Internet Explorer 8 question

Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2010 09:25 pm
I have a couple of questions on a browser issue that I cannot figure out. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. I'm not sure if this is IE 8 thing, as this never came up in IE 7 when I was using it on our old computer.

Let me explain:

1- I click the IE icon and the page comes up blank (as a homepage), which is how I want it, rather than going initially to a designated site.

2- I go to the Favorites menu and click a bookmark, but instead of using the blank page that's already open, the site opens up in a new tab (by itself).

That's the first issue. Why is not the first page being used?

Then, the second problem:

3- If I want to open up a new tab (by clicking on the new tab button and creating one), and then I click on a bookmark, an extra tab is created, leaving the new tab I opened, blank.

Okay, so I've been looking in Tools > Internet Options > General > Tabs > Settings, but have been unable to resolve these issues. I've tried unticking and reticking some items with no success. Is there somewhere else that I should be looking?

I've been working around these issues by manually closing the blank and extra pages, but it's rather annoying.

Reply Sat 20 Nov, 2010 11:50 pm
I'm doing this from memory because I don't have IE anymore, but I believe there are some settings to specify whether you want a new window or a new tab when you open a browser window. Be sure you have clicked the New Tab option. I believe there is also a setting to reuse a blank open window. You want to check that one too.

I'll have to do a search for a graphic of the IE list of settings options to be of much further help. It has been a couple years since I looked at the IE version of those.
Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2010 12:10 am
There s an option to "open links in a new tab" somepalce. DEselecting this option will convert the currently open tab (in this case the blank one) to the new link.

control panel>internet options>tabs and click on settings. (possibly?)
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Reply Sun 21 Nov, 2010 05:20 pm
Thanks BFN, all that info worked great and solved the issues!

Thanks, too, for answering DP, but BFN's answer was on the money! Wink
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