Rainsoft Gold Series - Fizz/Brine Water after regen

Reply Sun 25 Jul, 2010 07:38 am
Rainsoft Gold Series - I noticed that after the regen cycle, the water that comes out is Fizzy and has a Brine/Salty bad taste. This seems to go away after a few minutes of running the water. I also noticed that water that stands on the counter at my leaky facet handle is milky. I had a rainsoft expert come out and service the system. He took apart the valve system and cleaned the o-rings. He said everything was working properly, no issues. I paid the $95 service fee and he took my money to the bank...

So my question is how do I know if the water quality is up to par? Is there a way to get the water tested to determine if salt in the water is the issue? Also, how do I check the Cycle times to determine if the system is setup properly?

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Reply Mon 26 Jul, 2010 09:45 am
taste is the best way to tell if it's salty. is it still fizzy and salty after the service call? if so and it goes away in a minute or two, then somebody ran water during regen and sucked some brine into the water lines. if it takes 5-10 minutes to get rid of the fizz then it's not rinsing properly
Reply Wed 28 Jul, 2010 07:11 pm
How do I trouble shoot the rinsing cycle? Which setting and how many minutes? Thanks
Reply Mon 23 Aug, 2010 12:47 pm
you didn't answer my question, is the water still salty after the service call?

He should have replaced the seals on a gold series, not orings.

Also one other question, How bad is the faucet leaking? Does it leak all the time? this could cause some brine to get into the pipes while it's in regen mode.

During the brine cycle, the brine should be drawn out of the brine tank in about one half of the time of what ever the time is that it runs, allowing for a proper rinse during the second half
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Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2010 04:50 pm
The most possible reason for this salty water: 1) bad microswitch 2) clogged drain
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Reply Thu 16 Jan, 2014 07:44 pm
I'm having the same problem:
Over the last month or so I've noticed that my water after a regen is way too salty and I have to run the tap for a few minutes and then it's back to normal again. I live alone so no one is running the water during regen.
I have checked the black line running to the brine tank for air leaks. Have removed and cleaned the brine valve and float assembly. Removed and cleaned the small injector. Checked and cleaned the drain line and the fitting that it is connected to. All of these things are ok so I watched what it is doing during a regen :
1:11 it starts by draining for a few seconds then starts filling the brine tank from a low level of a couple of inches of water to about the 1 -1/4 salt bag mark.
21:20 on this twenty min cycle nothing seems to happen.
2:99 nothing happens I assume it is creating brine for the 99 min.
3:10 For these ten min it is draining to the floor drain.
4:17 during this time the brine tank is emptying and takes about 15 min to do so. Also it is draining to the floor drain the full 17 min.
5:4 It drains to the floor drain these 4 min and then it is done.

Can anyone tell me if these cycle times and what it is doing seems normal?

The water pressure to the softener is 20 to 40 psi depending on when the well pump comes on to fill the tank.

Any help is appreciated thanks
Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2014 10:35 pm
Thank you Joethewaterguy!
After a long power outage my settings must have changed ! Step 4 of the slow rince cycle appears too be to short, and it's not rinsing all of the salt out.
Reply Mon 20 Jan, 2014 09:18 am
After having checked out the system for defects and cleaning and inspecting for things to check in the owners manual that result in salty water after regeneration, I have come to the conclusion that it is functioning properly but the settings have changed due to a power outage.
The fourth cycle of regen of 17 minutes was too short and I increased it to 50.

The hardness is set at 15 for my area.
Cycle 1 is ten min to fill brine tank
Cycle 2 is 20+99 min of wait time for brine creation
Cycle 3 is the back wash and flushing to the floor drain for ten min.
Cycle 4 is brine draw for about fifteen min and slow rinse (it drains to the floor drain the entire cycle.)
Cycle 5 is the fast rinse that packs the resin and further flushes out any leftover salt to the floor drain.

I was lucky that it was only my settings that needed fixed. Other people have had a clogged drain line or air leaks in the black tubing that draws the brine or a dirty or clogged injector or dirty or malfunctioning brine tank valve.
Also the seals and piston might need to be replaced.

Thanks to people on this forum I was able to fix it myself !
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