 100 discs,
200 dollars in this, just because he's so pissed
So by himself he sneaks discs on the shelves, with 1$ price tag
All 100 sell, it's discovered that it wasn't even published
Some people are amazed, others are thuggish
They try to hunt him down, find big roc on accident
Big roc envies spectre for how well he's developed
Last time they met, spectre was a whelp, now he looked apposed to seeking help
Big roc knew him from some rap battle site, sound familiar prof? Goodnight

An older one i wrote a while back
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Reply Thu 28 Feb, 2013 03:43 pm
Who was that to? It sure ain't Wrathe
I'd kill you without drawin grenade
Don't need to pull the pin
Cuz by the time I'm in
This boy in third grade
Just so happened to win

You say yo droppin mad bars
And drivin fast cars
When while a chop from a dull blade
Is leavin fat scars

When it's the end
And you need a friend
Rain on your parade
I've got a missile to send

A pretty good one
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Reply Thu 28 Feb, 2013 03:50 pm
I'm not in third grade, contrary to what I said
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Reply Fri 1 Mar, 2013 09:02 am

Verse-1 multies-27 makes sense-yes wordplay-4 meaning-8/10
Grammar-100% related to real life- 7/10 makes references-2 time signature-3/4

Hey santa
The fan's up
You can't run
Your damn done
I smash fun
And pop pills
Got skills
When I faught thrills
But nowadays
I'm delayed
Always late
Can't find time
Can't make my rhymes
And can't fight crime
So I've decided to resort
To becoming a cohort
To the gang that may contort
When they hear that I'm in their vacinity
I'm their father, their son, and their Holy Ghost
Might as well call me the trinity
Every hostage I'm holding boasts
That they "saw Wrathe with a gun shootin up people's posts"
I go around the country, coast to coast
So call me a fortunate fame
Don't disagree when I say there's gore in this game
It's a fact, the morons don't play!
And I'm ready to take four on and put them all to shame...
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Reply Thu 7 Mar, 2013 08:45 am
How I feel. right now
I got no reason to live and I'm stuck in the fast lane
I want to stop. Slow down
Take a break from the stakes and go slap sane
No vanity.
If i had to die, I'd be crucified!
And that is no lie i will survive
I want to die but i will survive
Yeah, I want to die but i will survive
I want to die but i will survive
I want to die but i will survive...

I feel like this! Complete ****!
Runnin in circles jerks'll work her
But I can't spit! When I don't want to
Cuz what I've gone through...
I'm just a bad man, a sad fam
Slippin grades holdin grenades
Ready to pull pins, the ice i stand on is so thin
I am tryin to win
When I ain't even in
I miss my girl who is somewhere else in the world
My father is pissed for all those calls that I missed
My mom is unhappy cause my grades are crappy
My friends are getting distant
None of them want to listen
When that's all I need right now (wow)
(I'm willin to die but i will survive)
My band don't need me, I'm more of a neat treat
Than an actual member of that group, i need a cheat sheet
All i do is listen to music all day
While everything in life is just slipping away...

How I feel. right now
I got no reason to live and I'm stuck in the fast lane
I want to stop. Go down
Take a break from the stakes and go slap insane
No vanity.
When I am to die, I'll be crucified!
And that is no lie i will survive
I want to die but i will survive
Yeah, I want to die but i will survive
I want to die but i will survive
I want to die but i will survive...

So life sucks. Howabout school?
School? I'm turnin into a fool... Each period
1.) i ain't doin nothin he says
2.) I'm doin okay, but I'm parked in the red
3.) i got a D plus
4.) ignoring her is a must
5.) boring as hell
6.) I'm struggling (oh well)
Yeah I fell and I'm trying to get up
But revival is hard as ****
While survival is a runner up
In the things that i might give up
But we all know that life is tough
When the goings are getting rough
Doing all the lonely boy stuff
There ain't no one like me
You gotta come see
The boy who thrives
Off of what he'll never believe!

