The sorry state of Indigenous afairs in Australia

Reply Tue 17 Jun, 2014 03:39 am
If you were to list all the things that motivate a person at the deepest level of their being...how many would you be able to fulfil on a reservation?

What about the things that are necessary to self esteem...how many will you find on a reservation? What is generally missing? How important is the thing (if anything) that is missing?

If you give a man a fish...you feed him for a day...but tomorrow? Yet if you teach that man to fish... (this may be an old adage...but so, so many people seem to have forgotten it's true meaning)

And what do you do if there is almost nothing to do? What happens as a child, if you join up with lots of other children who have almost nothing to do? Does such a group get better behaved, or worse behaved, generally?

At the core of poverty cycles is attitude, knowledge, and beliefs...just as the same can be said for the wealthy...and just as can be said for the happy.

If it's just a poverty cycle you wish to break, then you need to look at how the people in the poverty cycle can acquire for themselves the things necessary to break that cycle

(note: this is not phrased 'you need to look at how to give the people in the poverty cycle the things necessary to break the cycle...ie. it's the difference between 'feed a man a fish / teach a man to fish'...and it should also be understood that you can't teach a man to fish who doesn't want to learn to fish...hence you 'help' people acquire...who want to acquire to things necessary to succeed)

Current govt methodology seems to be mostly aimed at giving...with just some organisations aiming at teaching (I am not referring to classical schools here)
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