Poem about Drug?

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Take Me in Your Arms
(Miss Heroin)

So now, little man, you've grown tired of grass
LSD, goofballs, cocaine and hash,
and someone, pretending to be a true friend,
said, "I'll introduce you to Miss Heroin."

Well honey, before you start fooling with me,
just let me inform you of how it will be.

For I will seduce you and make you my slave,
I've sent men much stronger than you to their graves.
You think you could never become a disgrace,
and end up addicted to Poppy seed waste.

So you'll start inhaling me one afternoon,
you'll take me into your arms very soon.
And once I've entered deep down in your veins,
The craving will nearly drive you insane.

You'll swindle your mother and just for a buck.
You'll turn into something vile and corrupt.
You'll mug and you'll steal for my narcotic charm,
and feel contentment when I'm in your arms.

The day, when you realize the monster you've grown,
you'll solemnly swear to leave me alone.
If you think you've got that mystical knack,
then sweetie, just try getting me off your back.

The vomit, the cramps, your gut tied in knots.
The jangling nerves screaming for one more shot.
The hot chills and cold sweats, withdrawal pains,
can only be saved by my little white grains.

There's no other way, and there's no need to look,
for deep down inside you know you are hooked.
You'll desperately run to the pushers and then,
you'll welcome me back to your arms once again.

And you will return just as I foretold!
I know that you'll give me your body and soul.
You'll give up your morals, your conscience, your heart.
And you will be mine until, "Death Do Us Part"
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Reply Sat 20 Jul, 2013 01:19 am
I have been searching for this poem for years, and have never forgotten it. It was originally in the Dolly magazine (I believe) poem section.
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linda hatswell
Reply Mon 6 Jan, 2014 07:21 am
It was my daughter who wrote this poem her name was Nichola Hatswell when she was in style prison during 1980's she died in 1989 and left two small boys whome my husband and i brought up the oldest boy is 31 now and he has the hand written poem with pictures she had drawn one was a self portrait and one was a picture of her behind a barred window in a brick wall which she titled one more brick in the wall some of you may have known her.
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Reply Sat 28 Jun, 2014 08:17 pm
I have the poem "1978 OD' I have tried to attach it, but I can't. So if you wish to contact me on. [email protected] I have no problems sending it on to you.
Cheers Heather
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Reply Fri 15 Aug, 2014 11:39 pm
@Kim Thomas,
I am sorry but I wrote this, I have the orginal I wrote it on in the 70's! My poetry book was stolen but I have the orginal I wrote it on it is tattered...However, I gave a girl of my son's a copy she wanted to write it down! She ended up in Rehab! Many of my friends saw my poem! And yes it was in the 70's I grew up in Detroit in what was the Red Light area! I know what many of you don't and won't share it! Because it is my proof!
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Reply Fri 15 Aug, 2014 11:43 pm
If you have that it was stolen from me with my poem book! I have the orginal I know what something in that poem is because it is something I only know! I have my orginal torn and tattered I didn't want anyone to know I wrote i! But I did give it to a person who ended up in rehab, the words have been changed etc...I would love to see this article? Because my poem book was taken. grew up in Detroit and in what was the Red Light ara...I won't say anymore! And I titled it Mss Herion not Hold me in your arms I have seen many words being changed it in as well!
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Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2015 01:23 am
Funny thing I DO Remember how and where this poem Originated...and yes it was Way back in the seventies. An Indian woman wrote that poem two weeks before she overdosed onherion in a motel room..... just FYI
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Reply Sat 21 Mar, 2015 08:52 am
Hi, I read this poem from the same poster as the other woman. I saw it in the early 70's. I don't think we'll ever know who wrote it. I do know it kept me from using opiates. I, unfortunately, did use many forms of speed. It was definitely a justification. I'm clean 27 yrs today. Even though I still used, I've always been grateful for that poem. It scared me away from Heroin & a very different life!!

So thank you to whoever wrote it!
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Getting older
Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2015 01:21 am
@Kim Thomas,
I know that the poam you're speaking about. And you're correct it was out in 1974 approximately. I know nothing about the author. However I have the pa memorized. The next paragraph, is written.well honey before you start messing with me just let me inform you on how will be.
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Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 08:26 am
Hi can you email me that newspaper clip please. I know the children of the original writer and it wAs actually a song. Someone pretty much stole this guys song changed a few word and sent it in. They are trying to find out who did it. Thank you
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john coltrane
Reply Wed 4 May, 2016 09:41 pm
Where is the old beautiful love poem about heroin? No one know about it? It was written by "anonymous" so it must have been a woman. all I get when I search is this one below. When methadone clinics first opened this poem hung near each dosing station. Now I can't even find it online. It made you realize you weren't a complete idiot for using. Heroin made you feel loved, warm and as if you belonged. You felt light, without guilt. It's the most beautiful love poem ever. I so want to find it. Maybe I will ask next time at the clinic. Of course, they are all new too so they won't know. Gotta find another dinosaur like me. (smile)
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Reply Tue 24 May, 2016 08:23 pm
original lyrics so now little man youve grown tired of grass all that danm acid cokane n ash
and someone pretending to be your freind said ill introduce you to miss heroin
well hunni before you star messing with me just let me tell you how it will be
for i will surduce you and make you my slave belive me i have sent stronger men to there grave
you think you could never be come a discrace end up addicted to my poppy seed waste
youll star exsperamenting every after noon and end up sleeping in my arms very soon
once im intired deep into your vains the cravin will drive u nearly insane
you will need to have more money and you have been told your dear darling you have been told oh darling im more exspencive than gold you will swiddle your mother for a quid
and turn into someone who is viel and corrupt u mug and steal for the nacotic charlms
then feel so contempt whe nim in your arms you never realise the monster inside you has grown
and u solemly sware to leave me alone but i think its easya u got the nack then baby just trying to get me off your back the vomits cramps guts in a not driggling and begging for one more shot hot chils the cold swet with drawd vains can only be seen by the little grown vains
and now you return just as i pradicted and now i no u give me your body a soul you give me your moral consioce and your heart and you are mine till death do us part
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Reply Thu 16 Jun, 2016 06:04 pm
I wrote this in the 70's have original and my school authbook I started writing some in it! But IDK how to prove other than carbon dating the paper? I lived in Detroit saw and did a lot of **** and wrote this along with other poems I did let a girl copy it in the early 2000 and I also had the revised version in poem book along with songs an drawings stollen, but have the first draft! And I am the only one who knows what the GOOFBALL reference means! It is very significatn, I am glad it has helped ppl but pisses me off they won't let me prove I wrote it.. as a young teen in the 70's I wrote a lot about the shootings, drugs, the poverty etc..and many ppl have changed my original words too1? so if anyone knows how I can prove I wrote it let me know! [email protected] I have witnesses who have seen it many times over the years!
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Reply Thu 16 Jun, 2016 06:07 pm
BS I wrote it have the original tattered paper, let a girl copy it in the early 2000's then saw it posted all over the internet..The Goofball is significant to only me! I know what it means..growing up in Detroit an as a early teen I saw, did and know a lot wrote a lot, even wrote some in my year autograph book from grade school! have the tattered paper but my poem, song, and drawing book was stolen in the 80's it was in there too! But BS ON all of you claiming to write what I did, it meant something to me! I am glad it helps people but tired of all these ppl claiming they wrote what I did!! If they can carbon date my paper please do!! I ask you too then you all will know the truth!
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