How I feel. right now
I got no reason to live and I'm stuck in the fast lane
I want to stop. Slow down
Take a break from the stakes and go slap sane
No vanity.
If i had to die, I'd be crucified!
And that is no lie i will survive
I won't die and i will survive...
Yeah, I want to die but i will survive
I won't die and i will survive...
I won't die and i will survive...
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Reply Fri 29 Mar, 2013 04:48 pm

Circles runnin in em
No fun in spittin venom
When you're gonna get em
But you're pinned and ridden
Like a pig in rhythm
Sittin written **** is liftin
Lippin wishes thinkin
With the threatened bets are set
I get no regrets to fret
Upon, I've donned like Shaun con.
Or khan, in a bun o' fun
Well I'm done here hun, gotta run
Guns go off and on
They remind me to be free
When I'm gone

Truth glued you to a new booth
It's this pit of iffy ****
Yo don't know no show
Like Poe I'll grow and go
Toe to toe to you
It's true, though blue
As the ocean itself
You noticed this hell
As a potent pit-well
And a rodents lit shell
Yah you're rats
Cats and bats
Eat you like that
Dinner, that's
You, yeah
Ya knew
It true

Shotgun shells gonna give them hell
But I can tell you miss me

Pocket fill with our Freewill
But I know still you miss me

Choppin like a blade
Poppin like a 'nade
Rockin on the stage
And lockin like a cage
Rippin up the face
Grippin for the lace
Shipping for the race
And slippin at the base
Yknow what I love in me?
I'm obsessed with symmetry
It really aint much of a kin to me
But I think it's an undissed free be
To believe and it's like I've got an OCD
Notice these lines finish in a line, my kind
Of rap, perfect flows and perfect time, rhyme
And ladder to climb, up, but we are almost down
Okay let get this town, to spin lots, jump aroun
Falling the calling it's bawling and small see
It tilting and wilting like filling its building
It is willing, to be thrilling, for chilling
Stories of gory glory it bores me
It's pouring more flooring to
Run about. Jump around
Not g-gonna go there
I d-d-d-don't care
It's not unfair
To bear
And break the chain! No pain! Are ya bane or Bruce Wayne, my brain is insane, here's the joker for ya, I'm all over the crazy train!

Rockets pop and bodies rock
Yet I can't stop insisting

Feelin blue i can't unglue
I know it's true you miss me

Shocks in the body, rockin for the lotty
Put the shotty in the lobby
(Let them feel what I can't deal
And it is real, you miss me)

Like a Bugatti gotta drop heat
Like a beat in the hot seat
(You can grow on those you show
And now i know you miss me)

(Ooooh, oh-ooooooh, oh-ooooooh!
Lip singers! Sip drinkers!
(Let them get it and repeat
It is lit, you miss me)

(Ooooh, oh-oooooh, oh-ooooooh!
(Sadness madness gladness)
(Didn't you miss me?)

Oooooh, oh-oooooh oh-oooooooh!
(Repeat repeat repeat)
(Am I what's missing?)

Oh... Oh... Oooooooh...
(defeat! Defeat! Defeat!)
(I miss you)

Sandman, show mercy-
These peeps be thirsty
Are them peeps worthy
Or did they come too early
Show mercy.

Despite the fright
Delight you miss me

Write the rights
You fight you miss me

Love oh love oh love

Love of clouds above

Love oh love oh love

Take me down...
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Reply Fri 9 Aug, 2013 03:39 pm
While I'm BUSTIN' my RHYMES, I'm so HOPSIN high
I'm a YELAWOLF not a DARK NOVA's hide
I'm SLIM and SHADY so fine, my TECH level's at N9NE
Colder than ICE, you're a square/CUBE hitchin a ride
I'm TWISTED and INSANE, a TWISTA in my brain
As a DOCTOR called DRE, said I'm MOBB DEEP in THE GAME
Then CHUCK D., said it was so EASY-E
A SNOOPin' DOGG, coulda gone B.I.G.
Now 2 PAC my bags, my FORT was MINOR to that
I CES I'm movin' my CRU, as a METHODical MAN
Contact THE PROFESSOR, the DFC is no lesser
MURDOCK wants to better, RED RAPPERs get redder
Still CHARLIE'S FORCE is a G, just like D.O.C.'s
Hence the GLIITCHin' disease
EMINEM please
just kidding... but did you miss ME?
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Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2013 09:23 pm

