Fond Fare Thee Well from sometime sun

Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 01:48 am
Greetings dear Firsts,
Fundamentals, Friends,
Freedoms, Frustrations,
Funnies, Frighteners,
Fumblers, Fighters,
Fevers, Freezers,
Facts, Fictions,
Feasts, Fasts,

Dear Pasts, Presents and Prophesies.

My fantasy, flower and formation is someones, somethings, somewheres dream, plume, constellation;
sometime sun

I love him and it greatly and fairly.
In my opinion he is rather beautiful and for me a source of great wonder and personal and public strength.
The holder of sometime sun feels honoured and idiotic to bear such a pain and pleasure.
The beholder of sometime sun honours him by your witness, patronage, participation, and presence.
Good or bad sometime sun knows he is never more realised and realisable than with you by his side and you holding his hand, even a slap across his chops he knows is for his betterment brilliance and independence.
The closer you become to him the more he wishes to shine for you so you may both see him and yourself brighter,
maybe even get a glimpse of me,
It's conceptions "owner" loves to love and loves to theoretically think,
sometime sun and his carrier loves to question et investigate and loves to be there for your attention, benefit and your wisdom.
Every one has some form of wisdom.
Is there more than one wisdom?
Is wisdom form and or content?
Is wisdom a fashion or fashionable?
Is wisdom individually unique or universally common?
He and I love you all even if his and my understanding is easily confused,
and he is quite good at confusing as well I dare say.
sometime sun does not like to confuse but he is just so darn good at it he cant help himself,
but believe it or not he would rather be discovered and appreciated than lost and dismissed.
Just waiting to be found.
Can we ever really find our selves with only ourselves foraging only our own self and own mind?
Can we ever really greet or fare well ourselves?
I hope you all realise I am doing this auf wiedersehen pet because I too am going to be saying goodbye to a portion of myself sanctity and sanity.
I too am saying goodbye possibly for good to a portion of my self and life that has become so dear and essential for me that I really have to wonder how I am going to survive and still thrive without him and especially without you to try to impress.
I may be back really quickly this is fairly possible,
but any journey away from the self is going to have an element of risk,
especially if you knew what sort of journey I have formed for myself,
don't ask,
but I just though in case I get lost or trapped or released it would be best for me/him and you to say hello and goodbye properly and decently,
that gone maybe I may be missed and some may worry
and most importantly of all it gives me a chance to tell you how much sometime sun means to me and the chance to scratch the surface of how much you mean to me.
Plus I cant start any more threads I know I wont be close to and have a real need to write tonight,
so this what this is for;
to let you know I am leaving,
to be socially responsible,
to say goodbye,
to say thank you
to keep myself occupied,
and to maybe have some fun,
This is highly enjoyable for me.
A bit narcissistic but I have earned this little self indulgence and diversion.
It is all about the mighty me tonight, get it while stocks last.

I leave in a nights and a days time.
I know I am worried at being away from him and you for what could be a fortnight or a forever.
This is calming and correlating my trepidation.
So I catheter, catharse, continue,
Because of sometime suns creation, vehicle and purpose this "owner" has known and experienced the bliss and blisters of delight and desire, delirium and despair, destruction and death, dream and destiny,
I have already had one sighting of de ja view writing this tonight so know I am doing what is meant, (edit make that three times now)
still on the experienced bliss and blisters of concentration, independence, knowledge, duty, trust, awareness, dissolution, faith, hope and so so so much more,
this message cant go far enough to tell you how great-ful and privileged I am of myself and especially of you,
great-ful and privileged was/is abilitied to give my and him/this self away and was able to love, probe and ponder you,
love probe and ponder myself, himself, this-self, the universe and capture and release creation with gusto and gush.
And I, it and this are here tonight to gush freely and say a fond fare thee well to you all who would listen.
There was a time I, he this was feral and still can go wild intentionaly and accidentally,
but with the care and attention of those ready and eager to give I, he this was is and will be,
I was and am born again,
Again in spirit expression and exercise and raised well enough to know now not to waste a single though and feeling,
learned that eternity starts by having someone to share it with.

We all there and here work with our thoughts and impressions.

We all there and here share and repair our sight.

We all here speak in Sign.

Some of us try to sing in it.

The rest try to hear it and in it.

Imagine that;
The exchange of language fuels and fires all our senses and yet transcends them as well.
What keeps you here?
What encourages you to sign to sing?
What heat have you today encouraged from each other?
This is church.
This is choir.
This is orchestra.
This is congregation.
I will miss it,
I will miss me,
I will miss you,
each and all fuelers, fires, singers and signers.
(the opposite of sinner is signer?)

