Looking for other ex-fam member's - 2nd gen. kids like me

Reply Thu 14 Jun, 2012 11:30 am
I am a second generation kid (adult). I was born into The Family in Istambul, Turkey in 1985. My Family lived in several countries including: Ecudaor, Turkey, England, India, Canda and USA; where we presently reside today. We also lived all over the east coast including: Rhode Island, Massachusettes & New York ( Staten Island, Queens, Orange County & Rockland County). My family left TFI in 1994, when I was 9. Seven of the elevn children in my family were born into the cult. My parents, formerly known as Sam and Maria (in cult) have been out for 17yrs now; they are very different people than I knew growing up. My sibling's and I suffered greatly at the hand's of TFI members. I have yet to meet another ex-family member -2nd gen. like myself. I suppose what I am looking for here, is to find, and speak with other's like me. People can empathise, but they don't know what growing up in that cult was like. I currently reside in Dutchess County, New York. I would like to start some type of support group or even talk to other people like me. If their is anyone out there like me, who is willing to talk please reply to this.
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You need to jump over this side of the a2k manor:
I think....

It's a segregated forum that might help you with what you are asking.
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Reply Tue 21 Aug, 2012 07:02 am
There is a free ebook available at Amazon that you might be interested in, written by a girl your age who grew up in the Family. It is "Nameless" by Natalie Sauret
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Reply Thu 13 Sep, 2012 08:45 am
there is also a website xfamily.org which has alot of info but I don't think it is live still. Read The Nameless too, sad but really moving book!
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