My life support is halfin', as I bleed into a napkin
My bad cohorts are rappin, while I'm bleeding out and gaspin'
Help me, touch me up, give me stuff to lift me up
It's gettin' rough, cutting up, I'm off this world, no ifs no buts
The truth is buddy that I'm the one who said it
**** you brother for taking my credit
I bled it nexus half to Texas
Watch your words, I'm on the left, bitch!
After this life, reincarnate, I try to right, but there's my scar face
Keeps me sitting, keeps me wishing, on the seat and still enlisting
Fighting back, high like crack, stifled tracks are nice for that
But unknown causes, leave no plauses, until you drop down, nothing pauses
All my claws are out and clawin', caught in the act I'm off my rockin'
Stoppin' cops and droppin' lots in knockin knots for somethin' off it
Cause so often we are cautious and so conscious of our options
Not our actions, stepping back and never that much blood on napkins
"Now you see that I'm well-mannered", one bystander on the scanner
Wash your hands or you'll be scattered, blood on hands and empty platters
Something's splattered on your wall, don't give 911 a call
Clean it up, like your plate, and when your done they'll wipe your face!
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Reply Wed 18 Dec, 2013 01:05 am
Make up your mind, I don't like run ons/
You reference ball like I've never done ping pong/
Or beer pong, I mean I haven't because I'm underage/
But I can pun the 8/
And say I've turned up the gauge! (Click click)/
Set the stage, I don't make for plagiaristic ways/
But I'll take the cake, and say I've got some wicked ways/
Wheekie wheekie, ouija ouija, easy peasy, at least I'm pleasing/
Piece of pastry/
I'll eat the bakery then you'll say to me/
"Why you so godamn full of yoself?"/
Ironic maybe?/
Iconic baby, tonic wasting/
Pacing the basement stating/
"Ima make it, ima make it"/
While Lildom's waiting, praying/
I won't take him away/
Like my last cypher/
Was an alien craft/
Time to decipher/
What you meant by "you a midgit"/
I'm 5 foot 8 inches, and in highschool, listen/
Saying I'm talking like a gangsta? While you claim you'll take a .38 and make me get banged up?/
Then proceed to misspell every okay rhyme you drop?/
Saying an AI can take my spot?/
The irony is I'M the Gliitch in the system/
You've got it twisted, I'm the virus in your algorithms/
(Ooh, kill em Gliitch, bitch is missin')/
I can get off and on rhythm/
better than any PC or Mac/
Attack of the tracks/
To rap you don't gotta be black/
But you gotta talk ****, and that's a natural fact/
Like an apple fell out of the sac/
Let the cat out of the bag and led to the end of my track/
I've gone flak, I don't need no stacks/
I need to be real, and maintain a lesson in that/
Grand slam bitch, now no one else can get at the bat/
Talking smack like multiple jellyfish in a word bubble/
You're far out, I'm down to earth, like you work Hubble/
And I stay subtle, a rock in the ground/
No a mountain, no trouble/
Till I go platonic/
Volcanic and break off my/
Top and burst, awake often/
And wipe out a civilization, I create carnage/
Stay cautious/
Before I recreate Eyjafjallajokull (look it up)/
Thanks office/
Now ima press 'escape' on the game, honest/
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2014 03:36 pm
Instrumental? **** it I'm goin acapella/
Who's the top dog? Droppin faster than Yela?/
Fella drilled his head thin/
Left dead and unmentioned/
Until he picked up his pen, and got resurrected/
Gliitch is ahead, kids/
I'm still restin, locked up, and arrested/
So damn senseless/
With a pension, hell, I can't win/
But I can press in/
Leave my mark, embark, to the bar/
Make an impression/
Drugs for breakfast/
But I'm sharp, hard as rock, hot, the topic/
When they talk, and I walk/
Flash flash photog, -raphy/
And I'm boxed, but they forgot/
I can drop a lot for someone young on the spot/
Do a lyrical 720 and bam bam! All are shot/
By my 12 gauge, or a 12 bar/
Just a reminder of who the hell we are, time to park/

