Nature ve nurture topic 5: part 1: Thoughts

Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2010 06:29 pm
How are thoughts related to nature vs nurture?

First of all,we all think. That is one of the most significant aspects of the mind. if you do not think,you do not wonder,if you don't ponder then you do not want to know. If you don't have the urge to know,then there is nothing more to say. You have basically accepted your level of intelligence. My theory is that a thought is an environment. What I mean by this is that in an environment, there is another factor. This factor is the environment though. All the thoughts that run through a certain area are uniform. They may be different in the actual semantics but they all come from a uniform base.
I will give examples a bit later in the essay but this is pretty simple to comprehend. This is part of what makes the environment, if somebody is thinking about something that generally does not relate to the area. He or she gets ostracized for it. People cannot hear your thoughts unless you express them but what you think will reflect on your being. If you are nervous because you are thinking about something intimidating and such. You therefore will act tenuous and scared. When you are in the environment for a long time. You start to eventually get used to it,but what you're really getting used to is the thoughts. What people are saying,feeling,doing. Its all just thoughts and we live by them.
Levels of thought
You see; like different facets of words. There are different facets of thought as well. They range from negative/immature to positive/advanced and such. Now the environment depends on the level of thought. Now there can also be a crossover of thoughts,this is where problems occur. Like i have mentioned in earlier posts,words can do the same thing. Thoughts have a bigger effect though. It would probably change the whole environment..for better or worse. Think of a thought with plus,minus,divide or multiply signs attached to it. It can either make the environment better,take something away from it,split it into another environment or create another environment similar to it. This is how thoughts work. It is working all the time..as long as people are thinking,its working.
The most abundant
Well i think that thoughts with different signs occur in more places then others. I would say,looking from a global scale that division and addition thoughts occur at the same rate in today's world. Think of it,we are always ambulatory, never stagnant. If an individual moves from one place to another, he is adding himself to the place he is traveling to. This is simple logic. Now that is just one individual,think of how many people are on earth. Now,think of every single as a walking thought...now that is A lot of thoughts. Now i found a quote that relates to all of this even though it may not seem like it.
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