Nature vs nurture topic 4: part 2

Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2010 06:23 pm
Quote: Homo words
my sister is a kindergarten teacher and we were talking about homosexuality, is it a matter of nature or nurture?

Well; i have said a million times that everything sets of events whether good or bad and homosexuality is a giant force under these circumstances. This quote is asking if homosexuality comes from the environment or are you born with it?? Well lets think here,words are not born,homosexuality is a word,therefore it is not born. If you think about it,nothing is really born. In order to be born,you have to come from somewhere...but where did that thing come from and it will just go on and on. If you can find the beginning,you can say something is born. Now that we have eliminated birth...well for me atleast, lets look at what the environment holds.
Gay environments
Now the environment can have a series of words in which relate to homosexuality. I think that gay people are usually fast talkers who are full of wit amoungst other things. they seem to be very sophisticated and seem to have a myriad of fashion terms within their mind. These words are used daily due to the environment. The environment is filled with women and make up and all these other things and it creates this feminine vibe which is hard to resist because its everywhere. Also,you see no words get lost in these kinds of environments. Most people are homophobic and in homophobic environments or environments where people dont like gays,the word cant travel to that area hypothetically speaking. It is just not allowed there. Therefore it stays in that environment and because of this. People just grow on it. Like i have said in my earlier posts,there is a special place for everyone.

Quote: Genders
The key differences are: Men are way better in military and political affairs and women know their finances and economics. Plus, men aren’t nearly emotional as women.
Well gender is more of a general topic but at the same time,there are A lot of substituents within it. Difference between men and women have been debated for years and obviously,women are now doing alot more then they used to and thats great. Men within them,carry a set of words in which they use to get through life. Words like, strong,courage and so fourth and if you think about it,you dont just have a cross over of words anymore. You have a cross over of actual interests when it comes to the diffrences of men and women. Remember what i talked about with the 3 factors in my earlier post?? Well,usually in a lady that stays home all the time,the house is clean and probably pink and decorated and such. Now in a mans environment,you got tv football games,boxing and things of that sort. Now the only resouce of a man enviornment that he has in that "feminine" environment is the television. This is probably his only source of power,this therefore gets used alot to watch "politics" and things like that. Now, i think you can figure out why women are more financially able then men.
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