Pulled it off, but I'm lost/
In the dark, and I'm far/
Need a light, need to pause/
But I'm running, and I'm long/
Animals, cannibals/
Anarchy, laugh em off/
I know where I am, this deep shadowy cave/
I'm not in hell like I thought, I'm inside of my grave/
Or is it worse than I thought? Is it true I'm not saved?/
It's easy to see, I'm deep in my brain/
Seeing my nightmares unfold, from inside my eyelids/
I can't open my eyes, my life's silent!/
But I hear crying! My wife's dying!/
Oh yeah, I don't have a wife, it's just my mind/
Playing tricks, so might as well shut up and stay quiet/
But bright lights spin, around my head so violent/
Bright violet and now I'm hearing violins/
Either I'm high as ****, or my life did quit/
And I'm dead in a ditch, nothing but thoughts and a wish/
I wish I could stand up, even if I stayed blind/
I'd take the mic, and say "why?"/
Then laugh to myself of stage fright/
But I would spray right, every letter precise, I'm snake eyes/
Ironic since I can't take fights/
When I stay blind, but it's game time/
Bake some insane rhymes/
Then make them change mind/
If I play right like a play-write/
I might save lives, I'm saint G L double I /
T C H, satan with a halo, a cutthroat, now say bye-
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Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2014 04:37 pm
I'm surprised you found this XD

Honestly this whole thing was just boredom from the past two years. I don't even rap anymore.
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Reply Tue 16 Sep, 2014 09:40 pm
I don't barter over martyrdom, carting 'round my arsenal
The fuckers I just bark at them like in FMJ the sergeant y'all
I'm driving my own self to drink, so why am I driving anything I cannnot speak
I'm slurrin'words together taking out all of the space
I'm not ashamed to have disgraced the whole face of human race
I don't place, not even sixth, screaming you're SUCH A FOOL, I'm just so damn Sikth
Pick a string any string, once you pick it let it ring
Don't click it to skin or the chords cut and you'll have to do it again
I'm back in a pinch, harmonic to this, symphonic this Gliitch
Is a lag in this bitch, all old style gets ditched
And I'm rapping this up, crisp-
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One Eyed Mind
Reply Tue 16 Sep, 2014 10:14 pm
When life gives you lemons, you don't turn it into venom,
because of your life's tandem is trapped in a social fandom,
being behind any advantage, in the past along with your phantoms,
covering life in bandages, hiding in the dark without a lantern.


The bones are so cold, so hot the coal, so low the soul, so high the bowl,
death on the phone, skeletons in the closet at home, we fall as did rome,
without our headlights on the road, crashing into a road sign, all alone,
bleeding from head to toe, life flashes before our eyes, welcome to death's row.
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Reply Tue 16 Sep, 2014 11:36 pm

I'm not a rapper
Just a lyrical master
Climbing the ladder faster than if Scream's coming after
Piece of cake this is, now watch me work batter
So much piss on the game yet it can't empty its bladder
Now it's batshit, don't complain if it's SCATtered
If the enemy's not there does the enemy matter?
Dexter Morgan on the scene, to check out the splatter
Killer vers killer, end of the chapter

See the meaning goes deeper than the wishing well
I bet ya a nickel I'll spit twenty more out just to fit the bill (use your five senses)
But listen still, knock my picture off the wall but I doubt my image fell
Now quit your lippin' Dill
In a pickle lodged into vinegar'd cucumber gettin' drilled
Don't get my ass-ass-in jail
Then I'll go in to kill with my quickenin' wicked trickin' ninja skills

Time to bust a hull
Like the nut's skull
Jack is off in the head, now the titanic's full
Of liquid dripping into the systems like a Glitch had it's trigger pulled
That trick is old
The new dog is in town, I'm in control
Unleashed on a gang of cat-thieves
Steal these pussies' lives
Cause I've barked up my last tree!

