Male vs. Female!

Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 04:42 am
Is it not obvious that that is exactly what I'm trying to do. But it's a hopeless task really.

You hold all the aces now that we have fixed it for you for work to be so congenial. When work was nasty, horrible and tough you had to simper somewhat to survive but now you can get glammed up for it and strut around all day as if you own the place and be flirted with.

Also you have no marks of work so when the workday ends you can sport as the Lady as if you didn't work. Your fingernails these days send out the message that you don't work.

But you working reduces men's wages by 50%, supply and demand and all that economic **** that there is no need for you to bother your little heads with, so really you are working for nothing unless it is daytime show-off in the display window. But only kidding really.

I could tell you some tales about women getting ready for work. We men can get there in 2 minutes. Less sometimes.

What Mr Obama means by work is tending more and more towards the female way of it. It's a sociological happening. A few nutters might claim it to be an evolutionary adaptation. Mr Obama simply arranged his sails to catch the wind.

But beware. When it comes to pass in the full fruition of the hopes and yearnings there will be bossy women bossing women because the men will have said, "you're too up yourselves girls and we are off fishing".

Remember the Amazons. They didn't make it. They faded out. I hope they were humanely absorbed back into the mainstream.

A myth would not be worth being called a myth unless it contained an important message.

Every year at a certain time the fecund Amazons trekked to a meeting place with the bachelors of a nearby tribe. A 2 week walk through rough contry. And back. I daresay a few married men made some excuses to be in the posse.

To be inseminated of course. The female offspring became members of the group and the males were returned, maybe sold, at about the age of 6 or 7.

Weeeeeel!! That's understandable. What woman would wish to forgo the joys of bringing a little lad up seeing as how lovely they are or to avoid dealing with him in the subsequent years.

lols.. I just read this ...

What seriously is wrong with woman having any power? She had it over you guys for years in bed, just flutter the eyelashes and your there, as they think with their brain and men think with their.... True? And then if you find it in your soul to see their intelligence and beauty within you are smitten, fall in love... So haven't they always been intelligent creatures? Why bring the work place into it?

Since when did women not have the right to use their intelligence? Since Man decided we were not allowed to.

That is wrong we do not reduce your wage by 50%, you can do labour we can use our minds, brains, it's still equal other than the fact that men too can use their brains and outsmart us in jobs...Think IT.

Each to their own.

I have worked hard all my life... I have worked in the Insurance Industry with 45 guys and I was the only woman and I succeeded beyond them why? Because it was meat pies, kangaroos and Holden Cars with their feet up on a desk reading the paper... Whilst I worked.

I have run Restaurants... The Men, going into the Night Club scene and picking up whilst I related to my crew and together we formed a team.

I won't go on... no point..

The bottom line is.... We were born to achieve, to understand, to see as we were born to have children, always having to be a step ahead.

Sure, some like their nails done... But boys will always be boys:) Finish work? Give me a beer ahhh, let me put my feet up and we still keep going with chores.

Besides that, what about men who have careers love it, and work their butts off and never see their wives?

In-other-words it's not gender rather those whom take their jobs seriously and work and want a future no matter what sex they are.

We don't rule... I do think though we have the understanding of hard work as in "time" not labour..

You are a sweet but grasp it... We deserve what we get if we put the effort in, there is no gender here, rather Work....

I work my butt off. Here at home and in my business... I deserve to get my money I earnt it.
Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 04:52 am
I don't know, the game seems pretty dead to me...
Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 06:56 am
Men invented insurance FS. They invented structural engineering, electricity, desks, chairs, paper, printing, toilet cubicles, car parks, lifts, days of rest and double entry book-keeping.

You don't expect them to add the numbers up and keep the files in order as well do you?
Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 03:23 pm

So we should be primative... Continue to clean the house, cook your meals, let you sit on the couch drinking your beer, (burp), wash the dishes, do your ironing, put the washing on, clean the toilet seat (ahhh), water the gardens, feed the kids, dress the kids, take them to school, pick them up, wear something sexy to help you keep it up, okay that one can go, no actually that one can stay, it would be expected, and then do the finances Smile

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Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 03:25 pm
I don't know, the game seems pretty dead to me...

Yeah, na, a continuation of "Male vs. Female" Laughing

Idea I better get back to bed, I am being called it is my Duty Twisted Evil
Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 09:05 pm
Who rules? Razz
Reply Sun 8 Jan, 2012 10:27 pm

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