Ogden Cop Shooting

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Four days have passed since this incident has occurred and as of yet there has been no charges filed against the perpetrator nor has there been any announcement of drugs found at the scene. What is publicly known is that there were six causalities, one fatal and that the supposed perp suffered minor injuries and is being held under 24 hour guard in an undisclosed hospital room and has not been arrained.

What has been in the press, is that the perp has a record of
minor, misdemeanor infractions, is an honorably discharged vet, and according to his estranged father may be suffering from PTSD, and has been known to smoke a little boo—sounds like any of the 99% of citizens outside the criminal justice system. Yesterday an announcement that an attorney has been appointed for Matthew David Shepard, but that attorney has a history that is close to the Ogden PD. Morover; the Ogden Prosecuter has announced he'll be going after the death penalty when Shepard is arraigbed.

What we do know of the incident setup is that twelve heavily armed and armored officers (the SWAT team) were assigned to serve a drug arrest warrant.

Now I don’t know about you, but this setup screams of a cluster ****, and in lieu of public announcements I could make a realistic posit that the cops shot each other in a friendly fire circumstance.

Consider, twelve paramilitary officers surrounding a single family residence with one at the front door administering the knock and serve announcement (we got a warrant and we’re gonna come in), a five second wait, a door being smashed. The sleeping resident being suddenly awakened and popping three caps on his big 22. The paramilitary constables then wait the approximate three minutes (according to witnesses) while they position themselves, lock and load their military quality weapons, adjust their body armor, and simonize their watches, then bust out all windows and doors guns blazing in all directions.

To me it’s a wonder that only six were hit with friendly fire.

I am truly sorry that two children are missing their father today, but I can well imagine that the Ogden police force should be thankful that there aren’t more fatherless children because of inane zealotry.

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You mean, Matthew David Stewart, right?

I wonder how it is decided to send a SWAT team in on such things. I suppose I could understand it if they were busting a known meth lab or something but I agree that the police response here sounds like overkill.

I don't think this is the first time such a thing has happened, I remember fuzzy details of a similar story from several years ago.
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I think I know. Somehow, even dinky little conservative towns like Ogden decide the need a SWAT team, mostly because it's the thing to do. Once having one, I suspect they more or less sit around waiting for a chance to justify their existance. Sometimes, they even show up at the right address. Sometimes, this gang crashes through the wrong door wearing armor, dressed in black including black balacalva, and carrying full automatic weapons, and generally looking like a band of terrorists. They wonder why a surprised homeowner wakes up and shoots.
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Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 06:22 pm
If it was a meth lag, this technique would have blown up the whole damn block. Lucky indeed more people weren't killed or hurt.
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It's now Sunday evening and one of the injured cops has been released from the hospital--and walked right by the microphones of waiting reporters. No charge filed yet, Stewart (the suspect) still being held incommunicado in an undisclosed hospital room. The prosecutor still talking death penalty.

To me it sounds like the Ogden police are frantically getting their ducks in a row for a first class cover-up for a botched bust and a dead cop from friendly fire.

Spin off-- Ogden Utah is one of the most LDS towns in the world. One of the GOP front runners is LDS causing consternation among many of the religious right. In this time of watching GOP front-runners step on their own tails. Will this Utah incident make this nameless front-runner grow an ever larger tail to step on. Or am I just reading too much into an ever theocratic political party.

What brings this second point up is that in a earlier offline discussion today I got caught in an interesting posit--what would have happened to Kennedy if the Catholic priest abuse scandals had surfaced in 1960?

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