Views on Continuity of Sacrifice: From Holy Abraham to Current Revival.

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Peace be on everyone.
According to my believe, the ultimate blessing conferred upon Holiness Ibrahim and his son Holiness Ismael was birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on them) in their progeny, after the acceptance of father and son’s sacrifice. The blessed Holy Prophet was to establish very high standards of sacrifice of all kinds. (Ref: Quran’s words: zibhen azeem in 37:108)

I believe, the Holy Prophet transferred his light and breathed a soul of sacrifice into his companions. To follow his steps, they were ever ready to present sacrifices in terms of patience, wealth and lives. Sometimes they came to offer sacrifices but the limitation of the system of early days could not accept the offering. Poor companion went back with tears in their eyes. Allah accepted those pearls.

Sacrifices of Hadhrat Ibrahim was honored with Allah’s certificate of pleasure that he had fulfilled his dream (qad saddaqter ro’yya: 37:106) and his beloved descendant the Holy Prophet’s companions were honored that Allah was pleased with them ( raziallaho anhum 9:100) due to spiritual training of blessed Holy Prophet.

Latter, those sacrifices brought some blessing as worldly wealth and governments to muslims. Today, however, pleasure of Allah is not seen with them since they are clearly seen controlled by non-muslim powers. High standards of sacrifices turned into greed and those who once took message of Islam to Europe and other places, has now lost glory of yester. Sometimes their memory of bygone glory turns into desire to regrow. But unqualified methods, extremist approach and killing innocents earns nothing but defamation. There is a need of change in thoughts of clergy and rulers.

Apparently, top clergy understand that lack of justice and disregard of rights is weakening muslim societies; they admit there is no room of terrorism and blood shed in Islam; they realize that other powers are tricking muslims to fight with each other. What they still need to understand is the fact that the way of promised revival of Islam was foretold by the Holy Prophet through the advent of his ardent devotee (the Massiah, the Mahdi: There is no progressive claimant except Ahmadiyya Reformer since 1889, his fifth Caliphate in office with all round progress to community). It is necessary to get linked with high standard of spiritual chain of sacrifices which run from Hadhrat Ibrahim, Hadhrat Ismael to Holy Prophet and to his promised devotee for Holy Prophet's mission. This is the peaceful Way to revival.

Articulated homily to annual large gathering, slippery wealth and terrorism cannot bring back the lost glory. Brain washing of boys of poor people to use them to kill innocent mobs is not the sacrifice. When some of these boys were caught and brought to normal mental senses, they hated that immature idea of sacrifice which they were trained to offer; proving it was unnatural. In the early Islam, when infidels oppressed muslims and waged religious wars for 13 years and muslims continued to show patience. Latter they were allowed by Allah for defense. One finds that in one such war, two faithful boys named Moaw’waz and Mo’aaz who courageously leaped upon the oppressive killer enemy like tiger. That sacrifice was offered in full senses since they were waged war upon and they were to save their faith and life…….. But, now in today's world, there is no religious war is going on for the sake of religion.

Top orthodox clergy correctly admit that there is need of change in selves. But they also need to tell the faithful to find the promised person for the revival. They also need to pray to Allah that may He remove any doubts about the one who has come as the promised reformer, who is accompanied with divine signs from heaven and earth for support.

The blessed Holy Prophet was Muhammad and he was also Ahmad. The dear name Muhammad signifies Jalal (a beloved who radiates shine like sun), Ahmad is Jamal (a beloved who reflects cool spiritual light as moon.). This latter days era is decreed to manifest Holy Prophet’s cool spiritual light to propagate Islam with patience, sacrifice, self revivals and no wars. That was foretold by the Holy Prophet ( by the words yazaul harb: the reformer would stop religious wars: reference: Bukhari).

As example, Mr. Sahibzada Abdul Lateef, a great scholar of king of Afghanistan in early 1900, accepted the reformer. He was imprisoned to rethink and he was offered a lot of wealth and esteem so that he may retreat.. When he remained steadfast, he was stoned to death with extreme brutality. Upon hearing that cruelty, the reformer said the martyr sacrificed his life as if he witnessed him descending from heaven and he presented an example for his community. Then in this year of 2010, 98 followers of the reformer have been martyred. (86 in a day in the month of May). The spirit of these sacrifices is rooted into the sacrifices of companions of Holy Prophet, breathed by the Holy Prophet. These roots extend to the sacrifice of Hadhrat Ibrahim and Hadhrat Ismael. In 1974, 30 faithful were matryerd. Then in 1984, further restriction were imposed, they were not allowed to say Assalamo Alaikum. Fourth Caliph had to migrate as he could not function in homeland. Oppression was met by sacrifices. As the result, peace message reached to198 countries within decades and losses turned into progress.
Very recently, a father and son are shot because of they believed in reformer. Father is martyred and son is seriously wounded but is in high spirit. Such are the people who say Allah is their Lord then they remain steadfast. And angels descend on them with glad tidings about this world and Hereafter.

As mentioned above, 86 ahmadiyya faithful were martyred in May 2010. Latter one day, when an ahmadiyya missionary was traveling through a drought stricken remote area of Africa.. He found locals were about to offer Nimaze Istisqa (the Prayer for rain). He tried to taught them the correct way. The people invited him to lead the prayer. The missionary prayed to Allah to show sign to these people in support to the promised reformer, as so many innocent praying followers were martyred few days ago. Soon after the prayer, bright sun shine turned into rain fall. 1000 people accepted the reformer by observing the live sign of Grace. Likewise, in each part of the world, message of peace is gaining momentum.

According to Fifth Ahmadiyya Caliph, on going reformation is not a man made ideology (ref: MTAi); it is the fulfillment of promise of Allah to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be on him and his beloveds). Revival of Islam comes with patience, sacrifices, service, divine signs, humble prayers and divine Grace. This is lesson of Eid ul Adha.
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