The twelve-step program

Reply Fri 18 Feb, 2011 10:50 pm
There is no way to know what rates are in AA exactly because people who drop out are not accounted for, and people who are in and living happy, productive lives don't fill out surveys or anything. It is an anonymous program; they are not concerned with outside issues like polls and the like. Read the book, Alcoholics Anonymous. It's kind of fascinating in that for its time, it was very forward thinking-mostly due to Jung. The international conventions have hundreds of thousands of people who are recovering in attendance.

It has good success, actually, as far as what I have heard from therapists in treatment centers and the clergy. I have met many who have over 20 years sober due to AA (and NA as far as being clean from drugs).
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Reply Fri 18 Feb, 2011 11:02 pm
I like that last line, but I'd have to argue again for powerlessness. Without the tools necessary for recovery and living sober, they CAN'T-there is a biological component, but also a lack of (emotional) coping skills. Now, once provided with those skills and some support, your statement is absolutely right, in my opinion!
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Reply Mon 16 May, 2016 10:30 am
I am a recovering alcoholic, sober now for nearly 27 years. I see the AA 12 Step Programme as a holistic way of living, and can be applied to all areas of my life - the 'Big Book' of Alcoholics Anonymous, states that we should do this. For me, it is not just about putting the cork back in the bottle, it is about 'all my affairs', inluding emotional sobriety, intellectual sobriety, even financial sobriety - living within my means. In other words - the Twelve Steps is a holistic way to live. Far better than the chaotic way I used to live.

I have to grow up, leave the schoolyard of the past, close the gate behind me, and join the other grownups out in the world doing Life on Life's Terms and not my own. I have to do what the other grownups do.
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