Peter's flying a biplane with a 20 foot wingspan
Over ocean radar is trying to pan
With no ground in sight he's afraid he'll never land
Moral of the story, don't let the Hook take your hand
That wordplay spanned
4 bars, I guess it can
After that yknow what ya call him?
(A drinking problem?)
Time is precious and I'm Gollum so find a new rhyme wizard or whatever ya call em
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Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 12:07 pm
This whole thing is stupid. I like seeing my progress but the idiocy is real
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Reply Sun 28 Sep, 2014 09:06 pm
This gets deep. Please read, it means a lot to me. At least the second part.

There are places crooked with crooks lurking and looking
For the wicked, ambiguous ambition and books of
Thievery, evil things all meet with me in my mind they feed on what's cooking
Stuck in my rookie thoughts and dark scenery
I sense my end times but my pen finds no end rhymes shooken
Up like a coke bottle, cold honor is sold on the market and blows up like that drunken
Father, water down the martyr's tears, pretend the sacrifice was in fear, dunking
His head under ocean waves, no grenades can blow his brain from holding safely the love in
His words written and spittin', dripping with venom he's shivering, shriveling, what's his
Past, his last gasp could be all he has, so he mutters three words as it's time to pass, nothing...
"I'm not afraid"
I'm not afraid of what they say, games played, names made, and dreams claimed
People who died, people who gave their last days in vain
Like that martyr, who changed the road paved only to save today with tomorrow laid to waste
Only his love came with him to the daisies his family prayed over upon the grave
But it's okay, it could happen any day, I'm ready to pay for the changes and promises that I break
It's alright, it's my right to live with no yesterday, and live my life like tomorrow I'll die
When I'm ready, take me, when I'm not, save me
But no matter what's changing I'm just glad I can wake...

Even if I didn't I'd die with no regrets
Every moment spent is a moment that is set
And even though the fact is I won't remember it
All that really matters is that it did exist
I'm glad that I have friends who bring my life to light
A light that ignites and brightens in my sights
No martyrdom or harm's to come to those for whom I fight
My heart is numb but it marks the one thing that makes it all right
I might have saved a life...

Images in this mind, sinister yet divine, just because I can write, doesn't mean I can define
What I feel when I make someone smile or laugh
It makes every pain, shame worthwhile at last
Seeing joy of others is like dying for a cause
If I died, it's for a cause, I have died before, but talk
In the body of what used to be a selfish hellish idiot
In the midst of intricate issues I was listening
To voices that didn't exist but they led me to my present tense
I have no memory of this but I know it from my lyrics sent
To people who didn't care, I knew that no one cared
It takes a little caring to really get it fair
I got blank stares, people who talk **** when I wasn't there
I had a brain disorder and it kept me from what is here
A life where people think like me, but no one really thinks like me
You'd have to be me to see things in the light that conceive dreams
Years lonely with no shoulder to cry on
Years holding onto a line that I'd drawn
Eyes on a prize that I couldn't rely on
I lied to fit in but it resulted in life gone
I wanted acceptance, but I couldn't get it
Maybe medication could fix my broken head?
And it did, with a price, but I've paid it finally
I feel free for the first time in my life ya see
I don't know why I write these things, but I mean the nicest things
I never tried to fight with anyone
I'm just trying to make you believe
That who I was before now just wasn't me
And that any of you could be whoever you want to be...
Whether what it is is Autism, ADHD
Anxiety, fear of all forms of sociality
There's always a way, whether it takes days or weeks
It took me fourteen years to see things clearly
I had a disorder known as ADHD, and because of that and changing schools, my friends we're make believe
I've come far, through pain and grief, I have to keep in what I really mean to think
But I'm trying not to internalize everything that I feel
But it's hard, though I don't know what it is I fear
I don't mean to keep my friends from who I am
But little by little I try to get it out
Truth is, no one knows who I really am
But the attempts to speak start now...
Don't fear the teeth that bite when you feed
For if you stop feeding they'll realize they need
People are blind by "rights" and greed
Put it all aside and give everyone a chance to speak...
Then you'll die someday with no regrets to weep

True story, all of it. This gets deep. Thanks for reading.
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