Before I leave you too it a word on my first home;
I started humbly and fearfully as part and parishioner of an institution that literally changed my life, mind and matter,
the great and painfully missed PhilosophyForum.
The dedication and honesty and integrity of this place I will one day write a myth and ballad about.
I don't know how or why I found it that night the light went on,
I need to thank something so may as well thank God or possibly just my survival instinct,
(is God instinctual?)
but without it and them and You I would still believe blindness, darkness and to be solitary safer and more trustworthy than the sights, sense and illumination of Philosophy, Art and Fraternity.
My first real thread there was titled "Dark Night of the Soul" you could probably find it if you so inclinated.
And what was at first a struggle and trouble eventually and with some real effort, patience and practice has become the honours and purposes of my lifetime.
Once you find a pleasurable purpose in existence things become easier I assure you.
Thank you all for allowing yourself to be a purpose for me.
It and you taught me I could also be my own purpose as well.
It gave me back the reigns to my fate.

You not only saved my sanity and life but gave me a fresh and fairer favourable and wholly more worthywhile person and existence to work with and towards.
You gave me back my inspiration and dream control,
in fact you insisted upon it and me to do and be better than I ever dared think I was able,
for this I am in your eternal debt,
and one I don't mind saying I will love and do my best to make myself and you all proud to have been known and to have known me.
(Is pride a strength?)

I never imagined such a upheld standard situation could have existed and yet enlisted so few.
(Why are there so few of us?)
(Do you find this difficult or does it make it easier?)
(I found both trial and triumph and am glad of having found both)
Exactly why the few who were there have been so important in redefining and luminatory in regards to what I know I can and will achieve for not just myself or for you but for the raising of my own whole higher standard world.
I can save this world now which starts with my own.
Philforum I will wear your crest on my heart and fly your banner in my mind until with the lessons you instilled in me be able to oath and swear and dedicate my life to the next place I shall know as home.

My shack in the wilderness thank you for not turning me away and for letting me clean and polish my boots on and in your boards.

The whiles we worth and the worths we while you gave me quests you returned me my smile.

Without there them and you I would not be as strong, capable and alert enough to dare attempt what may take a week or may take my life time.

I have only been part of computer and any forum life for 9 month,
and a swift satisfying sanitising time it has been.

Time flies when you are finally begun.

So thank you PhilosophyForum and all those who did and do dwell,
for giving me back my heart, my mind and my hope and giving me some of yours.

You rekindled my faith in Humanity and Life, that both living and loving them is still possible.
I would covet it but I don't expect the love back.
Truly just glad to give.

All this, when I'm only going on a camping trip (sun smile)

But they always say tell those and that which you love you love them while you still have them to tell.

I love you.

Rest well.

Now onto and As for this new mansion and courtship I have started to luxuriate and lust with Able2Know and its own marble statues and spirits;
I may love my dead partner and visit its grave still,
I have enjoyed that your bed is more vast and your caresses and hearth are flavourfuly passionate, surprisingly knowing and insistently heating,
even if you don't let me sleep to swimmingly deep, keep stealing the covers every chance you get and have no gaurds, your comforters and fires are of a high thread and torch count and have kept me from shock cold if not still with your own stockings and shockings.
Your walls are white marble and have jewelled mosaics for the eyes to shine upon.
I am not used to such excess and express.

You train and enlist soldiers who you push their endurances to make the battle a sensation.
You are an army.
And if I return I may join your march if and when you will sing me your ballads and teach me your myths.
I am a civy without out a uniform,
a poet without a patron,
a minstrel with out his court,
a farmer with out his fields,
a traveller without a border,
a star in a rented sky,
I hope for your swords, quests and medals,
I hope for your inks, parchments and muses,
I hope for your stings, tapping toes and ears,
I hope for your sickles, seeds and soil,
I hope for your fountains, paths and home,
a star with a whole new world to fertilise.

Give me a chance and a hope and I will realise new systems, sensations and strengths for you to swing, sway and swash with.

1 day and one and a night left.

I wish to be by ALL your sides again sometime.
Unless I find more treasured wishes fulfilled.
Then in which case thanks for the test of strength.

Here's hoping there is a home and roaring fire waiting and inviting if and when ever I return.

It has been an absolute blast and blaze.

I'm gonna go get me a tan and dance along with Pan

All's well that ends well.

All my possible best for you and your house and heart, I hope it is never empty.

Thank you one and all, each and every, old and new from the depths of my gratitude to the heights of your inspiration.

sometime sun.

Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 03:23 am
@sometime sun,
dear james.
i hope we meet again soon-in a better world than this. whoever of you it is that goes or returns, you will always be my son-shine sometime sun...
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 03:45 am
@sometime sun,
HI !
High Mass for Sometime Sun...

