Why not cut war spending instead of social spending?

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@Robert Gentel,
Robert Gentel wrote:
You are making a false dilemma by insisting that those who criticize the inordinate war spending by the USA are calling for the USA to spend nothing. That is certainly an easier position to knock down than to deal with the actual position (that the USA spends inordinately on war and should cut there instead of social spending) but it would be more intellectually honest not to construct such a straw man and actually deal with the arguments with a bit of integrity.

A claim that there is no threat that justifies US levels of war spending does not mean there are no threats to justify any level of spending. That is just your way of making opposing positions more amenable to your capacity to argue against them.

I don't think it's a false dilemma. The people who oppose military spending will always argue for a lower level no matter how low the level is.

Case in point: Our military spending is already way too low, and here is a thread full of people arguing to lower the spending even further yet.
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Our military spending is already way too low...

Sez who?
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Says me.

Because of Barack Obama's malicious canceling of the F-22, the US no longer has the ability to maintain air superiority if we ever go to war against a peer power.
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@Robert Gentel,
Why not is a lengthy answer which has nothing to do with the rubbish that the hawk type right wing idiots spout.

First and importantly: Why did the world have WW1 & WW2. Because Germany and Japan were empire building. Why? Because without either genuine free trade or a growing empire, then an industrialised country cannot become wealthier and expand.

When America joined WW1 it was to leverage in it's fiscal policies whereby it created an empire via fiscal hegemony and actively pressured to destroy land empires, especially those of France and the UK.

Then we have political doctrines. Fascism comes in many forms; National Socialism was one, but today's Neo Liberalism is another. The US & UK and others are today Neo Liberal societies. For it to work countries have to constantly expand their sphere of influence in essence. The USA uses it's armed forces to bully the world, maintain and create influence.

Why doesn't the USA stop spending more each year on arms than the next top 9 spending countries put together? There is no profit in helping people, then think of all the jobs that would be lost ..... It is just another case of the sick, twisted joke that is America.

America is collapsing and may well take the world with it when it goes.
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