Did Big Bird Go North to Alaska?

Reply Sun 8 Dec, 2002 12:44 pm
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Oct. 18) - A bird the size of a small airplane was recently spotted flying over southwest Alaska, puzzling scientists, the Anchorage Daily News reported this week.

The newspaper quoted residents in the villages of Togiak and Manokotak as saying the creature, like something out of the movie "Jurassic Park," had a wingspan of 14 feet -- making it the size of a small airplane.

"At first I thought it was one of those old-time Otter planes," the paper quoted Moses Coupchiak, 43, a heavy equipment operator from Togiak, as saying. "Instead of continuing toward me, it banked to the left, and that's when I noticed it wasn't a plane."

The Daily News, the largest daily in Alaska, said scientists had no doubt that people in the region, west of Dillingham, had seen the winged creature but they were skeptical about its reported size.

"I'm certainly not aware of anything with a 14-foot wingspan that's been alive for the last 100,000 years," the paper quoted raptor specialist Phil Schemf as saying.

Coupchiak said the bird disappeared over the hill and he then radioed Togiak residents to tell them to keep their children in.

Another local resident, a pilot who had initially dismissed the reports, said he recently saw the bird from a distance of just 1,000 feet while flying his airplane.

"The people in the plane saw him," John Bouker was quoted as saying. "He's huge, he's huge, he's really, really big. You wouldn't want to have your children out."

Schemf and Rob Macdonald of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said there had been several sightings over the past year and a half of a Steller's eagle, a fish-eating bird that can weigh 20 pounds and have a wingspan of eight feet, the newspaper reported.

10/18/02 07:21 ET

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Reply Sat 28 Dec, 2002 10:17 pm
All I can say is, don't stand underneath....
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Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2003 05:51 am
This Is A Sighting (Possibly) of "The Mothman"
There have been many, many people who have seen -- actually and really -- a very large, black bird, in various parts of our world.

Many people combine this large bird phenomenon into "The Mothman" issue, that's yet to be solved, and exists far beyond just that town and area in Virginia (or, was in West Virginia?), where the book's story was situated and later adapted motion picture of the same name, "The Mothman Prophecy," was filmed.

There's a large, black bird, approaching ten feet high when perched, that many people, in many parts of our world, have both seen and written a great deal about.

But, the Mothman phenomenon of recent media attention has brought a certain unreliable spin to the observed phenomenon of this large bird. They may be the same observances, just that the Mothman is regarded as such in the U.S. Middle Eastern States, while it's not regarded as same elsewhere. Or, they may be two distinctly, different phenomenon (these sitings of this large, black bird and the Mothman in the Eastern States).

Again, a lot of people, a number of individuals -- very reliable people, too -- have both seen and had near frightening experiences with "large, black birds" in their locales. I think it's very likely that there's a bird species alive in our world that's yet to be identified, and which is, both large and black and wild (again, "large," as in a bird about ten feet high when mature).

This siting in the air over Alaska was made by many people, and not just a few or one person with impaired perceptions, either.

I wrote about it in BLOGNY, several months ago, too, along with other issues related to the Mothman phenomenon.
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Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2003 09:34 am
West Virginia...just saw the flick
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Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2003 10:27 am
There are stories by those with firsthand visual experience, too, of "large, black birds" that attempted to carry off children, by some Native American tribes, over time.
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Reply Mon 16 Apr, 2007 01:16 am
Big Bird sighting by Togiak and Manokotak people
First of all, I would like to clarify that John Bouker DID NOT see that bird! He's so silly! There are people who saw that bird in my village including myself. It does have long wings, but has a small body. The bald eagle is nothing compared to this bird! I would say that the wings could be the same length as a cessna 207 or a 2 seater cessna or a little smaller. When God 1st created everything, everything was beautiful and bigger than what we see now including the humans. Adam and Eve were 9 feet or taller. All the plants, trees, and animals were HUGE too. But sin has dwarfed all creation. The trees were as big as the redwoods. The sabertooth tiger was huge, now look how big the tigers are. Sin dwarfed everything on this planet. There were huge birds in the bible times too, sin just shrunk them. Scientists have found a lot of things dating back to millions of years ago, but remember the whole Earth was under water for a yr in Noah's time. Sodium can make all those bones seem to be millions of years old. Tuaai-wha (That's all)
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