Hope You have a nice Break; gat away from it All
Thanks for the Time we spent together on PF
Keep on Shining and Spreading Your Warmth
I don not Pray often but do now for You
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Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 09:16 am
@sometime sun,
that was very poetic

I hope things go as you hope, and that you are able to return to an inviting home.

Be well.

this (below) really sounds fine!

sometime sun wrote:

a home and roaring fire waiting and inviting if and when ever I return.

It has been an absolute blast and blaze.

I'm gonna go get me a tan and dance along with Pan

Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 02:26 pm
@sometime sun,
It is worse than I feared with you, Mr. Sometime Sun...

Salima, pardon my ignorance, but what is the news, if any, on a replacement forum discussed in the emails?

I surely hope you may join there, whenever that happens, sometime sun.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 02:34 pm
All I need is my Fraternity Friends and Fate and of course my Filosophy,
where ever one of these is the others are likely to be,
and there you will find me.

In other words;
If there is a fire I will roast marshmallows,
In other words;
I will be building my own camp fire for the time being,
In other words;
If the moon does not steal me away completely, I will see you all soonish.
Where ever that may be.

I have 4 hours before bed and then I will sleep and then I will be putting on boots, hump and sun cream and will be investigating my own unknown universe,
I am so excited.
I am so scared.
All my best,

I will miss you all and part of myself terribly I dare say.
sometime sun, Me

See you all on the other side.
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 02:36 pm
Thank you ehBeth,
I wish I had had more of an opportunity to write for you.

Who knows may I wont find the end of the road,
maybe I will find a new path?

All my best,
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Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 02:57 pm
Bye sometime sun. see you again one day. Perhaps a little less effusive and flowery, but who knows?
sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 03:06 pm
I know,
I was once so hard if you had tapped me I would have shattered into a million million pieces,
in fact it happened twice.
Spread the wealth,
a rich man is not rich if he never shares his worth or value.

If you asked me to choose between punk and folk I would have a hard time deciding.

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Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 06:08 pm
Sometime sun, we hardly knew you.
I am really sorry to be saying hello & goodbye to you almost in the same breath.
My very best wishes to you in your life journey.
But I'm hoping, at some stage before too long, that you'll return & we can get to know you much better.
Farewell till then.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 06:27 pm
I did not have the chance to find it,
but a poem of mine I wrote a long while ago called "Mother my Love" I have wanted to share with you for some time.
But despite the severity and harshness held in my "Mother my Love".

For some reason these three words are you for me.

salima, Mother my Love.

I will miss you most of all,
except I will be writing you on the road.
So you will be with me.

All my possible love to you dearest Lady, Wife, Sister, Mother.

You most certainly will see me again.

My Your.
Your My.
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Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 06:49 pm
A Sheryl Crow tune to accompany you on your journey:

May your road wind back around these parts some day, sometime.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 07:06 pm
Till then then msolga,
Till then then.

One thing I feel I must mention I will most definitely miss from my time here is the radio station.

Letty is beautiful and clear.
I know I am going to miss her near.

All able"knowers should be more present in this beauties presence.

Thank you for your words,
you will not be forgotten even if I forget myself.

All my best,
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 07:12 pm
Thank you so very much.

I will hum this as I take my steps into the wild,

better for having met you.
All my possible best
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 07:40 pm
This is the last post I ever expect,

But not the last I hope for.

All my possibles,
sometime sun is going to sleep for a while and in doing so I may find I wake up.

If I don't see you on this side,
expect me on the other.

You have been great,

And so have I.

Good night.
Good day.


Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 09:39 pm
@sometime sun,
Keep it going......you might get the prize for the longest goodbye on a2k, and you are up against some stiff competition.

Congrats on your good work. Nice writting too.
Reply Sun 4 Jul, 2010 09:48 pm
@sometime sun,
I couldn't tell what this really was. At first I thought it was a poem but then I remember how you like to post. I still can't tell if you are trying to say you are leaving a2k or going on vacation. I wonder what your grocery lists are like, are the fifteen pages of potato, root, grows in the ground, brown, white, mashable, bakable, friable, fries, scallop, jojos, dipped, oh ketchup, mustard, chili, cheese oh wait are those things I should buy or are those things that good good with potatoes?
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Reply Mon 5 Jul, 2010 08:50 am
This is one of those rare times when I have to agree with hawkeye.
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Reply Mon 5 Jul, 2010 08:53 am
Goodbye for now, sometime Smile
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Reply Mon 5 Jul, 2010 08:53 am
I'm gonna go get me a tan and dance along with Pan

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